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Single Police Clearance for European Union Countries?
5:27 pm April 23, 2023



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Hi everyone,

I have lived in 4 different countries, 3 of which are part of the European Union and I am a bit confused about the Police Clearances.

The Spanish Ministry of Justice states that as a resident of another member country of the European Union, I need to ask for the police clearance in my country of nationality (Italy) because of an exchange of information between Member Sates. Does this mean I only need to get one European police clearance, valid for these 3 EU countries?

I am guessing there are many people that have had this experience and would really appreciate some clarification on this.


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Naturalization (N-400) Questions
3:03 pm April 14, 2023


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Hi everyone! I just filed my ROC paperwork with a divorce waiver, which is fairly fresh and pending. To get ahead of things, I have a few questions which ya'll might be able to answer as I am still debating on becoming a US citizen. So, I was wondering if anyone here decided to choose the route of not applying for N-400 and just live in the US with their 10-year GC? Is this even an option? Would this be an issue? I am curious to hear more about it as I couldn't find a thread around this particular subject.

Side note: The main reason why I am still debating is, Austria doesn't allow dual-citizenship. So, to avoid of losing it or going through a separate process on that end, I'd appreciate more input on that, before making a final decision. Also, if I file for N-400, I'd file under the 5 year rule as I am now divorced and it wouldn't be based on my marriage.

Thanks a lot!

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Just need to vent about USCIS's ineptitude
7:15 am February 22, 2023


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So as I have said in previous posts my first ROC got denied because I supposedly never answered their RFE, even though I did. The denial letter even says, "since you have not responded..." I recently filed a FOIA to make sure they didn't issue an NTA and lo and behold, what do I find in my A-file? My entire RFE package scanned in page by page. I honestly thought that they maybe somehow lost it between the lockbox and the USCIS desk, but no, they actually had it and scanned it in and then denied me for not sending it. It is in my A-file followed by the denial letter for "not responding"! How?

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I-824 follow to join
11:21 am February 10, 2023

Said ubaid

Said ubaid

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I-824 Application for action on an approved application or petition.
Approved but it s not mentioned name of consulate. What is the next ?

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2022 Taxes and New Job (Embassy Stage)
3:26 am February 10, 2023



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Hello everyone,

My husband has his interview scheduled at the embassy in mid March. I understand taxes for 2022 are not required until April 18th, but I wanted to double check on if we should submit those to CEAC because I have started a new job in January of 2023.

Would I need to upload information about my new job such as paycheck stubs and my offer letter? If I do so, would I need to submit my W2 for 2022 and an updated i-864? Or would this be unnecessary because his interview is before the new tax year officially begins? Is it crucial either way to upload information about my new job?

Basically, since I have a new job after submitting our documents to the NVC, should we include proof of that to bring to the embassy? Should we contact our embassy and ask them directly?

I know we are overthinking, but we are so close to the end of this process and don't want to make a mistake! I really appreciate any feedback. Thank you all so much and best wishes!

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