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Should proof of relationship submitted at AoS interview merely supplement earlier proof submitted during the K-1 process??
8:42 pm March 24, 2020



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My wife and I have her AoS interview next month, if it doesn't get delayed.

She is adjusting from K-1 status.

When I filed her K-1 petition in October 2018, I submitted about 15-20 pages of evidence of how we met and photos and proof of our relationship from 2015-2018.

At her interview at the embassy in August 2019, we presented about 40 more pages of proof and photos that covered 2015 - 2019 but focused more on 2019 and the proof of our ongoing relationship since the K-1 petition was filed (engagement party photos, engagement ring receipt, etc.)

She entered the USA in September 2020 and we married in November and now her AoS interview is scheduled for April 2020.

Should the proof of relationship we submit at the AoS interview solely address our relationship since she entered the USA, or should I "start from the beginning" and provide proof of bona fide relationship since 2015?

Will the USCIS interview officer definitely have all the photos and proof I submitted with her K-1 petition, AND all the proof and photos I handed over at her embassy interview?


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Can my wife return to the USA using advance parole even if green card is granted?
1:27 am March 21, 2020



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Here's our situation.

My wife's interview for Adjustment of Status from K-1 is set for April 21.

She doesn't have her advance parole card yet.

She is 5.5 months pregnant.

Let's say she gets her advance parole card within the next few weeks AND the virus/travel situation improves and she wants to travel to her home country in late April, right after her interview but before her green card (if approved) arrives in the mail.

If she has her advance parole card, can we leave the USA on April 22 right after the interview, but before she has her green card in hand, and return home a few weeks later using AP?

Is there a downside to doing this? Like, if she interviews on April 21, leaves the country on April 22, and then her case is denied, does she lose the right to return to the USA and appeal/refile from within the USA?

Any other downside to this?

She'd want to leave the USA right after the interview if conditions allow it so she can fly back to the USA when she is "only" 7 or 7.5 months pregnant. That's why we wouldn't want to wait for a week or more for the green card to arrive in the mail.

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Waiting for 10 year green card
1:09 am March 21, 2020

Ed & Roth

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Feeling a bit stressed, we had our bio appointment for I-751 in sept 2019, and are waiting for the card, I don't think we will have an interview as our package is very solid/great, but could be wrong, anyways, do you think we will get the card by dec this year, cause that's when the extension expires, my wife is pregnant now, and will have the baby late November, we both work together, and she wants to return to work after 3 months, which is past the extension expiration date.

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Are all USCIS offices closed to the public?
2:42 am March 18, 2020



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I see that USCIS.gov now has a message saying USCIS Offices Temporarily Closed to the Public. It doesn't say all offices, but it sounds like all. Near the bottom it says to check your field office to make sure it's re-opened before reaching out to the contact center. Yet only a few offices are listed under the office closings, so it's a bit confusing. My field office is 26 Federal Plaza in New York City, and it doesn't say anything about being closed.

Out AOS interview is next Wednesday so now I'm not sure if it's definitely being rescheduled.

Anyone have information on this for sure?


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Should we renew EAD/AP combo card with upcoming AOS interview?
9:32 pm March 2, 2020



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My wife's EAD/AP combo card expires in September. She came on a K-1 Visa. This month will be 6 months before expiration. I know you can renew 6 months ahead of time, and it is suggested to do so because of how long renewal takes.

Her AOS interview is at the end of this month, 2 weeks after that 6 month date.

I'm wondering if I should still just submit the EAD/AP renewal, since it's free to do so, and you never know what could happen (interview can be postponed, additional information requested, delay in getting green card, etc.)

I assume there is no harm in sending in the renewal, and once the green card is approved these application are automatically cancelled?

And I assume if she gets the biometrics appointment before the green card is approved, then she should attend. But if the appointment is after green card approval, then no need to attend, and we just send a letter explaining this?

What are your thoughts? Thank you.

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