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US Immigration from Denmark

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Tax Treaty?
8:20 pm March 16, 2020


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My husband has his interview in a couple weeks (world situation allowing) but we want to make sure we ll be right on how he pays his taxes when he gets here. I know Denmark and the US have a tax treaty but I can t for the life of me understand it. Once he becomes an LPR, who does he owe taxes to? Only the US? Or does he still have to pay taxes to Denmark as well? If so, how much? And how? Maybe I m overthinking it but it s confusing

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AoS Interview and Affidavit of Support Question
1:52 pm January 29, 2020



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Good morning all, I just have a quick question about my wife and I's upcoming AoS interview. She interviewed for the K-1 with the affidavit of support, medical records, etc in June of 2019 and entered the US in July of 2019. The AoS interview letter asks that we provide the medical records as well as the affidavit of support if not previously filed. Am I correct in understanding all the forms filed in June of last year should still be current for the AoS interview next month without the need to redo new forms or do I need new copies? I'm fairly certain but just wanted to double check to avoid any issues at the interview. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

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Postage time US embassy Sweden
9:02 pm January 23, 2020



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Horaay .. got my Approval at the US embassy last week -

This morning i received a track n trace number from the embassy.

This evening - it is still not showing ?

what is the experience in postal times from the Embassy ?? Are the shipping daily or once a week - and how long will it normally take ?

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Question about expediting EAD (Split)
12:26 pm January 6, 2020



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7 hours ago, Boiler said:

There is nothing that would prevent her seeking an expedite and because of the time lines the recommendation is always to expedite, no downside.

I also look to expedite EAD & AP due to my job - what is the time line i understand it Will be valid only 90 days until AOS As a K1 visa holder.

Can I possibly request expedite for Reneval too ? Or even Expedite on the AOS ?

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N-400 question, non U.S. resident?
8:39 pm November 28, 2019


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I haven't been able to find any similar questions on the forum so creating this post. I'm sorry if it's a duplicate, I did search.

So, I'm working on my N-400 application, actually I'm down to the very last question that has me all confused: Part 12, question 8 is in regards to taxes.

Question 8: Have you called yourself a "non-U.S. Resident" on a federal, state or local tax since you became a lawful permanent resident?

I don't know? Where do you even put that? I have looked over my W-4s and our previous 1040s and I don't even see a spot for this? Where would I have chosen my immigration status? I'm freaking out because I don't remember even being asked this question, my employers have been aware of my immigration status and received photocopies of both EAD and GC upon hiring.

We have filed married jointly since I started generating an income (I arrived in January 2016, we got married March 2016, filed for AOS and EAD immediately - I received my EAD June 2016, started working July 2016). I became a lawful permanent resident in August 2016 so we have filed jointly twice since then.

Where would I have to look for this? I hope you guys can guide me here! Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it :)

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