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US Immigration from Belize

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Requirements for CR1 Visa
6:53 pm


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Hi friends. My husband and I have been working on getting all the documents necessary to apply for his CR1 visa. He is originally from Honduras, but a citizen of Belize. Our question is this, we have his original birth certificate from Honduras however I see later on it asks for proof of citizenship, will his Belize passport be suffice or will he need more documentation considering the fact that his citizenship is not the same as his birth country? Looking forward to your thoughts!

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Green Card for Sibling with Special Needs
9:51 am


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Hello. I am a recently naturalized Citizen. My brother and I are born to the same parents, in wedlock. He is over the age of 21. He has down syndrome, and requires special needs. My parents are his caregivers, but they are getting older and can not keep caring for him indefinitely. Therefore, i want to apply for his F-4 VISA so he can come to the USA to live so I can care for him. He does not understand immigration or even the concept, so he would not be able to fill in any paperwork or answer any questions in an interview. The only thing he is mentally capable of is really writing his name. It would be challenging to even get him to do biometrics. I would have to fill in all the forms for him etc..Is it possible to get his F4 processed this way? Is getting his green card even a possibility?

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Unsure Where to Begin/What to Do
4:05 pm


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My husband currently has a B1/B2. We are now living in the US again. Every time I call USCIS, they give me different forms I need to fill out. I will list those below. Anyway, he has had to travel back and forth to Belize, where he is from, to finish up business.


I was also told to file I-129F (although we're married and he's not my fianc .

I was told by a friend that once he is back we can go to a nearby Social Security Department and file for him a SSN. Is this possible without first obtaining some sort of work permit, or other document from the USCIS? We've been married 9 years, I'm a US born citizen and we have 2 US born children together. She said to bring birth certificates and our marriage certificate (married in Belize).

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Advice for beginning petition for CR-1 Spousal Visa
5:31 pm


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Hi friends, my husband and I are getting ready to begin the necessary steps in filing for a CR-1 Visa on his behalf. I am wondering a few things. First, is it absolutely necessary to hire an immigration lawyer? We are expecting in the next 6 weeks and would like to save as much as we can, I am very organized so is it absolutely necessary to hire one?

Also just wondering if anyone knows where I can go about getting his documents translated from Spanish to English?

Lastly, any advice in general would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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Necessity of hiring a lawyer? (merged)
1:43 am


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Hi friends. Long story short, my husband and I have been married for a few months now, have been together almost 2 years, and am expecting a baby girl in September. I moved to Belize 2 years ago which I just moved back to the states a month ago for better financial opportunity. Our primary goal is to get him here, obviously before the baby is born is not an option but we would like to start the Visa process as soon as we can. The thing is, on his original birth certificate his grandparents are listed as his parents, he was raised by them. Everything else is correct, including his name, birth place, etc.

I am just wondering if it could do us any harm to go ahead and start the application process. We are trying to save for a lawyer to help us change the names on his birth certificate but if we could surpass that time and financial stress, it'd be good to know.

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