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  1. Every embassy is different. Some require a wet signature on the affidavit of support and some do not. Most likely everything else is fine as copies (accept your original ID's, passport, etc. which they will want to see). You said he e-mailed you everything. I would suggest going to a print shop and printing everything out today for the interview. Worst case, they request you send them the original signed affidavit and hold the visa until they receive it. Good luck.
  2. I guess we were lucky as we got the SS card with the married name. My fiancee enterred the country on April 2. We got married on April 8 and received the marriage certificate the same day. We went to social security office on April 9 and applied with her married name. She received the SS card (with married name) on April 27 (18 days after applying).
  3. @missileman, understood and meant no disrespect. Thank you. @geowrian, Thank you.
  4. @missileman, I know that authorized stay is not legal status. I was not implying that. But since the i-797c allows for "authorized stay" while waiting for legal status, I was asking where it officially states that. Where is it, in writing, that you are allowed to legally stay in the country while waiting for adjustment of status. It appears that Matrix13 has provided that location. Also @missileman, I understand that the 797 receipt number verifies that a person is awaiting an adjustment of status. But that, in and of itself, still does not specifically state that they have authorized stay while waiting. I prefer to have something official, in writing (for the uneducated) that proves/states this, and the Department of State Manual excerpt seems to be what does. Thank you to both of you.
  5. I hope this isn't considered hijacking the thread since I believe it applies, but does anyone have the location where it officially shows that the i-797c (for the i-485) allows authorized stay? I have searched for a while but could not find anything official. Just websites or posts confirming that this is the case. Thank you.
  6. So you mean you put $0 for her income and she had no trouble getting a credit card with available credit? Thanks.
  7. I didn't know about secured credit cards. Just looked into it. Seems like you have to make a cash deposit equal to the credit limit, and also seems they have a yearly fee. If that is the only option I may just wait until she gets a job, and for now keep her as an authorized user on my card. Not really looking to spend any money for a credit card (pretty tight on cash). But I appreciate the information for that option. Thank you.
  8. I tried 2 stores. They don't ask for household income. They ask for the usual information (name, address, SS#, etc.) One says Annual Gross Income, the other says Total Annual Net Income. To me these seem like asking for her salary. Not a household salary. Maybe other stores / credit card applications might have household. Not sure. I didn't realize she will get any credit score for just being an authorized user on my card. I guess I have to look around to see if i found one with household income, or just wait for her to get a job before she applies on her own. Thank you very much.
  9. Not sure if this is the right forum for this. I am the USC and my (now) wife came over on a K-1. We have filed for AOS, etc. and are now waiting. I Added her to my bank accounts and to my credit card (as an authorized user). But I want to get her a credit card of her own (like from a retail store) so she can start building credit. The online applications ask for salary, which she doesn't have. I was instructed by the store to use my salary since I am her husband. But I am afraid this could cause issues since she is not allowed to work yet. And they don't seem to have an option for me to be a co-signer or sponsor. I don't want to choose $0 for her salary as I assume she will not be approved for a card. Just wondering how people here have handled getting a credit card before having a salary. Thank you.
  10. I have a few questions about the Bronx, NY USCIS Application Support Center that I thought I would ask here. I tried searching and was not able to confirm answers. I know that each support center may be different and have different rules, but any help would be appreciated. My wife has her biometrics appointment coming up at the Bronx, NY location, and I had these questions: 1. I assume there is no designated parking and I will need to try and find street parking or a public parking lot? 2. Will I be allowed to go in with her? I’ve read some places let you and some don’t. If not, and I have to wait outside, anyone know where the nearest public rest room is? Lol I’ve had my share of times not being able to find a bathroom in the city. 3. Are cell phones allowed in the building, in the waiting area, or if turned off and stored away? I’ve read some places let you, and some do not. The letter says "cell phones, cameras, or other recording devices are not permitted". So not sure if that means not allowed inside at all and I do not want to leave cell phones in a parked car. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  11. I never got a response from this however my fiancee just got approved at her interview and no questions were asked in regards to the i-134 so I assume it was good. Note that I see a new form was just released. The old form is still good until May, but if you haven't sent yours in yet I would say to just re-do it with the new form to be safe. The A-number is the number from the NOA2 next to the beneficiary's name For Page 4, Part 3 I put my fiancee's information. For Page 4, Question 38, for intend, I put N/A and did the rest of what I describe above. Good Luck
  12. Hello. I am the US Petitioner who filed for my fiancée (K-1 Fiancée Visa). The NVC mailed my file to the US Embassy in Cambodia (I received e-mail confirmation of this). Per the CEAC website, my status went from IN TRANSIT to READY, which I believe means my file is now at the embassy. I read that it is good to e-mail the embassy and request an e-mail copy of the Packet 3 letter, as it is faster than waiting in the mail. I followed the instructions at the contact page for the US Embassy in Cambodia and sent the e-mail. I immediately received an auto reply message basically saying they are sorry they can’t reply to individual inquiries, etc. etc. Here is some useful information….. And they say, if after reading all of this you still have an inquiry, please send another e-mail to this address. Firstly, I was surprised that all the links they provide in the e-mail (USCIS link, and even link to their own website), were incorrect. Looks like they haven’t been updated. Anyway, since my question wasn’t answered, I sent a second e-mail. Now I believe they will get 2 e-mails from me unfortunately. The next day (night for me) I received a brief reply from them that basically said, Per our instructions, the applicant (my fiancée) needs to complete the DS-160 and mail them the confirmation page. Their records show they haven’t received it yet, so they suggest she do it as soon as possible so they can schedule her appointment. However, I have not received the packet 3 letter yet, and it is my understanding that she cannot complete the medical without a Packet 3 letter (with our case number on it) from the embassy, in hand. I was planning for her to do the medical first, before completing DS-160 and possibly having an interview scheduled without a medical exam completed. From their e-mail, I assume “Per Our Instructions” means per the Packet 3 letter. So I assume they mailed it to me but I haven’t received yet? I am thinking of replying to their e-mail and requesting (again) an e-mail copy. I was hoping others that have gone through this in Cambodia could give me some insight. Thank you very much. -------------------------------------- TLDR: My file is at US Embassy in Cambodia. Embassy replied to my e-mail inquiry saying per their instruction, my fiancée should complete DS-160 and e-mail confirmation page to schedule appointment. I haven’t received Packet 3 letter yet, and I believe she needs this to do the medical. Thank you.
  13. I know there are a lot of posts about the i-134, so sorry if I am repeating questions. I have done research online, and in this sub and have seen mixed responses. So I thought I would ask these questions here to try and get recent answers from people who have submitted an i-134 recently and got approved. I am filing for a K-1 Fiancée Visa, for the first time. Firstly, is there any way to know when the new form will be released? I am wondering what happens if I mail this to my fiancée, and then prior (or right before) the interview, the new form is released, and she brings this old form to the interview. Would that cause a problem? On the NOA2, there is a 9 digit number beginning with the A above my beneficiary's name. I assume this is the A number asked for on Page 2, Part 2, Question 4? Page 4, Part 3 (continued) question 26.a through 29, is this information for my beneficiary or is this if I have ever filed for anyone else in the past? I have read mixed things on this. Page 4, Question 38: Some people say to check I Intend, others say to put N/A (and all say to explain with N/A on last page). My plan is to do this. Does this seem acceptable? Put N/A right below question 38 (leaving both boxes blank). Then in the space below question 38, I was going to put N/A (K1 Visa Process - Petition for Alien Fiancée and Permanent Residence) (See Part 7) And on Page 8, Part 7, I would put: 3a: Page Number 4, 3b: Part Number 3, 3c: Item Number 38 3d: N/A K1 Visa Process - Petition for Alien Fiancée and Permanent Residence. I intend on providing any and all support to my fiancée, as needed, throughout the K-1 Visa process and, once married, for the duration of our marriage. Thank you very much for help with this.
  14. I used Adobe Acrobat (full version) to insert text boxes over the fields and add N/A. But writing in black pen after printing would work. I didn't want to leave blanks based on what the instructions say: "Answer all questions fully and accurately. If a question does not apply to you (for example, if you have never been married and the question asks “Provide the name of your current spouse”), type or print “N/A,” unless otherwise directed. If your answer to a question which requires a numeric response is zero or none (for example, “How many children do you have” or “How many times have you departed the United States”), type or print “None,” unless otherwise directed. "
  15. Alabamak1, Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. I actually read on here once that someone suggested including a letter from your parent(s) approving of the marriage. And also about discussions of marriage. So I don't know if this is good or bad. I thought that maybe the letters of intent might not be enough. This is also why I thought of including my research for marriage. On top of each page, I put in bold letters RESEARCH FOR UPCOMING MARRIAGE. And on the form for by date of marriage, I circled in red saying TBD - awaiting Visa. Every time I do research, read forums, etc. my head starts to spin. Make sure you include this, this and this to help prove your relationship is real. Make sure you don't include too much of this, this and this or your relationship might seem fake and like you are forcing it. So how much is too little? How much is too much? What is just right? I know every case is different and every reviewer is different so you can't really answer that. I guess I just have to research, use my best judgment, hope for the best and plan for the worst. Perhaps I can include some of these things but not have her present it unless asked for more evidence. I don't know. But I appreciate your feedback. Thank you. Jenna Ting, Yes I plan to have her bring the visa fee receipt and embassy letter, but forgot to mention those. I am pretty organized so try to make sure she brings everything. But I thank you for reminding me of these items. Thanks.
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