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  1. You are upset and hurt that's normal when it comes to matter of the heart. Just consider yourself lucky, look at it as a blessing that you are finding out now rather than later. Most marriage that last is because both people love and respect each other, there was no Fake, No pretense, what you see is what you get. I've been down that road my friend, the more you keep it inside, the more it will hurt you. Let her know that you found out what she's been doing, she's going to probably denies it, then move on. But make sure the info that you get is 99% true, not some bad info from someone who may not like her.
  2. Sak pase! if the person lives in DR you can move the case to DR from Haiti, I knew a person who just did it recently.
  3. you can scan the photo like the previous person mentioned, and take it to Walgreen, they even have an option where you can email it, then you go there and tell them you want to make a passport picture out of it, they can even fix the background for you.
  4. What is happening with California Service Center? Back in December it was still6-8months to NVC, the timeline went from End of April, to April 1st, now they went back 2 months to February 2021
  5. I can confirm that it works, I had a correction to make, I was told to wait until the case get to NVC in case I don't get an RFE, Then we can change it at NVC, so it's good to know that option was available, it was fairly easy. Maybe the mod can tag this message in the forum. Thanks Lady Rain( Mesi beaucoup)
  6. Last week, I thought I saw the California Service Center was at end of April, April 30, but today I saw they went backward to April 4. Did i look at the wrong info last week? Maybe I was just in Holiday Wishing thinking mode
  7. I was filing the I12F instead of Month and Day, I had the birth date of my fiancee on the I-129F application reversed. I just received NOA1. How do i notify the USCIS of my mistake? I hope that doesn't delay my case by much since i catch it so early.
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