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  1. Interview was approved on march 19. I had the passports ready to pick up on march 21. Only two questions were asked. Officer congratulated us in uploading all evidence to the NVC portal. They did not ask for anything else other than the original birth certificate, marriage certificate and divorce decree. Good luck everyone in this journey. hubby will arrive soon and I can't wait. for me the k3 was extremely worth it. From beginning to end my process only took 9-10 months and that was because there is a backlog for interviews in DR for 6 months.
  2. They are working on cases DQ up until august 15 2023. I was Dq august 11 and just got my interview letter Monday for Mid march.
  3. Don't know why . I am CR1... I applied in May 11 and was approved beginning of July. I've been waiting for an interview since August 2023.
  4. I am still waiting for an interview in the Dominican Republic. Hopefully this month we get it.
  5. It looks like they are taking about 10 months to approve. I was approved in 66 days but I did the K3 as well
  6. I will.tell you that my approval came within 66 days. I am still waiting for interview. I got DQed in august. So interview times depends in the embassy. DR embassy is working in DQ files for may and gave then interviews for december 2023.
  7. K3 needs to be done within a few weeks from the I130 in order to work.
  8. I disagree. I am.in a group and the data shows that the k3 helps .
  9. But you have not been approved yet? I am waiting an appointment for interview.
  10. Sometimes it takes a bit. If it pass 30 days do a nvc inquiry.
  11. People Said that k3 only works if you submit it early in the game. I am unsure if that's the case cos I don't have experience sending the k3 much later. I didn't use a lawyer and did everything myself. Very easy and free. Good luck!
  12. I am already document qualified with nvc. Yes I had to do one for each. Most information the same except the ones related to the applicat.
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