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Applying for a new K-1 visa within 2 years apart
5:36 am January 22, 2019


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I need honest opinions. How bad is this going to look? I applied for a K-1 visa for an ex fianc in June 2017. Our I-129f was approved and I withdrew the application before his interview in March 2018. My ex fianc was abusive the entire 2 1/2 years we were together. Stole my money, gambled, didn t work or even try, broke things, lied, drank, and was very emotionally abusive. I finally got the strength to break up with him. I was living in Cambodia with his family. He was my housing, my transportation, food, everything. So breaking up was very difficult because I was terrified and he threatened to kill himself or ruin my life if I left. Well before I finally broke up with him I fell in love with another man who I had known since 2016. When I broke up with my ex, I started dating him. We re now engaged. We live together with his family in Cambodia and we re 24 weeks pregnant. We met at work. We are extremely in love and so excited about our baby. I really want to move to the US because it will be better for our son and my fianc agrees. So we want to apply for a K-1 Visa. So my question is. Is that going to look really bad? I mean I applied for some one else 1 1/2 years ago and withdrew it less than a year ago and now want to apply for a different fianc . I regret everything with my ex and my current fianc and I are so happy together. But how difficult will this be to prove to immigration??

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To get a lawyer or not?
5:07 am January 22, 2019


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Okay, so my fianc and I are trying to decide if we should get a lawyer or do the k-1 process on our own. Our situation is a little tricky and that s why we re even considering a lawyer. I applied for an ex fianc in 2017. We passed the I-129f and our application had reached the embassy. Then in March 2018 I withdrew the application. (We had broken up a few months prior but I forgot to withdraw the application) My ex fianc was abusive. I fell in love with my current fianc who I have known since 2016 and we started dating in march 2018. We ended up getting pregnant in August 2018. I m now 24 weeks. We want to apply for a fianc visa because we want to move to the US to start our life with our son. I ve been living in Cambodia since 2016. Because I applied for a different beneficiary in 2017 and withdrew the application in 2018 and now one year later am applying again, that s why we re considering a lawyer. I believe we will need a IMBRA waiver. Any advice??

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Tax Season is here
1:09 am January 19, 2019


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Hello, I married my husband Feb 2017 and we are at the NVC stage of our process.

I normally file my own taxes on freetaxusa. So I put it in as married, filing separately but it asks for my husbands SSN and it doesn t let me get past that page unless I put in a SSN. He obviously doesn t have one yet so how should I file exactly. I know I definitely don t want to file as Single so how do I get past the page without him having a SSN yet.

Or should I just cough up the money and go to H&R Block since this is a little tricky situation? ?

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Filed F2B then later K1 Question
6:40 pm January 16, 2019


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In 2015 my parent inlaw (green card holder) sponsored her daughter (F2B). Her case is now in NVC awaiting. During the waiting process, her daughter was introduce to a friend of a family who is a US Citizenship. They talk and get to know each other and in a relationship. He flew few time to visited her. Last year they engaged and he sponsored her as K1.

What happen to her F2B that was in NVC? Is that automatically cancelled by NVC since her fiance filing K1? Today I check her F2B status in NVC and it still show "At NVC"

Does this mean she has 2 cases open? Tnanks

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K-1 Visa Change of Address
9:24 pm January 6, 2019


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Hello everyone,

I am in need of advice. I may need to change my address soon due to unforeseeable circumstances. My fiance's K-1 Visa application is currently waiting to be adjudicated at the California office. If I change my address will it negatively affect the processing time or the application itself? How would I go about changing it? I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the application. What are the experiences that some of you have had with changing addresses?

Thank you so much for any advice.

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