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US Immigration from Austria

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Affidavit of Support Question
10:36 am March 4, 2020


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I'm the petitioner for my spouse that lives outside the U.S. and I am not supporting her financially, my aunt the sponsor is. For NVC, do I also need to fill out an affidavit of support as well as my aunt?

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Us Citizen living abroad, mother is in the process of Cr1 Visa
6:15 pm February 9, 2020


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Hello, so me and my husband had a baby (which was born in Austria) during our visa process. Our son is now living with me in Austria and my husband is in the US. We already issued his report of birth abroad which proofs his american citizenship due to his american father and we also got his american passport.
My case was already approved by USCIS and is on it s way to NVC.

My question is weather my son can travel with his passport with me once I get approved or does he need something in addition to that?

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When do you do the medical exam?
12:19 am February 8, 2020


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Hi Everyone - happy Friday -

Just wondering when you do the medical exam for the K1 timeline? Can we do it now, or do we need to wait until a case number is assigned? I already know the preferred Embassy medical doctor's name and location. Can we do make an appointment now?

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Can K1 still be approved without parental consent?
9:31 pm February 4, 2020


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Hello - my VJ community -

Just wondering if K1 visa can still be approved if neither party's parents consent to the engagement. Just curious if there's any effect on the issuance visa, provided that this is the only point of contention. Think of it as an elope.

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Does VisaJourney offer an app?
12:41 am February 4, 2020


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Just curious if there's an app (appstore or android) for VisaJourney. I found myself reading the blog here daily while still nervously waiting for NOA1.

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