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Foreign Fiance Was Just Laid Off From Work
8:33 pm


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My fiance in Cambodia was just laid off from work. I filed our K-1 Visa in August and it is currently waiting to be adjudicated at the California Service Center. Will his change in jobs impact the application? Does he need to be employed by the time of the interview? My job situation is still stable.

Thank you for any help!

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Phnom Penh Embassy, Cambodia
7:07 am


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Hi everyone, kindly please share if you have had/known experience IR-1/CR-1 interview at Phnom Penh Embassy, Cambodia recently. I would like to prepare beforehand. :) thanks

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2:31 am


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I got visa last week and i am 8 months pregnant so i need to wait till baby born to fly to US, but we don't really know what we need to do with baby passport due to my visa will expired in late February

i really worry baby can't get passport before my visa expire, and the husband can stay only 3 weeks in Cambodia when baby born, i read US embassy website that we need to apply form online and embassy will review it and give us appointment date for interview both parents must be there. i'm afraid my husband have to go back before interview , can anyone advice us ?

1 what are the process of getting baby passport?

2 what documents we need ?

3 how long dose it take to get the passport ?

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Please help! Visa approved but Embassy forgot return my original documents.
11:16 am


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We went to interview last week and will need to pick up my visa next week, after interview the co returned my original documents back and I was too happy didn t check all documents. Few days later I find out that they they forgot my divorce degree.( it s 4Pages but only 1page returned.) what I should do? Can I ask them about it on the day I go pick up passport and visa ? Any other ways?

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Pass interview for IR-1/CR1, Visa good till after my baby born but my passport will expire in July 2019
12:05 pm


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I went to interview with my husband and get success interview. we will get visa next week

i am 8 months pregnant and we will delivery our baby here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. But my passport will expire on July 2019. My plane to leave to US is middle February. Will it be ok for me traveling with my passport that will expire in 5month? Please help!

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