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  1. I don't know how to edit the post, My friend and her husband are both Deaf (Typo), They use sign language to communicate.
  2. Spacibo! She had an RFE from uscis for the I-130, she just sent them Various proof and a week later she got approved, now can we just load those same documents to NVC? I thought those documents would be share but maybe it's different portal?
  3. I have a friend who's death, she's on public assistance, Her husband is in Haiti(Married 3 years ago) She filed I-130, it got approved last month and now the case is at NVC, what documents she will need to upload on the NVC website. 1) For Co-Sponsor is that 2 I-864 forms that need to be filled out or just 1? 2) what documents she needs to upload to NVC? 3) How long does it normally take to get interview once all the documents are loaded on the NVC website Thank you for all the feedback
  4. Assuming that she comes with the green card, she has to spend more time in the US than in her country, and let say in about 5 years or so, she can apply for us citizenship, once she's a citizen she can comes and go, and stay in either place for as long as she wants.
  5. Not without a passport, that's why kids passport is only valid for 5 years because the child's face will change quickly over time, my son is 11, i just renew his passport, it's for 5 years mine is for 10 years. so at 16 he has to renew his.
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