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  1. Just paid my visa fees after receiving packet 3 from the consulate yesterday! I was a bit surprised that they asked me not to send my documents in advance, kinda assumed we had to do that. Anyways, now it's just a matter of waiting for them to confirm my payment so I can schedule ❤️ Transit time seems to depend heavily on location. @PakistaniRussian waited for about a month I believe, mine was ready after 2 weeks. Your fiancée cannot schedule her interview yet since your case is still in transit and not ready. Interviews can be scheduled once the consulate has received your case, upon which you'll likely have to wait for a confirmation email with general instructions on how to proceed (at least that was the case for me, I think some embassies may need prompting so if you're unsure I'd call to ask about their specific process once your status shows as 'ready'). Once you have confirmation from the embassy, you should be able to schedule your interview online – never heard of them scheduling appointments over the phone.
  2. Your prediction was correct, finally 😄 Thank you for the encouragement, and congratulations as well!
  3. That does not sound like a normal timeline, unless your embassy is severely backlogged – which might be the case. Have you checked your consulate page here on visa journey to see how long it normally takes to get an interview? Unfortunately, I don't know much about what avenues we can take at this stage of the process, but perhaps you could explain the situation to your embassy, provided they're not backed up? Maybe they could request the case on your behalf, I don't know.
  4. I've been wondering, would asking the NVC why a case hasn't been forwarded yet (when the embassy isn't backlogged) be legitimate? Like is that something we can do. Or alternatively, do you think the embassies could/would assist us in requesting the case be forwarded? Apologies if my anxiousness gets annoying. I'm worried about the holiday tomorrow since it falls on a shipping date.
  5. I feel you. Today happens to be our 555th day since NOA1 lol Been idling at the NVC for 38 days now. We did receive our case number 28 days after USCIS shipped it, so hopefully you should hear from them soon. What annoys me most is that anytime things are finally looking up, we've been hit with another delay so far. Like, our case was ready in time for the last NVC shipping date and my embassy deals with like two K1s per year (so no backlog), and yet they still didn't bother forwarding it to the consulate. Why? I can only hope to be included in the next batch this coming week if I want to make it in time for our September plans.
  6. Similar issue here. Does your embassy have a backlog? Mine doesn't but they still haven't sent it yet regardless. Talked to my embassy today but all they could tell me is that my case is still at the NVC (which I already knew 😅) Edit: Oh I just realized your case was most likely entered after the last shipping date so there should be no need to worry. Hopefully we all get lucky next week when the next batch is sent out.
  7. I've seen some conflicting information about when you can submit your DS-160. Some say you can submit as soon as you've got your case number, others that you have to wait until your case is ready at the embassy. Which one is true?
  8. That's pretty realistic unfortunately. Took us about 100 days from NOA2 to receive a case number (roughly a month after NVC received). Does anyone here know about shipment delays to embassies without backlogs? Asking since our case was created shortly before the last shipment dates but they didn't send it out despite my embassy not being busy.
  9. Yeah, ours has probably been sitting there since May 24 or so (going by USCIS shipping date). I pray to the immigration gods to let just these last few steps go smoothly for once lol
  10. Does anyone know how long the 'At NVC' to 'In Transit' & 'In Transit' to 'Ready' stages typically last? Provided there's no embassy backlog.
  11. Thank you very much! That makes sense. Speaking of I-864 (as well as I-134), do you happen to know how much value they put on account balances for the affidavit of support? His income puts him well above the poverty guidelines so that's all good, and we aren't in the red, but neither of us have huge amounts in liquid cash savings either.
  12. Hello everyone, I return with another (probably silly) question. We received our NVC case number recently and my fiancé is about to move to a new place to make space for us both. I have also recently moved since my lease was up and I had to get ready for emigration. Our case hasn't been forwarded to the consulate yet, so I wanted to know if we have to update the NVC and/or USCIS about these changes now or, or if we only need to worry about current information for the DS-160 and later AOS? I know most embassies use email now, but I did pay for postal forwarding to my temporary address just in case. Thanks so much in advance.
  13. Yeah I feel you. Considering we already had to push back all our plans by over 1.5 years and me needing to be in the US by early September for an important event, all I'm hoping for at this point is that it somehow works out and that I won't be forced to buy two sets of plane tickets in short succession 😅 My embassy is usually fairly quick so fingers crossed ... All I can think about these days is this scene from Asterix – "The Place that Sends you Mad" lol Maybe it'll cheer someone up 🥲
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