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Passport and GC names are different, is it safe travel?
3:07 am October 10, 2019



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we got married, my wife name was XX AA on her passport.

the green card has XX AA BB, we are decided to get our native country passport name change to match Green Card in order to travel and return without re-entry complication.

is there anything else we need to do for traveling and return home safe ?

this is our first time with green card.

thanks in advance for your respone.

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CEAC status changed from AP to Ready
7:30 am October 1, 2019


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Hi, I have a F4 case. And we had interview once Since July-16-2019 in US embassy based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The interview went well except the consulate requested for a joint sponsor for the case. We have submitted joint sponsors but they keep rejecting it due to low in income of the joint. And 2 weeks ago, I sent them an email stating that the main petitioner (My aunt), have a huge savings in bank account, and the saving amount is enough to petition for the case. And I asked them whether the savings can be used or not. And recently, I have just found another joint sponsor just in case; and I have submitted the document to CEAC platform before checking the CEAC status. While checking for the CEAC status, it's already changed from AP to Ready. What does this kind of situation mean? Does it mean the consulate doesn't need any joint sponsor anymore? And is my case going to be rejected? And do we need to have another interview? And the joint sponsor documents that are just newly-added, do I need to delete it from the CEAC when the status already shown READY? Please help!!!

PS: The embassy hasn't responded to any email we sent two weeks ago, and I have sent another just to clarify the situation. But it might takes over a week just to wait for their response. So I posted it here instead. Help and assistance will be appreciated!

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How does it take for a LPR father to sponsor a child
4:00 am September 22, 2019



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Back on December 2018 ,My LPR uncle filed I130 to perition his unmarried and 19 year old daughter to the US. I'm helping him trying to find out how much time does he have to wait longer. I'm little confused by looking at the bulletin boards. So my questions are

1. What's the different between FINAL ACTION DATE and DATE FOR FILING?

2. I know her category is F2A , what does status " Current " (C) mean in the FINAL ACTION DATE chart?

3. The month of September 2019 in the bulletin board, In the DATE FOR FILING chart and F2A column says 08MAR19 . Does that mean they're working on the petition that have filed back in 08Mar19?


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Tax Transcript
6:49 am September 16, 2019


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Just a short question regarding family-based immigration petition. For the joint sponsors, what kind of tax transcript is allowed? I have submitted a transcript received from the Turbotax, but the consulate still ask me for tax transcript. Does it have to be the 1040? Or the tax return transcript from IRS governmental website?

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How long can you wait after NVC confirmaton before sending forms and documents?
5:31 am September 15, 2019



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I just received my NOA2. Once we get the approval and create the case number from the NVC how long can we wait before submitting all the required forms and documents to the NVC? I've read that an NVC account can remain valid for one year but I can't find anything official about it.

We would like to pause during this process as my husband and I have been living abroad in his home country and we want to finish up our job contracts and make sure we've been married for 2 years (April 2020) before going ahead with the process.

When the petition is approved from USCIS to the NVC, can we go ahead and choose the agent and pay fees and then wait before submitting materials? If anyone has been through a similar process or has any official links they could share, I would be so grateful for information! I know this is a bit unusual as most people are trying to get this process to go faster, not slower :)



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