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Helpful Video to watch regarding service center processing times.
2:55 pm today

Paul and Sopheap

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This is something we should all watch. Mostly for people who are just starting and are at the beginning USCIS stage. I have shared it many times in different posts and I think it's a good thing for people to hear!

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Received NOA1 Text for i130
1:56 am April 2, 2021

Paul and Sopheap

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on VisaJourney. I just received the NOA1 text and got the case number for my wife's i130. It was delivered on the 5th of March via USPS and I received the NOA1 text just this evening. It was actually faster than I'd expected after reading about such long delays for the receipt.

I don't know if it's related, BUT I did manage to get a live USCIS rep on their website yesterday (by asking for technical support) and the agent looked up my information and said the petition hadn't been received yet. I thought I'd share that because up until yesterday I didn't know there was a way to get a live person.

It's probably coincidental but you never know. At least there IS a way to live chat, albeit hidden.

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My 2 Yrs GC will expire in August.
4:05 am March 18, 2021



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My wife and her kid 2 years green card will expire in August.

Want to reach out to our community before I start the process. At the moment I have no clue where to begin

but apply online. Anything I need to gather now before applying?

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Preparation for visa interview
9:03 pm March 6, 2021


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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing fine. I have 2 questions:

1- What to prepare for unmarried son over 21 ( His parents are us citizen) before visa interview?

2- Do his parents require to join visa interview with him?


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How many total pages do most people submit for removal of conditions?
2:50 pm February 17, 2021



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I know this question has been asked before, but I m wondering how many people actually submit really big packages.

I have read some people say it s best to include statements from every month, while others said a few months per year is fine. Since I always prefer to do the most I can to prevent issues, and the instructions say evidence from date of marriage to filing, I assume it s best to include every month.

The filing tips say to send single-sided copies of evidence.

Just looking at my bank and cell phone statements alone, those average 26 pages per month. I will have about 38 months from date of marriage to date of filing. That s 988 pages just for those 3 items. This doesn t include the application, copies of IDs, other evidence like Health Insurance, Retirement Plans, Photos, etc.

So do a lot of people actually file over 1,000 pages with their application?

Thank you.

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