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Proof of Bona Fide Marriage Document
9:35 pm May 3, 2022



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My spouse and I are in the process of putting together our proof of BF marriage document and we are planning to include chat messages, call logs and screenshots of video calls. We are planning on having 6 sections in the document:

Section 1. Screenshots of video calls, chat messages, and call logs before our first meeting

Section 2. Photographs of our first in person meeting with the passport stamps

Section 3. Screenshots of video calls, chat messages, and call logs after our first meeting

Section 4. Photographs and passport stamps from our second meeting

Section 5. Screenshots of video calls, chat messages, and call logs after our second meeting.

After that, we will each include a paragraph explaining how we met and how our relationship developed.

We also are going to include a affidavit from a long time friend confirming the legitimacy of our relationship and a bank statement and insurance statement showing we have co-mingled our finances. I wanted to ask and get information about how much should we include in Section 1 because we didn't meet for over one and a half years because of Covid. How many screenshots of messages should we include over the one and a half year period before our first meeting? How many should we include after our first and second meetings?

We were also thinking of including around 12 pictures for both of our in person meetings, including our wedding pictures. Does this sound like enough evidence/photos?

If anyone should have any feedback or advice on how we should structure the proof of BF marriage document, it would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Denied for failure to respond even though I responded
6:51 am January 25, 2022


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I'm honestly about to cry.

I just got a denial for not responding to my RFE. Except that I did respond. I have the tracking number from USPS and it showed delivered in October. Counting the extra 60 days from the covid extension, I had until November to respond. I also made an inquiry with uscis because my case hadn't updated to "response received". I made that request as soon as I could and haven't heard anything back. But now I got denied. What can I do? I can't afford a lawyer. Do I need to quit my job until this is resolved?

Another problem is that the letter says that a motion to reopen must be filed within 33 days of this letter. However, I just got this letter today, but the date on it says September 27. Am I screwed? Should I just pack my bags and tell my husband we have to relocate to Europe?

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Bring Original I-864 to Interview?
10:46 am October 23, 2021


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My wife and I both live in Austria and our joint sponsor lives in the US. Do we have to bring both original I-864 forms to the visa interview? Does our joint sponsor have to mail us their filled out and signed I-864, so we can bring it to the interview?

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Permanent Resident - Vaccine Travel Requirement
1:27 pm September 26, 2021


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Hello, my wife just received her Permanent Residence card after the K1 AOS process. If she goes home to visit Austria and returns to the US, will she not be required to be vaccinated since she s a US resident now, or is she considered a foreign National?

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After Biometrics (AOS)
12:14 pm July 21, 2021


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My wife submitted her AOS and EAD in December 2020 after we married with her K1 Visa. Her biometrics appointment was yesterday, and we were wondering what happens next?

Will her EAD now be processed and a SS number be issued since we already filed that with the AOS and her biometrics are now complete? And then I assume we wait for an interview so she can get her green card?

Thanks for the help!

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