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  1. My Belizean spouse was a student until 2020 in Mexico. He then Left to study in Spain. He was able to get the police report for his new school in Spain from Mexico in February 2020. Fast forward, submitted his 2020 Mexico police report to the NVC in February 2022 (plus Spain, Plus Belize, Plus United States police reports.) They rejected the Mexico police report for being "expired". After a really expensive trip to Mexico on a tourist visa this week and travelling to several Mexican government offices, he found out that Mexico no longer issues police reports to people without a citizen or resident number (they stopped issuing this kind 2 years ago.) They also said it was nearly impossible for him to get this resident number without a job offer or school backing him. They definitely cannot give it to someone on a tourist visa. He had the old report with him to show he had gotten it in the past and the NVC request to get a new one, but the Mexico government rejected his request (they did keep his money for the appointment.) What do you do when you are stuck at NVC because it's legally impossible to get an updated report that they require? Shouldn't the state department know what documents you can and cannot get? Shouldnt they already know he isnt a citizen or resident of a 3rd country when they have him assigned to Belize and have the record of addresses and moving?
  2. My congresswoman wrote a letter today, let's see if that does anything.
  3. Still the same, at Potomac, Actively reviewing since February 4, 7 months now. Been married 7 years, 10 years of photos, a joint business, mortgage, 7 tax returns, power of attorney, 3000 call log etc. Dont understand. Others got married this year, applied later and sail right through. Only thing I can think is it's a same sex marriage so someone delaying as long as they can or maybe wont approve that.
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