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Traveling with 48-months extension letter, pending i-751 with a divorce waiver
11:55 pm July 6, 2024


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Hi y'all! :)

So, I know there are quite a few threads about this topic, nevertheless, I got worried and thought I would start my own to get a bit more input on this particular situation. I filed my i-751 with a divorce waiver back in April of 2023 which is still pending but I have received a 48-months extension letter back then. I have not visited my parents back home since I moved to Texas which has now being almost 5 years. The main reason why I never went back visiting was all these horror stories during COVID but also all the stories of coming back home to America, but after 5 years, I really just wanted to do something good for my parents and go see their faces for a week. So, I booked a flight via Lufthansa going from DFW, TX to Sofia, Bulgaria for just a week in September which is right before my mom's birthday - thought it would be a nice little gift to her.

Something I am worried about is, I filed on a divorce waiver and wonder if that might be an issue. The other thing is, I am originally from Austria (born and raised with Austrian citizenship), but my parents decided to move back to Bulgaria due to my grandparents. Would that cause an issues now that I am not going back to Austria but Bulgaria?

Also, from my understanding, all I need is my valid Austria passport which is good until October 2025 and the 48-months extension letter. Is that still correct? I also chose to fly with Lufthansa since I have always had a great experience with them for years even during my immigration process so I hope that remains the same.

Any advice would be so appreciated! I am a bit nervous but I feel like I have all my ducks in a row. Also, I am planning to file for N-400 sometime soon by the 5 year rule.

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Intended Departure Date on Reentry Permit
5:17 pm May 28, 2024


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Hi all,

I am looking to spend some time (just under 2 years) outside the US while being on a (still) conditional green card.
My question regarding the reentry permit is the field where it asks for an intended departure date.
This is tricky as we are both employed and would like to stay employed until the reentry permit is approved, but a longer stay overseas does require some prior planning here and there.
With current USCIS processing times shown at 16 months, we are planning our trip to be in the fall of 2025.
Should we state a time that far out, or is it better to write TBD (which some people apparently had success with in the past)?
I don't want another form to be stored in some archive without being actually processed. I'm sure they'll cash the check though, haha.

Does anyone of you have experience with this?

For anyone interested why I haven't applied for naturalization yet:
My case for removal of conditions has been shelved somewhere (filed Nov 2019) and I can't get it unstuck without filing for naturalization or a writ of mandamus.
Naturalization is not an option at this time, due to Austrian law and me not wanting to give up Austrian citizenship as my entire side of the family is and will be there for the rest of time. During special events (Covid, etc.) it is easier to visit family if you are a citizen.
Writ of mandamus seems to be costly and I will use this as my last resort, as I have trouble paying for a lawyer for something that USCIS agreed to do anyway when they cashed my check for the I-751. So at some point they will have to/should make a decision on my case.


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E-3 visa USCIS background check [merged threads]
11:48 pm April 2, 2024



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Hey guys,

Do you think the USCIS can see drug diversions? I have one from 10 years ago.
I have federal police check that came up clean. Am applying for an E-3 visa and have an interview at the US consulate in 4 weeks.
Answered no to and drug crimes on DS-160.


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Looking for "LPR cannot be denied entry" link
8:46 am November 18, 2023


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Just to catch everyone up: I'm in the middle of ROC (first one denied due to uscis error, second one sitting in some uscis office gathering dust), and I'm planning on traveling to Europe to visit my family in December. I have a I551 stamp in my passport that expires two weeks after my return.

I'm a chronic worrier and therefore would very much like to have a printout of wherever it states that LPRs must be allowed entry (albeit with an NTA if the officer so chooses) in case I get an uneducated CBP officer. Does anyone have a link?

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To get things potentially rolling now or to wait?
8:10 am August 29, 2023


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Quick summary of my ROC journey. My first I751 submitted in 2020 got wrongfully denied due to supposedly not responding to RFE even though I later found out my response to RFE is in my A-file. Second I751 got submitted in January 2022 and is still stuck on "Case was received". I already contacted a congress representative last year. My next step is calling USCIS, get told there's nothing they can do, and then submit an Ombudsman request.

The only problem is that I'm planning to visit my family in December. I haven't been to my home country since 2017 due a combination of waiting for AOS to be adjusted, then covid, then not being able to take time off work. I'm worried that contacting the Ombudsman now could increase the chances of my interview falling exactly during the 1-2 weeks I want to go abroad. On one hand I want to finally get my 10 year greencard, but on the other hand keeping my case sitting untouched on someone's desk for another 6 months isn't going to hurt me. The only thing that could be a hassle is that I would need to renew my ADIT stamp at the end of January. So what should I do? Should I get things rolling now or let the proverbial sleeping dogs lie?

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