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US Immigration from Dominican Republic

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Petitioning my second wife after first wife got denied
9:22 am February 16, 2024


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Hello, i recently got my interview letter for the us embassy in dominican republic for my wife and i am super excited and a little nervous.

because this is my second marriage also the second person i have petitioned for, my first wife got her visa denied back in 2014 (the interview was in dominican republic and she never got a visa or left the country at all) when i petitioned for her.. Things didn't work out to well after that so we divorced about a year or so later and i married my second wife in 2021.

i have heard that the this might be a red flag for the officer giving my interview. What i want to ask is if anyone knows what things should i expect this time around and will they give me a hard time because of this

I have photo proof and a joint back account with wife now, and she is the love of my life if anyone can tell me tips or what to expect i would appreciate it. I want to come back to the states with my wife by my side

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F2A administrative processing
5:41 am February 10, 2024



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Hello, guys, The appointment was on January 23, they gave us a 221g because a birth certificate and an I-864 were missing.

Documents sent two days later and was received at the consulate on January 30-31.

On the 9th they say that it is in administrative process, from rejected to administrative process.

Someone knows how long it could take approximately (I know that there are never exact times and everything depends) but for example the same consul who interviewed us said that once the documents were sent that the process can take 2-3 weeks. I don't know how real that is, but he said it.


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NYC 2023 Filers
6:16 pm February 8, 2024



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I have tried to look for forums that discuss the N-400 application process in NYC and can't seem to find any recent 2023/2024 information. I created this topic to hopefully

hear from those that have filed through the NYC field office in 2023 and 2024 and their timeline or experience with the overall process.

At the moment, my husband is pending his N-400 Interview (to be scheduled).

He filed online and submitted the N-400 Application on 10/20/2023.

The case status online is currently pending since 10/26/23, with an approx. processing time of 3 months* (I know this estimation isn't always accurate).

We are anxiously waiting for the status to change to" Interview scheduled".

We are trying to be patient, but in the meantime would love to hear from those that have filed and how long it took to get an interview (specifically at the NYC office).

Any questions, thoughts or comments are appreciated and welcomed


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K-1 Filing and Criminal history
8:18 pm February 5, 2024



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I am the petitioner filing I-129 with my fianc . I have a criminal history dating back 8 plus years ago. We have a local site where I am able to view one of the arrests but the others do not show up. I have three misdemeanor DUIs and other various things related to when I was younger. The problem is, they are not all in the same county. Is there a way to essentially run a background check on yourself to compose a check list of documents to gather, since some of these things were dated so long ago and forgotten about? I just want to make sure we are including everything and was wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and could give me some tips and pointers on how to organize.

thanks in advance

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K-1 Interview Santo Domingo Embassy
4:07 pm February 5, 2024


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Does anyone have any experience waiting to be permitted to log into the portal to schedule appointment for interview with the Santo Domingo embassy ? We paid the VISA fee and the portal says they will contact us when the request for an interview has been approved .

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