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  1. Do you think I could submit another one? and say yes? Cancel my initial interview and apply for an inadmissibility waiver?
  2. Just with a no. I have visited the US many many times since the incident also....
  3. Applying for a E3 visa. I have a diversion from 9 years ago that was never convicted or arrested. It does not come up on a Federal Police check. Interview is in Australia for the visa. Will this come up? What kind of check do they do? I have not lived in Australia for 8 years and have not been in trouble since. I have submitted all documents for the US visa including the DS-160 so I feel like it might be too late to change anything. oh man.... It might be too late to go through the admissibility waiver I feel. Help and advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, Do you think the USCIS can see drug diversions? I have one from 10 years ago. I have federal police check that came up clean. Am applying for an E-3 visa and have an interview at the US consulate in 4 weeks. Answered no to and drug crimes on DS-160. Thanks!
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