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  1. This is not true; OP will absolutely have everything to do with CEAC as CEAC is where all the financial and civil documents for the NVC stage needs to be uploaded. @AbbyD Household member can refer to the household member of a joint sponsor as well. From the home page on CEAC you can "add household member" and add them as the household member of your joint sponsor. Household members of sponsors/joint sponsors fill out I864a. Proof of US citizenship/LPR status and proof of US domicile is required for both the joint sponsor and the household member and all of it is uploaded on CEAC
  2. Nebraska is taking 12-15.5 months right now. We filed an I129f to try speed up our case at Nebraska, you could try the same
  3. Hey! I have done some digging on timelines on here, from the looks of it, Paris seems fast for interview Around 2 months for most people it seems from CC to interview
  4. For case complete/documentarily qualified at NVC it's a gamble. Some people get case complete/dq after a few hours, other people wait 1-2 months for case complete. For interview, you won't get the letter until after NVC deems you documentarily qualified, and then after dq it depends on the embassy for how long it takes to get your interview letter, as different embassies have different interview backlogs. You can check out the Philippines forum to get maybe a better feel of how long from DQ to interview for PH, but for now, here is the forum for NVC filers where you can share your own NVC progress as well as see others' timelines at NVC currently:
  5. Might be why your timeline isn't showing an estimate; there's no data for the site to pull for CR1/IR1 from California. However, there is a forum on here for upgrading from F2a to CR1/IR1 that might give you an idea of what kind of timeline to expect for your case. Here it is:
  6. They should be at the bottom of your timeline; your profile says you are at California service center, are you petitioning for a CR1/IR1 or an F2a? California does not process petitions for spouses of US citizens/IR1
  7. Yes unfortunately the processing time for Nebraska is 12-15.5 months. Fortunately though, you should be getting an approval soon, average time right now seems to be around a year, so you're right at the finish line
  8. Yes, we paid the IV and AOS fee, filled out the DS260, submitted all the documents, no DS261. I've heard of many others recently who didn't have the DS261 either and still submitted everything else
  9. Yay! We just submitted 2 days ago, I'm hoping it's way quicker than the rest of the process has been so far! Would love to have my husband here before my birthday and Valentines day! We've yet to celebrate my birthday or Valentines together face to face so I'm looking forward to our first real Valentines 🤩
  10. I thought it was so neat to see, it's also telling of how long it can take sometimes for them to send the email even when they have the case number already made but we all know already how slow they can be in all immigration departments 😂
  11. Some NVC fun facts to take all our minds off of the busyness (unless everyone else already knew and I'm just behind 🤣) : You can find out what day your case was created and if you were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc scanned into the system for your consulate that day! The 3 letters and first 4 numbers are (of course) the consulate and the year, but the next 3 numbers can tell you the date. If you take those three numbers, and subtract it by 500, then you can look at the Julian Date calendar and that tells you what day they created your case. The last 3 numbers tells you what petition you were that day scanned for that consulate! So if your last 3 numbers are 006, you were the 6th petition whose case was created for your consulate for that day. Here's the calendar if anyone wants to look at their case creation date! Ours was October 30, the day before we got our case number https://landweb.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov/browse/calendar.html Maybe everyone else already knows but I just found out about it and I thought it was fun, so I thought I would share for maybe others who also didn't know!
  12. Yep as said your location has nothing to do with service center anymore and hasn’t been for a long time now. Nowadays it’s a gamble, no one knows how they assign them, they have their own new way of doing it, where you live is no longer relevant, no way to tell where it will be. You just have to wait for your NOA1 to see where it gets placed
  13. Seems common. Many aren’t getting the option for DS261 anymore, don’t know why though. We didn’t get DS261 either, we’ve already submitted the DS260 and all documents now. Maybe it’s just not used anymore 🤷‍♀️
  14. Yes, it was, we sent our I129f July 31, and on September 19 (50 days later) our I129f was denied and our I130 was approved and is now at NVC. I’ve seen others take up to 3 months for the same
  15. It can take up to 6-8 weeks to get a case number after your case is sent to NVC. Ours took almost 5 weeks. You still have some time to wait
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