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Chances of citizenship?
8:15 am


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Hi all,

I am currently an LPR - I acquired GC with an I-601 waiver for a CIMT that had occured about 15 years ago in the US.

Even though I-601 cleared the way for getting the GC but based on what I've read of other such cases, getting US citizenship would be an almost impossible task due to that CIMT.

Would it be better to than just continue living as LPR and getting GC renewed every 10 years or if people know of such successful cases where an LPR got their citizenship in similar situation?

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Case taking too looong
9:02 pm


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Hello Everyone,

I filed jointly back on October 2016 at CSC and after 5 months from filing we got a divorce and it was finalized on Mars 2017. I hired a lawyer on June 2017 and my lawyer sent a letter to USCIS along with other evidences explaining to them what happened and asking them to amend my case to a divorce waiver.

I have never heard from Immigration ever since.

Is this normal?


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No luck with InFopass Appointment :-(
10:12 pm


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Good evening everyone,

I have been trying to make an InfoPass appointment for the past 2 weeks and up till now, I haven't had any luck. We live in Maryland and there is only one USCIS Field office -- in Baltimore but making an appointment in this field office is like searching a needle in a hay stack. I also tried DC, Virginia and even Philadelphia but to no avail.

Now, I tried Newark, New Jersey which is 3 1/2 hours away from our county and fortunately, I got an appointment -- this morning.

Has anyone had the same experience? If so, were you able to obtain a stamp? Please share your experience(s). I appreciate it.

Thank you so much.


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strange uscis homepage?
12:59 am


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I wanted to check my visa status today, but when I go to uscis.gov, I get a strange page from 2013. When I go to another part of uscis.gov like my case status it's completely normal. What the heck?

Screenshot (3).png

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Where to send medical?
5:57 am


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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I already have a question. I submitted all forms for adjustment of status except my medical about a month ago. Now I finally have a doctor's appointment next week, but I don't know where to send the completed form. Uscis says to send it to the place they last mentioned in their correspondence, but I haven't gotten my NOA yet. So should I send it to the Chicago Lockbox where i sent my previous paperwork? My case is being processed at the National Benefit Center, and the field office is in Oklahoma City, if that's important.

Thank you in advance.

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