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    A Classic Belizean Romeo and Juliette...I was working as a teacher and environmental project coordinator in San Ignacio, Belize where I met my husband Steven. We crossed paths once and then again a couple months later and began dating. That very night I found out he was the one who was spraying my house with an insecticide for mosquito control (that was making me sick) and me, being an environmentalist had been hunting down the spray truck to monkey-wrench it. I yelled at him for spraying my house and that was our first long introduction to one another. We stayed up all night eating mangoes, drinking "bitters", and listening to sweet reggae music. Instant LOVE. We moved in to a little cabana shortly thereafter and all of my family eventually visited over the coarse of 2005 to meet him and his family. We are both avid organic agriculturists and have a farm on the river in Camalote village. After making some $$$ in the US for a couple years, we plan to have a humble eco-center in Belize where we can raise our family in an eco-conscious environment and continue pursuing organic farming. We were married in Belize December 21st, 2005 by Pastor G in Esperanza Village, Belize. Like the other couples here, we are feeling the pain of being separated while we go through all this visa shit and are trying to make as many trips back-and-forth to belize, call, e-mail, as possible.

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