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  1. We just sent an email to NVC and asked. It was approved shortly after
  2. Hi. My husband had his interview in November and was approved. We were just expedited at NVC though. Few interviews are happening without an expedite now. There are also huge expedite lines in some places so that may be why you haven’t heard anything.
  3. Had no Issues whatsoever. My husband had his interview and arrived on Dec 3.
  4. Thank you for your responses. We are not too concerned at this point because we haven’t hit the 90 day mark yet. we were just having a conversation about when it might come and my husband mentioned the 6 month estimate from the guy at the airport. my husband already has his ID and ss card so he really has everything he needs at this point. We were just curious as to whether covid was slowing things down. thanks for your help!
  5. My husband arrived on Dec 3 and we were wondering how long it is currently taking to receive the green card in the mail. He received his social security card within 2 weeks but he is still waiting on the green card. The guy at immigration when he entered told him it could take up to 6 months but I’ve also heard 90 days. I’m curious to know if anyone who recently received theirs could share what the current timeframe is. my husband arrived on a CR1 visa.
  6. I’m curious what type of emergency visa they granted you. I tried to get my husband on the repatriation flight from Belize and they would only offer non-immigrant visas such as the tourist visa or diplomatic visas. Was the emergency visa you are referring to a tourist visa or were you given another option? We elected not to go that route since my husband wouldn’t be able to work for an indefinite period of time so I just stayed here with him in Belize and requested an expedited interview when they open back up. By the way, I don’t really consider the situation in Belize dire as we only had 18 cases. It is actually much safer here than in the US right now. I live with my husband near the western border and while there has been some issues with border intrusion, the situation here is not really out of the ordinary for Belize.
  7. There are things that make some cases more complicated than others. In one of my other groups, a person mentioned that the Tier 2 told them that it sometimes has to do with background checks on the petitioner. Someone with a previous divorce, a criminal record, or someone who has lived in many different states/countries may need more time and be less straightforward than other cases. It is possible that the country of the beneficiary may have something to do with it too, especially in countries with high fraud rates. We had a pretty early approval (April 7) and I’ve lived in 4 states, but only two within the last 5 years. good luck to everyone!
  8. So we applied for i130 at the beginning of Sept and K3 mid-Sept. Our i130 was approved in April and the K3 petition hadn’t even been touched. We just received a notification that our K3 won’t be processed because the i130 was approved last week. It will be much quicker to continue with spouse visa. Plus, I believe many of the documents for CR1/ir1 are still required for K3.
  9. I never had any luck emailing them. It can take days for them to respond. Best to call and speak with a live person if you have the time. I had an issue when I changed my mailing address and they kept sending things to my physical address. You probably have to speak with a Tier 2 rep. There is an address change form that you can fill out online. Not sure if that will help since this is there fault.
  10. Hi. We were approved today. It took almost two weeks to receive a response. Now have to wait for interview date. Embassy is Belmopan, Belize.
  11. I think I read something that they were considering expediting cases for medical professionals but I don’t know if that is still happening. Worth a shot.
  12. FYI I don’t think the K3 app is attached to the i130 any longer. My K3 is still pending and is a paper app in Texas while my i130 was approved in California. The K3 was never denied like in the past. They also weirdly asked for evidence that I submitted the I130 even though I included it in the packet. I would definitely send an inquiry about your Texas case.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. I was thinking they couldn’t really want my joint sponsor’s passport to be mailed for the interview. But then again, the IRS wants that for an ITIN so you never know.
  14. We are just submitting our forms through the NVC portal and notice that my husband will have to bring the original documents to his interview. We have a joint sponsor in the US who has filled out the I864 and provided proof of citizenship to me via scan that I plan to upload. Will my husband have to bring our joint sponsors original i864 and proof of citizenship to his interview? I am with him in his home country so I can provide these for my i864 but it may be tough getting the original documents from our joint sponsor. Do these count as original documents for the interview?
  15. In my opinion, I’d say don’t bother to submit one right now. It was useful to get a quicker approval when the petitions were being sent to a specific service center. Some locations, such as Nebraska, took over a year on average. People were seeing their i129f denied and then the i130 was approved within a few days of the denial since they were processed together. Since 2/23, and possibly before, the petitions seem to be sitting in an online pool and are dispersed to a service center when it is their turn in line. I was originally sent to Texas but was transferred to California to be approved after about 7 months. I also filed the i129f and it stayed at Texas. My i130 was approved on April 7 and my i129f is still pending. They no longer appear to be processed together.
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