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Think I know the answer--but just curious--can USC bring grandchild to US?
5:00 pm May 8, 2022

Tee and Megan

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Hello all!

My apologies if this has been asked before--but my search efforts aren't finding anything. We are working on bringing my mother-in-law to the US and eventually getting her citizenship. WAAAY down the road--we were just curious if it would ever be possible for her to petition, as a USC for one of her grandchildren to join her in the US?

Thank you all so much for all your help on our immigration journey. We don't know what we'd to without VJ!

Peace be with you


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Confirming filing address for I-751 and a few other things
6:50 pm May 7, 2022



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Getting ready to send out the i-751 package (removal of conditions) for my wife.

I see some recent posts sending the package to

P.O. Box 21200
Phoenix, AZ 85036

Was this changed? Looking at the direct filing address page for USCIS, if sending via FedeEx, the address (for sending from NY) is:

Attn: I-751 (Box 4072)
2500 Westfield Drive
Elgin, IL 60124-7836

I'm assuming this is where we send to?

2 other questions:

Want to confirm no passport sized photos are required. I didn't see that as a requirement, want to make sure.

And confining that Filing fee is $680 ($595 + $85)

Thank you very much.

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Increased Processing Times for I-130
10:34 am May 6, 2022



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I filed an I-130 for my wife and we are now at 71 days and no NOA1. I tried calling the number but it's all automated system telling me to call back.

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Has anyone had trouble boarding a flight to the USA because green card is in MM/DD/YYYY format and card looks "expired"?
11:35 am April 19, 2022



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Interesting thing happened with my wife yesterday checking in for a flight from Boston to Dubai.

Her date of birth is listed on the green card as "17 JUN 1988" Noe that this is the DD/MM/YYYY format generally used all over the world.

However, green card says issue date is "12/04/2020" and expiration date is "12/04/2022"

Well, you can imagine what happened. At the pre-check in screening, at check in, and at boarding document check we were challenged. Everyone thought the card expired on April 12 (12/04).

Supervisors were called, etc. and they fortunately knew that the US green card expiration date is in MM/DD/YYY format and approved her to board the plane.

Why the USA uses letters for the month "JUN" on date of birth line but only numbers on the expiration date line, I have no idea.

Why the USA puts date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY and expiration date in MM/DD/YYYY I have no idea.

Have green card holders been denied boarding for this?

Is there a backup I should have for future travel that "proves" the card is not expired and that 12/04/2022 means December 4, 2022?

I guess the transmittal letter "enclosed is your green card" might show this but I may have thrown that away. Is there any other documentation we could use?

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Evidence of a Bonifide Marriage
6:13 pm March 22, 2022


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Hello everyone

I need some advices about submitting Photos of my wedding or family photos and phone call history as evidences. Is it importance to submit those evidences with I-130?

thank you :)

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