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US Immigration from Dominican Republic

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Suggestion: Dark Mode
10:02 pm today


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More sites are making dark mode an option. I love this feature.

It helps with battery life on mobile devices. Also, when you are viewing sites at night, it doesn't look like you are trying to guide a 747 in for landing.

@Captain Ewok, have you considered a dark mode for this site? I think it will be a great feature.

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Renewing passport with unexpired b2 visa inside
10:42 pm yesterday


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Hi all. My MIL has a valid 10 year b2 visa with 4ish years left on it. Her passport will expire in a few months, though. How does renewing the passport (in the Dominican Republic) work with the b2 visa?

Does she hang on to the old passport and show it + new passport at the airport? Does she need to go to the consulate? I'm only finding how to renew a Dominican passport with no visa online.

We're trying to figure it out with as little waiting in line and public transportation possible :( It's not urgent - she won't be visiting anytime soon, unfortunately for us ?)

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EAD not delivered but USPS lied!
1:33 am August 10, 2020



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Posting for a friend-

Guys has anyone ever had an EAD replaced by USCIS that the post office didn t deliver yet claimed they delivered it from the tracking number. I have filed a missing mail and case with post office but no success up till now and USPS doesn t wanna claim responsibility.
This EAD is Based on marriage to US citizen and pending adjustment of status. USCIS last case status says card was mailed. I was never issued a tracking number but i saw it from Informed Delivery.
After calling USCIS, they said they will respond in 15 days. Anyone with experience of this? And if they actually send a replacement or I would have to apply for it again? Been waiting for 5 months for this and now not delivered

Thanks for response.

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I-130 Petition for my four stepchildren (all under 21)
2:37 pm July 31, 2020


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Good morning,

I petitioned for my four stepchildren on February 2020 and I already received notice of approval for the two boys on July 15. One was processed in CA and the other was processed in Texas. The other two (twins girls) was sent to Vermont and I have not received anything. I didn't know that the petitions were separated and sent to different locations when filed online and at the same time.

I looked at the timeline for Vermont and it says processing times 20.5 months. The boys paperwork is moving right along but the girls' is not. I would like all the kids to come to the US at the same time and I want travel to the DR one time only for the consulate interview for all four kids. Will this be possible if I still have not received anything for the girls?

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Wife and son petition and AOS please help
9:04 pm July 30, 2020


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Had a question for a friend.

He wants to petition for his wife and son. He would like to know what would be the fees and does his son and wife go on two different applications, he son is under 2 years old. They know the application is 535 , they are curious if the fee doubles for the child or it's included with the mother's application as well when filing for AOS because he is a minor do they just included it under the mom's paper work.

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