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US Immigration from Dominican Republic

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6:31 pm February 2, 2024



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Welcome and Congratulations on your approval!

This thread was created for those who are waiting for their NOA2 K-1 case assignment from NVC and then tracking your case onwards to your Embassy.

A few helpful NVC links:

NVC phone number is (603)334-0888

Please note: They are currently NOT answering queries over the phone!

They are answering through the below emails :




Once you ve received your NVC case number you can track your case online using the following link, until it is sent to your embassy:


If you need to submit an inquiry, change an address , or need to update your info in anyway NVC also has a public inquiry form where you can submit your request as well as other requests:


Also, inside the attached PDF below are a few tips, tricks and hacks to help you along the way.

These are items that everyone asks for, so they have been very helpfully put together by senior VJ Member Greenbaum for you to refer to when necessary. If you are new to this thread, please read these first as these are the most asked questions.


NVC sends petitions to the embassy every two weeks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I noticed a 2024 shipping calendar being shared so I have included it below.

You can use that calendar to track when the next shipment date will be.


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3:35 pm January 29, 2024


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Question...: I am filling out the Citizenship N-400 (Online), I am going to upload the documents, I want to know the 2X2 photo also has to be Scanned or do they need it physically? Can the photo 2X2 be uploaded?

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I need help with Ceac, uploading a file.
6:46 pm January 28, 2024



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Hello, how are you, we are F2A, on January 23, it was our consular appointment and we were denied under section 221g, my mother was missing a birth certificate and they asked me to make an I-864 exclusively for me.


There it is, the problem lies is when uploading the documents, in my mother's profile, I was able to upload upload and submit the documents correctly, but when it comes to uploading the I-864 in the profile of the guarantor that I fill for me it only leaves me Uploaded it but I can't submitted it idk why, it doesn't let me and I have tried it on many devices, different internet, places and I have checked that it does not weigh more than 2megas, the document is scanned correctly, it does not have a password the pdf and everything is fine I don't know why..

Has anyone happened to you the same thing that can you help me, please?

It should be noted that I have already sent my mother's document by mail to the embassy, only my document is missing. Although I wrote to support, they haven't given me an answer.

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Does filling for citizenship affect the pectition for my son?
5:27 am January 23, 2024



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I have about 8 years in the States as a Legal Permanent Resident, i started the process for petition of my son, all paperwork is done and paid, he is currently waiting for the priority date, which for him is NOV-2015, so it is close.

And my question is, does it affect him, delays or alter or whatever if i initiate the process for my citizenship?

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How many people can a Joint Sponsor, sponsor?
6:00 pm January 18, 2024



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My best friend says she wants to help sponsor the beneficiary but she doesn t know if it will stop her from sponsoring her boyfriend in the future. Can joint sponsors sponsor more than one person? She s an American citizen like I am

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