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Old Passport Required for K1 Interview?
8:33 pm November 5, 2021



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My partner's interview is this coming Tuesday. She has everything she needs for her interview, however one requirement listed by the embassy was "Previous passports and/or documentation of prior international travel." She has had her current passport for approximately 8 years and carefully disposed of/destroyed her previous passport years ago. She has never traveled to the US or received a visa. We listed her travel history on her DS160 and have a signed form stating that she has only traveled to Mexico and Guatemala in the past. Does anyone have any other suggestions or insight into whether this may pose a problem? Embassy is Belmopan, Belize.

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Checking DV status
5:02 pm May 8, 2021



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Quick question has anyone been selected for DV after May. Do you periodicly check the website. My sister applied and have been selected bu its the first day to check so i'm wondering.

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Submission of additional documents to NVC
6:07 pm April 23, 2021



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I submitted additional documents requested to NVC. How long to it takes for them to review the documents now?

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Do I Need More Evidence?
11:37 pm March 14, 2021



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Hello All,

I'm new to the forum. I am a USC and I met my husband in medical school in Cuba (2015) . We decided to get married in our last year of school (November 2020) . It was difficult to include evidence such as titles, and joint bank accounts because we were studying in a foreign country. With that being said for the evidence , I submitted the marriage certificate , a translated copy, wedding photos, dated photos that we took together and with friends from 2016-2020. I also submitted a few text messages and 2 affidavits from my mom and my best friend. Since graduation he has went back to his country to finish his internship year and so I have sent him medical supplies or just little items for Christmas and Valentines day. So I included those receipts from the shipping company. Is there anything else that I need to make this case stronger? for example do I need to include a timeline of when and how we met , the places we have been , and other things like that. Thank you

Background: I submitted a I-130 petition for my husband in October 15, 2020 and it first went to Nebraska and then was transferred to Potomac.

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questions about the Affidavit of Support
6:49 pm March 2, 2021

Erin & Ricky

Erin & Ricky

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Good Morning,

I have a couple questions about the Affidavit of Support.

1. My parents live in my house with me. Do I need to mention them anywhere on the affidavit of support? They will not be co-sponsors nor are they "dependents". The only dependents will be my children and my Fianc .

2. For my children, I have joint custody with their father. Would I check the box that says they are "wholly dependent" on me or the one that says they are "partially dependent" on me?

3. If I make sufficient income, do I still list the rest of the information, such as stocks/bonds, life insurance, etc.

Thank you!

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