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  1. Usually no, you have to wait for payment to process first
  2. Yes, I'm not saying they shouldn't do it. Just making them aware it will reset their timeline
  3. I think I left most spaces that did not apply to us blank. Like for example other family members or other immigrants I didn't write N/A just left it blank. It was accepted that way
  4. You can but keep it mind it may set you back in the line
  5. No. Everyone has to wait for the embassies to reopen so that an interview may take place before a visa will be granted
  6. It's truly scary and sad for everyone. I only hope that the situation in Sweden can get better so that the embassy can open safely without worry to covid-19; I'm sure when they come back they will be requiring interviewees to wear masks. I think we are definitely one of the first - since our interview was about a week and a half away from the date it was cancelled - to be rescheduled so I am at least grateful that I don't think we have to worry about backlog. I read on the STK website that interviews for June are still available but that there is no guarantee they won't be cancelled, so we are just keeping our eyes out on our emails.. both for an interview letter and for a possible subsequent cancellation. I know Sweden hasn't really closed down the country at all so it may even be July - August before the US embassy sees it safe to open again there..
  7. We are at the interview stage. We had our interview was scheduled for April 1. On March 16 we saw they were closing a lot of interviews at STK so we emailed them about it, and they told us since my husband is the spouse of a USC, his interview was not cancelled. The next day, we got a cancellation email as the embassies had stopped taking interviews entirely.. So now almost 2 months since the cancellation email and almost a month and a half since he should have had his interview, we wait for the embassy to open again, so my husband can have his interview finally. We are now nearly 15 months into our visa journey. So frustrating because after all we had went through, struggling with being in Nebraska service center (even though we were luckily approved quicker), then having a missing document at NVC shove us back by 2 months that we didn't know we needed, we thought we were finally at the finish line when that interview letter came. Now we don't know when it will be anymore. I think so much about how if we hadn't had that missing document at NVC, that my husband could have been here now..
  8. I personally don't like lipstick either but in the cases where I decide I want some color, I usually go for some sort of gloss instead, but sometimes I bite the bullet and just wear the lipstick
  9. You don't need to include a letter then for 2017, only the most recent tax year (now 2019) is required to show (and a letter of non-filing if you didn't file for 2019), the previous 2 tax years' transcripts and W2s are optional to show if you feel it would help prove your financial situation is stable, but since you didn't file for 2017 you don't have to show anything for that year as long as 2019 tax year is in order
  10. You will put 2 for 1.a. and 0 for 1.b. because your spouse is already counted on 1.a. Explanation letter for what?
  11. Adjustment of status is not an option if she comes on ESTA... preconceived intent to adjust status on ESTA will be visa fraud and she can be banned from the US permanently and her ESTA revoked She won't be eligible for an F1 visa, it's not dual intent so she will have to be able to prove she plans on moving back to Sweden after her education in the US is over, which will be impossible to do with a current pending CR1 and the fact she is married to a US citizen. Also, she will have to prove she has the means herself to pay for everything out of pocket, since she won't be eligible for any government benefits for schooling from the US. This is a huge inconvenience in comparison to if she goes to school as a permanent resident after getting a CR1 visa, since as a green card holder she'd be able to apply for things such as financial aid..
  12. Not all too uncommon, I've seen some other quick approvals from Vermont after being transferred there (though of course not everyone yet) despite the long processing time on their site, congrats!!
  13. Me too but most importantly I hope the virus slows down soon! I saw that as well, however even if we did manage to reschedule, the medical office in Copenhagen is not taking visa medical appointments until further notice, and since we don't know when things will go back to normal, I don't want to really schedule something that will most likely be cancelled again (since all the consulates are closed for the foreseeable future with no "end date" for the closures in place). My husband also has to travel to another country (from Denmark to Sweden) for his interview and I'd rather not have him fly and travel to a big city like Stockholm with all the rising cases in Sweden right now..It is sad and I wish that none of this had to happen, but I think it's better safe than sorry since at this rate I think interviews for May might even be cancelled. I want my husband here ASAP but I think our best choice right now is to wait for this to all blow over and wait for the consulate to contact us. When the consulates reopen again, I think we can consider it (at least somewhat) "safe" to travel again and hopefully be sure that the interview will not be cancelled
  14. I think they mean how long they should wait after they get married before petitioning, not how long the process will take
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