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    Married life is sweet! Our little one is nearly a year old. We are planning to go back to Cambodia next summer for the first time since arriving in the U.S. We are so thankful to God for our family and our life together.

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  1. Arrggh, sorry ya'll! I'm just full of questions as we start this process. We're almost done with the application and it says we can submit additional evidence to support the application if we choose. I uploaded scans of my husband's GC, our marriage license, and our son's birth certificate. Is there anything else you'd add to support the application? Taxes, leases from where we've lived? Or just bring those things to the interview? Thanks SO much everyone!! So thankful for VJ!
  2. Hi all! We're working applying for citizenship; and I'm using our previous leases to help me remember the exact day that we moved or started to live at our various apartments (I'm a pastor so while I was in Seminary, we moved a lot because of the requirements of my degree). I have every lease from the last five years except for one. I know approximately what day we moved out and what day we started living there--but I don't have a document backing up these dates. Should I be worried? Is an approximate date okay? Any advice? Thanks all!
  3. Hi all! Just one more question from me this weekend. We're working on applying for citizenship--we've actually started the process a number of times but life got crazy busy with COVID and our online application "expired." I just tried to login to our account and was denied because apparently I used the wrong password too many times. UGGGH. 🤦‍♀️ (I'm currently 8.75 months pregnant with our second--could we blame it on baby brain??) And now the account we were using is locked. I submitted a request to have it unlocked, but given how fast we know USCIS moves on these things--should I just make a new account? Rather than waiting for them to get around to unlocking the one I was using? Any tips or advice? Thanks everyone!
  4. Hi all! My husband and I were applying for a loan to buy a car together and the bank put up a fuss because his Social Security Card says "work only." Were we supposed to get him a new card when we removed conditions for his LPR status? Or let the IRS know somehow? We didn't have this problem when we bought a house, but I think we just used my credit for that situation. But now we want to start building up his credit, so we're curious about this. Thanks all!
  5. Hi all! Not to say that any part of immigration is "easy," but I want to make sure I'm reading this correctly. My husband's GC says he has been a resident since 09/19/2015. (He arrived in Oct. 2014 and we removed conditions in 2017) This means, as of last week, that he's officially eligible to apply for Citizenship without needing to submit proof of our relationship/my citizenship, yes? I was reading through checklists, and as far as I can tell, he just needs to submit a copy of his GC, show that he's been residing here continuously for five years, and pass all the tests, of course. Is this correct? We don't have to submit a huge pile of evidence showing our home together, our insurance stuff together, our children together, etc?
  6. Hi all! My husband is filling out an I-9 for employment verification and using his Green Card as his document for employment. We know where to find his A number, of course, but the form also says "Documber Number." Does anyone know what that means? Thanks all!
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