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  1. When is your interview if you don't mind me asking? Our second interview is coming up here very soon. Going by the Cambodia portal Consulate reviews, Cambodia isn't known as the most friendly/easy embassy to go through, although the couples that have stated that they were at their significant others interview did seem to fair better, as the reviews seem the consulars are overwhelmingly harsh to the Cambodian native and nicer and more friendly to the U.S/other country fiance. As for what I sent, since people are unable to get into Cambodia as they aren't doing tourist visas right now, I've sent quite a bit of extra things for my fiance to have. Everyone's case is different, but for us with one denial already, we are really going heavy on the proof of relationship. I've sent letters from friends, family, co workers. People who have known me for many years. She has letters from her co workers who I've met for lunch on a trip over there last year. All signed and dated "under penalty of purjury". Will these do much, I'm not sure, we just want them to know we don't hide our relationship from anyone, and everyone close to us, knows about our relationship and want to marry and have a family. I've included letters from my parents, a certificate of Ministry from my mother, as she has talked about wanting to officiate our wedding. Due to Covid, those plans will most likely change. Proceeding our denial, I went and spoke with my states Congressman, which I talked with to see about getting a more solid answer for reason of denial vs just 221G. Which they emailed the embassy, but unfortunately got the same generic response I did. I included my correspondence with them. She cut screenshots of our facebook messages, a few in the beginning and end of each month since the denial. She also cut and printed out our Skype call history since the denial. My fiance like yours, works and is not in the predicament of needing money every month. I do send her money for her birthday to get something nice and send some if she ever needs a little extra when something unexpected comes up, like her motorbike needing a repair. I didn't include any of the western union receipts, it feels like such a grey area and you'll get a different answer from each person that's asked if they should be included or not. We do currently just have a plan to marry at the court house, since we don't want to have people around and put their/our, health at risk. But I'm not sure if there really is anyway I can send proof that is what our plan is. We also didn't know exactly when Visa services would resume, so certain things had to be put on pause. Now that we know the interview date, we have a bit more room to work with. We also did both include an up to date letter of intent to marry that she will bring to the interview. Best of luck to you two. Hopefuly you'll be able to enjoy life together soon.
  2. We have our second interview coming soon, I've been trying to update my timeline but it's been giving me errors. Sorry if I overlooked this somewhere, we are filling out the form for the Visa payment and it's asking for priority date, is that the date that NVC received or sent the NOA2? I have 2 dates on my 797 and can't find the information if the priority date is the received or sent date. Thanks.
  3. This is from the website for the Cambodian embassy. Entry and Exit Requirements: Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes All travelers must present a valid visa issued by a Cambodian Embassy or Consulate.  The Government of Cambodia has suspended the e-visa and visa-on-arrival programs until further notice.  In addition, we understand Cambodian Embassies will only accept applications for diplomatic, official, and “sponsored” business-linked visas, and will not issue tourist or other visas to enter Cambodia at this time. Our petition has been received by the embassy there, but there has been no notification of when visa process will resume to the level it was pre Covid. So we are waiting still. And even if I am able to get in the country, I would be required to quarantine for 14 days. https://kh.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/#:~:text=Entry and Exit Requirements%3A&text=All travelers must present a,a Cambodian Embassy or Consulate.&text=Cambodian authorities have also introduced,air%2C land%2C and water.
  4. Thanks for those links Greenbaum. My main concerns were if it was even neccessary to submit the DS-160 now, since they are probably working with a reduced staff and not in the process of setting up interviews, and unfortunately, none of us know when business as usual will resume.
  5. I don't know if anyone would know for sure, but I'll ask anyway. Sorry if my question sounds confusing. So we received our NOA2 and I got an email that it was sent out to the embassy in Cambodia, my question is since they are not currently doing interviews, I have sent the embassy an email but have not heard a response yet in regards to the DS-160, considering the pandemic going on, is this something we should still file now and submit? Her country is currently closed to any travelers coming in, and I don't think the interview would be anytime soon, so we don't know when we should file the DS-160. I'm guessing it might be embassy specific? If they are not processing petitions for interviews, would filing the DS-160 now be pointless, since they won't have a case to apply it to until they start preparing for interviews again? Has anyone else had their NOA2 sent to an embassy even though they are currently not doing interviews? When I called NVC for my case # the lady said that they were not sending petitions to the embassy, but a few days later I received email notification that it was sent out. I know that consular discretion they can extend the validity period, which I also asked about in my email to the embassy to see if I have to request that personally or they do it automatically.
  6. Did they ask any questions or what did they need from you there?
  7. What do you think of that link I posted, is that an accurate site that shows Visa approvals? Looking through it, Phnom Penh is never over 30 K1s per month, which is I'm assuming, why most say go CR1. But compared to Manilla where it's always 300+ per month issued, I find it interesting, but like you also mentioned, Cambodia isn't a typical place that many hear of about the process.
  8. If I look at Dec 2019 for issuance of Visas, it shows 15 K1s for Phnom Penh. Is this meaning something else entirely?
  9. I am wondering about Cambodia too, there are a few reviews in the consulate section, but there aren't an overwhelming amount. Looking at this website https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/nonimmigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-nonimmigrant-visa-issuances.html in the statistics, it shows Cambodia has an average of 30-32 K1 approvals per month, you can go back each month and look at the NIV amount that were approved. Compared to a country like Manilla where it is on average 300+ per month. Or at least 10 per day. I'm assuming Manilla gets many more Visa petitions per month vs Phnom Penh, but at an average 30-32 that's one a day or maybe 2-3 per week with closed weekends. But it would be interesting to hear from the more senior members here what their opinions on it are. I can't remember for sure if Cambodia does them everyday or if there is one or two days a week they do interviews. I think Visa pickup is usually Fridays I believe, but interviews I'm not sure. After our first denial, we front loaded with a lot of more information. And I also wasn't at the first interview, I didn't know of this website, and only followed the USCIS website on what to do. Still waiting on NOA2 atm, but hoping to get that soon.
  10. And that's the trouble with so many different outlets of research. You have one end saying less is more, you have another end saying submit as much as you can. You have people saying to submit letters, submit extra pictures, because everyone's case is different. I'm trying to do what I feel is a happy middle ground and not send stuff that is pointless, things that in my eyes show our relationship and at the same time send things that show that family knows of her, friends know of her, I don't hide our relationship and both sides parents approve of us. That's the frustrating side of things because you read consulate reviews, talk with other people who have gone through Cambodia specifically, and each person has a different thought on what is or isn't enough to send. Even this thread alone, what one sees as "staged", others see as evidence to prove being together. I've already tried doing this on my own, and obviously we failed, because I didn't have any guidance, I went off of the USCIS website, I never would of googled information on K1 denials and been led to these forums. Do you understand how stress inducing it is, already on top of the stress currently with immigration, to come here and open up and explain my situation to people I don't know, and trying to find a semblance of direction here, but then torn with people of different ideas on what to do, what not to do. And I'm using my best judgment on what is right for us, what I feel is the best for me and my fiance. Because in the end, because things work for one couple, doesn't mean it will work for another, and I'd rather do things I feel are right, than follow exactly what someone else has done. And maybe that's where I failed, because I didn't know where to go, or more so, had nowhere I knew to go. Her sister came here 11 years ago on a K1, everything is different now, they vaguely remember the process. Her husband was the one who told me to go to our local congressmans office and ask for help, I've spent money on attorney consultations, which after being a member here, realized that anything they can do for you, you can basically do yourself and sometimes they can be detrimental. I am grateful for all the great members here that take the time to answer questions, even when it isn't the answer you want to hear. Because I don't want to be coddled, told that everything will be fine, I've opened up and been completely truthful about our situation and that's what I expected from responses in return. Thank you for your apology and I apologize as well, if I came off as rude or was out of line. I just want to have my life with my fiance already and it's a stressful time. It was wrong of me to take that out on you.
  11. And I completely understand that, I don't come in and explain my situation and not expect opinions on the matter. But I also don't expect accusations thrown around, maybe word things a little differently, one photo out of hundreds taken so that they can't come with an argument that there is no proof we actually stayed at the hotel together. There is a difference between trying to cover all my bases, and doing things with the wrong intentions. All I want to do is make sure we can pass this interview and finally spend our lives together. Am I wrong for feeling completely disrespected?
  12. Look, I don't appreciate your insinuation, you're fiance gets here and now you basically sit and hand out judgement of others? When was anyone on here accusing you of committing fraud/staging photos? Our entire 221G is proving our relationship is legitimate, in what world does taking a picture of us holding a receipt together constitute a "staged photo"? I also have pictures of me and her out for dinner with her friends and co workers, is that staged photos to prove I met her friends? Yes I'm a little upset, because you're blatantly accusing me of staging a photo, when you have no idea how hard I work for us to be together. How small do we look from that mountain you're sitting on?
  13. Is it alright if I send you a personal message about this and questions I have about the process? That way it doesn't keep bumping this old post.
  14. Beleive me, I agree with you. That's just from my digging around online and talking with people about what it takes to marry in Cambodia, or at least speed up the process for a foreigner. This is a long post from someone, it explains a bit the process in Cambodia. This is not my post, nor are they answering my question. Re: Wedding certificate in Cambodia 7 Quote Post Sat May 13, 2017 11:28 pm First of all, you will need to go to the MoFAIC in Phnom Penh and meet and speak to Mr Ung Vantha in the Legal & Consular Department, this man will give you the application forms and lists of required documents, he will not accept any money. Do not deal with anyone else, as they will all ask for ridiculous sums of money. Mr. Ung Vantha's (MoFA) phone number, 016608586. You will need to present the following to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 1. "Application for foreigner to marry Khmer citizen" (provided by MoFAIC) 2. Certificate of non-impediment/single status/divorce certificate (if applicable)/ex-spouses death certificate (if applicable) 3. Criminal record check from your country of citizenship 4. Passport with valid E type (Ordinary MEEV) visa, minimum 6 months validity 5. Letter of employment/proof of salary minimum $2500USD p/m (Male only). Work permit/work book/business license if employed in Cambodia. 6. Letter from your Embassy - permission/consent to marry 7. Pre-nuptial Medical certificate from Calmette Hospital (no older than 3 months) 8. 2x passport photos NOTE: Foreign males must be under 50 years old to legally marry a Cambodian citizen in Cambodia. All above documents must be notarised/certified from your nearest Embassy except 1,6 and 7. Khmer partner will need to present; 1. "Certificate of celibacy, widowhood, divorce" (single status) from Sangkat 2. National ID card 3. Birth Certificate 4. Family Book and/or Carnet de Residence 5. Pre-nuptial Medical certificate from Calmette Hospital (no older than 3 months) 6. 2x passport photos Note: The blood tests are for HIV, Hepatitis, and a few other diseases, chest x-ray is for TB. Cost from Calmette for the blood tests, x-ray and medical certificate is $120 per couple ($60 each). You will need to take your passport/national ID card, as well as 1x passport photo per person. Once the MoFA processes the documents which takes about 1-2 weeks, you will be issued a letter which you must submit with all of your documents to the Ministry of Interior. You will both be interviewed by someone in the MoI, and if they are satisfied it will take approximately another 2+ months for them to issue an authorisation to marry letter, which you will then need to submit to your partners Sangkat, who will then issue you with your marriage certificate. MoFAIC: I'm not great at explaining directions, but I hope this helps... When you go to the MoFA, enter the compound via the side entrance, do not go to the large main entrance on the riverside. There is a guard hut where you and your partner will have to show ID, and they will give you a visitors pass. Walk straight ahead to the large building straight ahead and to the right, and enter via the first side entrance. As you enter, immediately on your left you should see a sign for e-visa on your right hand side, continue walking straight down the corridor. The 3rd or 4th door on the right hand side is Vanthas office. As you look at his office door, there should be a small alcove with a Buddhist statue to the left of his door, this is how you will know which office is his. Remember that this is a Cambodian Ministry, and they keep strange working hours...I think they take lunch from about 1100 - 1400. MOI: Do not go to the Main MoI compound. You need to go to an office called “National Committee to Lead the Suppression of Human Trafficking, Smuggling, Labour Exploitation and Sexual Exploitation in Woman and Children” (S.T.S.L.S), which is at the General dept of Identification building at this location… https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Gen ... ation+(GDI )/@11.5344525,104.9511904,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x4d2d71f75dee8eb6!8m2!3d11.5343962!4d104.9550942 Take all of your completed documentation and letter from the MoFAIC with you and try to arrive early (by 0900hrs at the latest). There all of your documentation will be checked, and if anything is not in order they will inform you of what you need to fix. Once everything is in order, you will pay the official $200 fee, which you will receive a receipt for, and then be interviewed by several people, mostly regarding things like how you met your partner, how long you’ve been together, have you travelled together on holiday, how long have you lived/been travelling to Cambodia, what is your job, family members names and contact details, what are your plans, do you plan to take her overseas and exploit her, etc…Its not as daunting as you may think. Your partner will be near you the entire time, so if there any language barriers, ask her to translate for you. Once everything is in order, it can take anywhere up to 4 months before you receive the letter of permission to marry from the MoI, which you then take to your partner's Sangkat in order to be issued your official marriage certificate. There is no requirement for a wedding ceremony in order to be issued a marriage certificate. For foreigners marrying a Cambodian citizen, the only official fees payable are; - $200 fee paid to the 'National Committe to Lead the Suppression of Human Trafficking, Smuggling, Labour Exploitation and Sexual Exploitation in Woman and Children (S.T.S.L.S)' , which is a department of the MoI. The fee covers admin, interviews and background check costs. An official receipt is issued. - 20,000 Riel fee paid to the Sangkat which issues the official Marriage Certificate. An official receipt is issued. (Note: The interviewers at the MoI expect a small "donation" each, about $5 each covers it...probably a good idea to just pay this to ensure your application is approved) Many people no doubt end up dealing with the wrong people and/or fixers and end up getting fleeced purely because the information on the whole process is not readily available and can be confusing.
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