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  1. I made inquiries with USCIS and appointments at their field office
  2. it definitely varies. I believe I waited somewhere around 170 or 180 days for the greencard to arrive. Went to the USCIS field office many times and had plenty of inquiries for lost paperwork. my friend got hers in a matter of 15 days after arrival.
  3. last day of this workweek and we are having mud day with 8 infants in our class. it‘s going to be insane. send help pls
  4. Sending both of you much energy and strength! as well as a virtual hug!!!!!
  5. yo people, the former queen is back! Needed a couple months to adjust, get me my fricking greencard and some time for myself in general haha! What have I missed? I‘m still working in my awesome job that even pays for my Bachelor‘s degree, we moved in our own apartment, the husband is still studying and I can‘t wait till he‘s done so he can contribute to our household income haha oh and yay, I take credit for the st.louis blues winning the stanley cup! good to be back, I almost wanna say I’ve missed you
  6. So I went to my Infopass appointment on thursday and brought all the documents and paperwork I had they scanned a couple of things and said that within 90 days I should get my greencard Yesterday I checked my uscis case status and it already changed to „card is being produced“ fingers crossed that I will get the card fast and everything will be correct on it!
  7. We‘re at 184 day since payment and 153 days since POE. We filled out the online form of „Permanent resident card not received in mail“ I called multiple times but they always tell me to wait out the 90 days ( even though I already know that nothing will happen in those 90 days) so I made another infopass appointment for May 2nd and I just hope it will be figured out soon!
  8. I‘m in the same boat I suspected something like that after about 90 days of waiting which is why I tried to submit everything asap Right now I have to wait 90 more days because of further required research and once the 90 are over in july I‘ve been in the country for about 8 months the first infopass I went to told me to come back but ever since then,I can‘t schedule an appointment and my IOE number doesn‘t work either. It‘s soooo frustrating
  9. As we‘re doing taxes, my father in law and I are having an argument! Little back story, My US-Citizen husband and I lived in my homecountry from November 2016-November 2018 We both worked there and are now about to do our taxes jointly! My question now is: Do I have to include my(Non-US Citizen)foreign earned income? Money that I earned BEFORE immigrating to the US in November 2018? Thanks in Advance
  10. Hi there! While my case is not as bad as some of you other people‘s cases, I‘m unfortunately nearing the 120 days since POE My father in law said I should make an infopass appointment because my IOE number was not working and even after several times calling we couldn‘t get thru to a human. At the infopass they told me „everything looks fine“ and that I should wait 30 more days in which my greencard should arrive. If it doesn‘t , I should just make another infopass app. and come back! I‘m getting really frustrated here and already see myself going back there just to get another generic answer 😩
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