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  1. Well hopefully it all works out for you. It seems like I got an extra cancel notice thank you though. I figured if they were going to waive the interview it might go straight to card being produced, unless they have to cancel the interview first. This was the order of statuses for my wife: - Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview - Interview was Scheduled - Interview Cancelled and Notice Ordered (this was due to USCIS closing due to Covid-19) - Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview - Interview Cancelled Hopefully I get the letter in the mail soon and it's good news. Thanks.
  2. Thank you both that is a bit reassuring. Sarge2155, I find it odd that they would issue a green card before an interview? Why would they bother issuing it if an interview is going to be scheduled anyway? And what happens if for some reason things go wrong at the interview? Will they then revoke the green card? So you got interview cancelled. Then did you get green card being processed, and then receive the card in the mail? Then after, go Interview Scheduled? Thanks again.
  3. So my wife filed for AOS in April of last year (K-1 Visa applicant). Our interview was scheduled in March of this year, but a week before the date USCIS cancelled it (Interview Cancelled and Notice Ordered) due to Covid-19 and office closings. Shortly after that, status changed to Case is ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview, and it has been like that since. Today, the status just updated to Interview Cancelled (On July 29, 2020, we cancelled or descheduled the interview scheduled for your Form I-485. We will notify you by mail if the appointment is rescheduled, a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you). Could this mean there is an issue? Or are they waiving the interview? Or cancelling for some scheduling issue and will re-schedule again? Wondering if anyone has recently has this status. Thank you.
  4. So my wife’s AOS interview was cancelled (here on K-1) like many, and is now in a status of ready to be scheduled again. Since we don’t know when that will be, we filed for her EAD/AP renewal, since that is now less than 6 months from expiring. First we received a letter for the I-131 receipt. I was worried since last time we got both letters together. A few days later, we got a letter for both I-765 and I-131 saying they are being processed and will be re-using her biometric information. She also got a another letter for I-765 which just says that USCIS created an account for her and gives an activation code. However she already has an account, created a long time ago. Wondering if we should activate this other account? Is there any problem if she will have 2 accounts now? Although I’ve never seen anything different from her logged in account than just checking case status online. As a side note, I’m a bit miffed that my USPS informed delivery did not show these 2 letters coming in. I’ve gotten emails about all previous USCIS letters. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has gotten letters about USCIS creating an online account, even if they already have one. Thank you very much.
  5. I guess that makes sense but the message on the website, and what I was told when I called, seems that ALL USCIS offices are closed to the public. So that seems it doesn't matter if your office is not on the closed list, as you still can't go to any interview. But I'm not sure. Luckily (and disappointingly) my wife did receive emails and case status changes. Went from Interview Cancelled, and now to Interview is ready to be scheduled. So no doubt for me that we don't have to go, even though office is not listed as closed. Still waiting for letter in the mail. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone know why the USCIS website Office Closings page still only lists a few offices that are closed? At the top it says "Below, we list offices that are closed or have temporarily changed hours. This information can change quickly, so please check this page on the day of your appointment for any office closures or other important information." This is confusing making it sound like not all offices are closed, yet below it lists USCIS Offices Temporarily Closed to the Public (shouldn't it say ALL Uscis Offices)? However my wife's status did change to Interview Cancelled and she got an e-mail saying the same. Waiting for the letter in the mail. So I guess doesn't matter if the site is confusing, we have confirmation of being cancelled.
  7. Well my wife got a text saying the case status changed. I checked the status but it just says interview cancelled and they mailed out a notice. They say they will notify by mail if appointment is rescheduled, decision is made, of if they need something. She also got an e-mail saying they cancelled the interview and same thing as above. It also says during this step the formal decision (approved/denied) is written on the decision notice. I'm hoping the letter says more as this looks like a generic letter when you get denied. It mentions nothing about the virus or automatically rescheduling. Has anyone else gotten anything diferent? Thanks.
  8. I see that USCIS.gov now has a message saying USCIS Offices Temporarily Closed to the Public. It doesn't say all offices, but it sounds like all. Near the bottom it says to check your field office to make sure it's re-opened before reaching out to the contact center. Yet only a few offices are listed under the office closings, so it's a bit confusing. My field office is 26 Federal Plaza in New York City, and it doesn't say anything about being closed. Out AOS interview is next Wednesday so now I'm not sure if it's definitely being rescheduled. Anyone have information on this for sure? Thanks.
  9. My wife's EAD/AP combo card expires in September. She came on a K-1 Visa. This month will be 6 months before expiration. I know you can renew 6 months ahead of time, and it is suggested to do so because of how long renewal takes. Her AOS interview is at the end of this month, 2 weeks after that 6 month date. I'm wondering if I should still just submit the EAD/AP renewal, since it's free to do so, and you never know what could happen (interview can be postponed, additional information requested, delay in getting green card, etc.) I assume there is no harm in sending in the renewal, and once the green card is approved these application are automatically cancelled? And I assume if she gets the biometrics appointment before the green card is approved, then she should attend. But if the appointment is after green card approval, then no need to attend, and we just send a letter explaining this? What are your thoughts? Thank you.
  10. Every embassy is different. Some require a wet signature on the affidavit of support and some do not. Most likely everything else is fine as copies (accept your original ID's, passport, etc. which they will want to see). You said he e-mailed you everything. I would suggest going to a print shop and printing everything out today for the interview. Worst case, they request you send them the original signed affidavit and hold the visa until they receive it. Good luck.
  11. I guess we were lucky as we got the SS card with the married name. My fiancee enterred the country on April 2. We got married on April 8 and received the marriage certificate the same day. We went to social security office on April 9 and applied with her married name. She received the SS card (with married name) on April 27 (18 days after applying).
  12. @missileman, understood and meant no disrespect. Thank you. @geowrian, Thank you.
  13. @missileman, I know that authorized stay is not legal status. I was not implying that. But since the i-797c allows for "authorized stay" while waiting for legal status, I was asking where it officially states that. Where is it, in writing, that you are allowed to legally stay in the country while waiting for adjustment of status. It appears that Matrix13 has provided that location. Also @missileman, I understand that the 797 receipt number verifies that a person is awaiting an adjustment of status. But that, in and of itself, still does not specifically state that they have authorized stay while waiting. I prefer to have something official, in writing (for the uneducated) that proves/states this, and the Department of State Manual excerpt seems to be what does. Thank you to both of you.
  14. I hope this isn't considered hijacking the thread since I believe it applies, but does anyone have the location where it officially shows that the i-797c (for the i-485) allows authorized stay? I have searched for a while but could not find anything official. Just websites or posts confirming that this is the case. Thank you.
  15. So you mean you put $0 for her income and she had no trouble getting a credit card with available credit? Thanks.
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