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HELP! Traveled outside country+received new Green Card back home
7:58 am today


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Hi everyone, I received my new Green Card while visiting my family abroad.

What should I do now- will I get denied boarding tomorrow?

The woman from the airline told me to type in the information of the old document that I have with me and not the new information about my newly arrived Green Card back home.

I m just so confused and don't want trouble at the airport.

I will print copies of my new Green Card and take it with me. Let's see...

Does anyone of you have experience with this? Did you get sent your Green Card when you were abroad? What happened to you?

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K1 Visa and Vaccinations
3:24 pm December 12, 2018


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Hi everyone,

My fianc recently pulled his vaccination records from his childhood doctor to consult with his current doctor on what s needed. We are proactively doing this to avoid extra fees at the medical appointment for the interview.

His current doctor compared them (his list from childhood & the requirements on the embassy site) and it appears he needs to get 7 vaccinations!? I can t imagine the medical before the interview would give that many at once.

That seems a bit excessive but I m hoping others can help shed light and the best way to do this. Thanks!

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Should I make an inquiry for AP/EAD
8:25 am November 30, 2018


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I filed for AOS and AP/EAD about 6 months ago. In a few days the receipt date for case inquiry will be past my receipt date and I could send an inquiry for AP/EAD outside of normal processing times. However, I have my AOS interview in a few weeks, and I don't want to unnecessarily complicate my case. I realize that the interview is no guarantee that I will get approved for my greencard any time soon, but I also don't want the inquiry to somehow affect the AOS process or prolong it. Any advice?

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Chances of citizenship?
8:15 am September 8, 2018


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Hi all,

I am currently an LPR - I acquired GC with an I-601 waiver for a CIMT that had occured about 15 years ago in the US.

Even though I-601 cleared the way for getting the GC but based on what I've read of other such cases, getting US citizenship would be an almost impossible task due to that CIMT.

Would it be better to than just continue living as LPR and getting GC renewed every 10 years or if people know of such successful cases where an LPR got their citizenship in similar situation?

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Case taking too looong
9:02 pm August 5, 2018


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Hello Everyone,

I filed jointly back on October 2016 at CSC and after 5 months from filing we got a divorce and it was finalized on Mars 2017. I hired a lawyer on June 2017 and my lawyer sent a letter to USCIS along with other evidences explaining to them what happened and asking them to amend my case to a divorce waiver.

I have never heard from Immigration ever since.

Is this normal?


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