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  1. It was so awful… She gave us a letter saying that they will contact us if they need anything else and we have to wait up to 120 days for a decision. I just don’t understand…we have such a straightforward case, still married, sharing financials, are on each other’s insurances etc she couldn’t have cared less.
  2. I had my interview yesterday in St. Louis and it was absolutely horrible. Lasted approximately 8 minutes,I had a gazillion of documents that she asked for but did not look at. She asked us 0 questions about our marriage or relationship,referred to my husband’s daughter as “IT” and was very hung up on why I left the country when my J1 visa was expired in 2015/2016. I am utterly confused and sad and guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens next. 😢
  3. Soooo my status changed to “interview was scheduled” on December 8 On December 20th I received a letter from USCIS with a new, 24 month extension notice but nothing about an interview. The weird thing is…the date on that extension is 12/14…so 5 days after an apparent interview was scheduled. I tried calling USCIS but was unable to get through…assuming it’s because of the holidays… This is really frustrating…did they really schedule an interview or did they just accidentally update it when they sent out that extension?! Who knows. Any thoughts/ ideas are appreciated
  4. Apparently my interview was scheduled the beginning of december, however I have not received my letter in the mail yet. Any suggestions on how long to wait? I know it’s before the holidays but I don’t want to miss anything because of not receiving the letter
  5. when did your status change to „case is ready to be scheduled for interview“ if I may ask?!
  6. Yay, congarts! Mine is very similar, Sent October 13 2020, they received it October 15. NOA November 1 Biometrics july 16 2021 Today I checked and it says that as of 8/25/21 my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview!!! hopefully not much longer
  7. Question…how long after Biometrics appointment did the case status change? It’s been 3 weeks and nothing…of course lol
  8. hi everyone! Entered back in 2018 on a CR1 visa and filed my I751 with receipt notice 10/15/2020..edit: it went directly to MSC Had my biometrics appointment on 7/16/2021 case status has not changed on the website yet and while I was a bit surprised that the biometrics appointment was „this fast“ I am mad at the same time that this all still takes sooo long 🙄😂
  9. Today has been a good day. I got my letter for my biometrics appointment AND a new vacuum cleaner. Now Austria only has to beat Italy in the Euro cup and the day would be pretty much perfect haha
  10. UGH. I know I should be used to this waiting thing and I expected it too but I am just too impatient for this #######. And the worst thing…everything went to MSC and it will just take foreeeeeevvvvveeeerrr. Haven‘t even received anything for Biometrics yet and I just know it will still be a while. It‘s alright tho, not too much is changing for me but stilly. aaanyway. Sorry. Rant over. haha
  11. We just survived an almost 24 hour long power outage on the hottest day of this year yet in St.Louis. I am exhausted. But more so devastated about all the food we had to throw out! What a waste! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend
  12. We made it home. And the „breezy“ drive home today was NOT it. The husband had major vertigo and motion sickness and was puking for what felt like our entire way home. I need a vacation from all this. Let‘s see if work will be okay and the kiddos nice to me.
  13. Oh I wish I would have known that before. I’m sure you could have given me an honest insider tip on why key west beaches suck and/or where to find a really pretty place of sand and water (if any) but I guess it’s too late haha We had a great time there tho and we’ll go again! Lucky you having a house around there, enjoy it!! ☺️
  14. On our way back home. KeyWest-St.Louis 20.5 hour drive. We anticipated to maybe making it to Atlanta and surpassed all our expectations. I should win an award for best long distance driver or something Tomorrow’s gonna be a quick ride and I can’t wait to see the kittens again. I’m sure they will be insanely mad at us, as it’s the first time leaving them (my friends took care of them) BUT STILL 😂 I learned: Roadtrips are fun. but I ain’t going from St.Louis to Key West with the car again!
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