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  1. 1. Yes just bring proof of sufficient ties to back home and be prepared to be asked a lot of questions 2. you only need to apply for an esta, you 4. if you get rejected from entering the US, your esta will become invalid and you will have to put on your DS260 at the NVC stage that you have been denied entry to the US before, but it won’t affect your chances of getting your CR1 approved. don’t overstay your 90 days 5. 90 days but I wouldn’t push it that long, CBP officers get suspicious if you are planning a long visit during a visa process when you’ve got a US spouse 6. Yes but spouses of US citizens are exempt so bring your marriage certificate 7. keep in mind you are not allowed to work while in the US on your ESTA, not even remotely. So make sure you keep your job back home to go back to and that your visit isn’t so long that it compromises your job, if you have one. If you have a job you’ll also want to bring a work note saying when you’ll be coming back to work to show to CBP as proof you’re not gonna overstay your ESTA
  2. No problem! Bringing relationship evidence is definitely a must but it absolutely doesn’t have to be the same evidence from the I130. All interview notices are sent to the beneficiary’s email, nothing by post
  3. We had our interview August 25 (our DQ date was in February, our original interview was April 1 but it got cancelled because of covid), my husband didn’t bring the I130 documents, he took some of the same photos from the I130 and some new ones, that was it in terms of evidence, and they barely even looked at it anyways. Everything else he brought was just the required documents (marriage certificate, birth certificate, police report, etc)
  4. You don't need the originals of your sponsor's/joint sponsor's documents but you need to bring photocopies of everything
  5. Plenty of people do this, you shouldn't have any issues or troubles
  6. Pre-covid it took us a month to get our letter (got cancelled because the embassy closed), post-covid (in July) once we requested our interview be rescheduled it took around 3-4 weeks (interview in August), Scandinavia is not very busy so you shouldn’t be waiting too long
  7. I’m not sure what the covid backlog is like from when they were closed mid March to July but Stockholm isn’t a very busy embassy so I can’t imagine it’d be more than a month or two before you get an interview letter. 6-8 months is more what you’d expect at a busier embassy like Montreal, Canada or Mumbai, India. Stockholm doesn’t have nearly as many visa applicants
  8. Yes I am aware, and no there is nowhere for him to work right now where he is, he is in a somewhat rural area and no one is hiring someone to work for only 3 months especially during covid, he already lost his last job due to him not being able to fulfill their request which would have required him to take a 2 year vocational education that he wouldn’t even be in the country long enough to take. He has a guaranteed job once he is here and done with his 2 weeks quarantine so we would really be losing money for him not to come, avoiding the $845 removal of conditions fee isn’t worth missing out on $3-4K a month of income for another 3 months to be quite honest. I’m sure over a span of 2 years we can muster up to save under $1k for ROC, costs less than the CR1 did in the first place anyways
  9. For us it took 5 days, but my husband also lives in Denmark so it had to be shipped a bit farther
  10. Under normal circumstances at this point we probably would but money is just too tight for him to be gone another 3 months unfortunately, we’ve already been pushed back 5 months in our process because of covid so we can’t take much more financially
  11. We just really can’t afford to have him gone even just 3 months longer to be honest, I’m still building up in my job which is client based so I’m not making a lot right now, and due to current issues my family can’t afford to help but so much so we need my husband to get here as soon as possible so he can start working here
  12. My husband got his passport back yesterday! Only 5 days after his case status changed to “issued” (we had to ship his passport back to the embassy which took about a week so I guess they had his visa ready to slap in his passport!) We were definitely not expecting it back so soon, was expecting at least another week or so but definitely not complaining! Getting everything ready for him to finally come here now that he has his passport and visa in hand!! 18 months in the making! A couple more months and it would have been an IR1 lol, but we need him here ASAP
  13. Pre-Covid it took a month after DQ for us to get our interview letter, scheduled for a month off from the interview letter (It got cancelled though and we had to reschedule last month and got one for the end of August), not sure how long it’ll take now with the backlog from covid
  14. Never mind! His status changed to visa issued today!!!
  15. Nope it’s no longer required at interviews right now, not even mentioned!
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