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  1. Thank you everyone! That's definitely reassuring to know they'd automatically be born a US citizen, regardless of my citizenship. For some reason I thought theirs would be based off what I was. Big relief! And I'll look into seeing if they'd be a Canadian citizen as well. Dual citizenship would be great!
  2. Hello, have an interesting question. Currently a 10-year green card holder (card expires in 2023). Long story short, my husband and I divorced about 5 years ago. Without going into too many details, I'm looking to get pregnant next year, through donor sperm. But I realized it may make some things complicated if I'm not a US citizen first (what would the baby's citizenship be, Canadian? or would it be American, if the donor was a US citizen?). Besides the citizenship of the child, I'm assuming I wouldn't be eligible for any kind of help (WIC, SNAP, etc). Not sure I'd need it, but I would like to keep my options open if the need arises. Are there other issues I'd be running into if I don't file for citizenship now, before giving birth? Should I maybe even become a citizen before trying to conceive? Any other thoughts? I had initially been planning to wait until closer to my green card's expiration before filing for citizenship (want to get my full money's worth on that green card 😂), but I'm thinking I should start saving for the N-400 now and file before the end of the year to avoid any issues. Thanks!
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