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I129F allien fiancé petition,K1 visa, cr1 interview
7:04 am May 27, 2023



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Back in 2019 I applied k1 visa , I did everything, even paid for visa interviews on March 2020 , and Covid locked down , my lawyer didn t pay attention much on my case , and I don t know anything , I went to visit her on Feb 2021 , saw everything opened , come back in May 2021 , booked appointment Aug 2021 for her , and we got email few days before said our case inactivity over a year , call us embassy in Cambodia they booked us new appointments on Sep 2021 , told her to reapplying or write a statement about what happen on inactivity over a year , did write a statement, waiting for 2 months , contact Congressman, and USCIS respond to reapply , and we did k1 Agian on Feb 18 2022 , didn t get approval yet , and my fianc speak to some other immigration lawyer, told about our case on have 30% chance to get approvel at interview us embassy, because our case on red flag , why we didn t apply cr1, didn t have any kid together, and I didn t focus on my july 2019 applications. And now the lawyer suggests we to have child or she gets pregnant for better chance on the interview, ( US EMBASSY CAMBODIA ) any ideas to help us ? Thank you so much, and I just visited her in December 2022

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B2 for my wife’s sister
5:46 pm February 26, 2023

Joe and Chanthy

Joe and Chanthy

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My wife is from Cambodia and is in the US on a green card. After our second child was born her sister applied for a B2 for a 6 month visit. She was denied. It has now been 4 years and she would like to try again. This time she would like to come for 1 month along with her girlfriend. Im wondering if its. worth trying or is it likely she will be denied again. She works food delivery and her girlfriend does internet sales. They live in an apartment.

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Do I need an ITIN for my spouse?
8:02 pm February 15, 2023



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I tried searching for ITIN here, but some stuff was old and a little confusing.

I tried filing my taxes online, but it asks for a SSN or drivers license number.

I went to HR Block and the person said to get something called ITIN or PTIN.

Is this required to file married but seperate? Some of the searches said an ITIN took over a year to receive. I am wanting my taxes filed and complete so I have them ready when she gets her CR1 interview.

I know I can't file single now, even though she is not in the U.S yet, would it be in our benefit to get the ITIN/PTIN? Or is there a way to file married and not have one and just file regularly when she does arrive here?

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Brand New to I-130 Process for Sister
10:57 pm February 3, 2023

Tee and Megan

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Hey y'all!

We are BRAND new to this whole process and I'm so sorry if this has been asked a million times, but my searching in the forums isn't yielding the answers I'm wondering about.

My husband is an USC; and we want to bring his sister here. She is married, but we only want to bring her here. We also want to bring her 17 year old daughter here.


1. Sister has four kids----but we only want to bring her oldest daughter. Do we need to list all 4 kids on the application?

2. How does it work to attach the daughter to our I-130? Or do we have to wait until the priority date comes up?

Yes, I know our niece might've aged out by this point. Sigh. We still want to bring sister here.

Thank you all, so much, for any info and for this awesome community.

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Can you walk into a USCIS office located far across the country at your biometrics appointment time?
2:14 pm December 28, 2022



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Wife got a biometrics appointment notice in the mail.

Appointment is for next week. In Nevada.

We're in Rhode Island.

Google maps lists a USCIS Providence field office in Johnston, RI and a USCIS Application Support Center in Cranston, RI.

Can she just walk into one of those at the appointed date and time, and if so, which one?

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