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  1. Sorry no one told you but that is standard information. Medical and police certicate is valid for only 6 months. Anytime after that will require a new one.
  2. OK now I understand I thought OP was citizen when daughter was born. Yes YOu are correct child will have citizenship when she enters US.
  3. I don't think OP can file an I130 for his daughter as a US citizen. Since daughter is under the age of 18 she is also a citizen based on his status. He will have to apply for passport in the home country for his daughter. Thats my understanding of it. You can't file a peition for a biological child unless you can't prove US citizenship or that you were living in the US. Anyone can chime in.
  4. Hi everyone, Mom had interview this morning. Only two questons 1. Are you excited? 2. Is your daughter a citizen? Weird question since I need to be to file for her. Anyways status still says READY is that normal. Tks Good Luck to those with interviews coming.
  5. Quick question has anyone been selected for DV after May. Do you periodicly check the website. My sister applied and have been selected bu its the first day to check so i'm wondering.
  6. Are you adjusing or removing condition? Two different things, means two differnt forms
  7. Recieved an interview for my mom this morning. Interview date is May 11. DQ March 19. All documents were in from last year June then in Spetember we got an RFE. October that was sent but NVC forgot to review after 5 months. I had to call them to review the document. I'm SO excited though. Can I get some help for those who have already had interview. What did your mom take to the interview? What did they ask for? Any help will be appreciated. Filed: January 2020 DQ: March 19 2021 after months of NVC messing up Interview Date: May 11, 2021
  8. Congratulations!!! NVC messed up our papers and had us in a limbo since October of last year. So I just got DQ last month. Hoping for an interview soon. So happy for you.
  9. Please give more information so you can get some answers. IM CONFUSED
  10. UPDATE: I finally spoke with someone from NVC so my case was just sitting there for 1 document to be reviewed that I sent in from last year October. The lady on the line says that she will bring it to their attention because tht should have been reviewed months ago. SO fingers cross that my mom's case keeps moving to the embassy and they can schedule an interview. I had to call many times and waited for 1 hr.
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