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  1. And that's one of the main parts that was making me second guess the dates, because USCIS deals with every country, I wasn't sure how well they would be aware of other specific cultural norms vs the actual Embasy when going to her interview. For me as a U.S citizen, it's the day of the wedding, you're legally married, doing this immigration process for the last 5 years has opened my eyes quite a bit, not in a bad way.
  2. Thanks Yeah I understand that. It was just confusing and wanting to avoid a possible RFE because of the date discrepancy. But I'll be using the date on the certificate and just annotating why my pictures and other proof of marriage have a date of February vs April.
  3. Cambodia generally, for Khmer citizens, they use the date of registration as their actual wedding date, even if it differs from the date of the ceremony. I've seen some that were 4 days, some a week, ours just took longer than expected, plus a mistake causing them to have to translate the entire certificate. My main concern is just not causing confusion with USCIS, I would think the Cambodian embasy would understand Khmer traditions.
  4. It states date of marriage registration April 1st 2022. That's the only date on the certificate. It states date of marriage registration as April 1st 2022, that's the only date on our certificate.
  5. I went to Cambodia in Feb of this year to marry my fiance, we had our ceremony Feb 13th, I left the country in March. There was a mistake they made with my DoB on our marriage certificate so they had to re do it, I had already left the country, so by the time it was finished, the marriage certificate was dated April 1st. Basically what date am I putting on the CR1? Our hotel receipts from the honeymoon, our pictures of the ceremony are all dated around the 13th-25th of Feb. My exit visa shows March 4th. So they would know I wasn't in the country in April. Do I just put April 1st and write something explaining the date discrepancy, thanks.
  6. No, never just trust your lawyer, you are paying them to work for you, make sure they are submitting the correct paperwork, that everything is up to date, you're just a pay check to a lawyer, so always check what they do before they send anything. On that note though, why did you get a lawyer to file? Do you have anything that would cause issues in filing? 99% of what you need to file on your own can be found from searching this site and asking questions.
  7. I know many here say photos/chat logs/affidavits are secondary evidence, which technically they are, but it also depends on your country and what you should be supplying. Places like the Philipines or European, yeah you probably don't need much if any secondary evidence, om the other hand, some Asian/African countries do ask for pictures, chats showing continuing conversations, and other proofs that aren't necessary for other places. My now wife is in Cambodia, which is a notoriously fraud heavy country and a very tough embassy. So once we get the marriage certificate, I'll be front loading the petition quite heavily with proof of adding her to my life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, she's already my 401k beneficiary, I got her as an authorized user on one of my credit cards so she can use it there. I won't be going as heavy on pictures, but sending the important ones, wedding pictures, honey moon pictures. Receipts of our travels together with hotel stays on our honeymoon. Boarding passes etc. Besides that evidence, I've learned the other most important aspect for Cambodia at least, is to attend the interview with your spouse. Even if they dont allow me inside, she can show my passport as proof I'm there.
  8. It's bad news for the short term, I was the same way, I wasn't wanting to hear what others said here about taking more time and probably needing to marry. But a lot of members here do know a lot of information that is invaluable and you'd be charged $1000s of dollars to get the same information from attorneys. The short term is bad news, it's going to take time unfortunately, but just keep in contact and build up a strong relationship, not just through online chats, but visits in person, take a vacation together if there is a country they can go to without needing a visa. I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but just be open and honest about what happened at interview, what issues you think could of caused the denial. If you aren't honest here, there isn't any reason to ask for help, because that help will not be of any use to you.
  9. You can marry now, nothing stopping you, but like others said, you'll need more evidence. This is the 4th time for me visiting my wife and because of our denial and Cambodia being a notoriously more difficult Embasy, I am going to be front loading and side loading at NVC. Adding her to credit card authorized user, life insurance, 401k, bank account, really anything I can add her to with a marriage certificate and her not yet in the states. I know we have hurdles to overcome, but we got married and that's a big part of showing a legitimate relationship, doesn't mean 100% guarantee, but stronger than a K1. Just spend time together, gather evidence and build your relationship up. It'll take time, my first post here about my fiances K1 denial was in early 2019. And we're just now married and shortly filing CR1. Be prepared for time, but if your love is strong and true, you'll make it and everything will be ok.
  10. My job doesn't either, I saved up all my time off for the start of this year, and came a month to Cambodia. I knew we were getting married, so I just saved up all my vacation that I could and also asked my work for some unpaid time off, that's also an option you could possibly go, unpaid time off if you can afford it. I wouldn't do another K1, just marry, but spend more time together before marrying immediately after a K1 denial. Ok, I see it now, I checked earlier and couldn't see anything, maybe spotty mobile connection.
  11. Is OP going through Nigeria? Me and my now wife had 2 K1 denials, that's correct, so we just recently got married here in Cambodia a few weeks ago. It's really the only option for getting her with me in the states now.
  12. We have been married now for almost a week, waiting on the marriage certificate, which I won't be able to get while here, which doesn't cause an issue as my wife can email it to me to print off, I am wondering if anyone knows how the last names work with regards to the petition, I know many Khmer woman keep their maiden names, my fiance wants to take mine, we talked but we couldn't figure out how to change her name here and if we did, would it cause issues with her work and daily life until she is in the U.S with me? Or does her last name automatically change once she would enter the US on her spousal Visa? Would the embassy find it strange if I file the CR1 with her maiden name, or are they expecting her to have my last name on the paperwork?
  13. Appreciate it, though I'm actually in Cambodia now and our wedding ceremony is going to be next weekend!
  14. We chose to not do that, I'm in Cambodia currently now and we started the process of having our wedding ceremony, it will be in 7 days actually. Stressful with so much to do and little time on such a short visit, 3 weeks, but we are getting it done. She isn't in the U.S with me yet, but our 5 year journey on the immigration side is hopefuly coming to a close soon. We've both been ready to start a family together for the last number of years.
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