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  1. Did anyone here get an approval lately? Still waiting PD 10/28/2020
  2. Hi everyone! Do you know if I can file jointly next year, if I filed married filing separately this year?
  3. Hi everyone, My wife and I got married in June 2020. Since I live in Austria and do not have an SSN, she filed the taxes for 2020 as "single". We now know this was a mistake, and are trying to amend it to "married filing separately". If we are not able to amend the filing status before the interview, will this be a problem? Also, since my wife and I got married in Austria in the height of the pandemic, she did not change her SSN information, as the office in Frankfurt told her she would have to send in her original passport and other documents, and avised her to wait on this. She was able to update her passport though. So now, the IRS tax transcript/SSN and her passport have different last names. Will this be a problem? Thank you for your help!
  4. Thank you for your help! Should Part 5.8. "Add together Item Numbers 1.-7. and enter the number here" be filled out with "Household Size: 2" for both my joint sponsor and my wife then? Also, how do I indicate that the joint sponsor was not required to file taxes, do I enter this in the form on the fields for the most recent tax year? Or do I attach an affidavit?
  5. Hello all, In filling out the I-864, I have encountered some questions. For my wife, who is the beneficiary, what does she fill out in part 5. of the form "Persons NOT sponsored in this affidavit"? Part 5.3. says "If you are currently married, enter '1' for your spouse." But she WILL be sponsoring me, so should she write 0? My wife is a student, however she did have a student job in the US in 2019. Should we write "I am currently employed as a student"? What to enter in "Unemployed since"? The date she quit her student job or the date she started studying? My wife lives with me in Austria, because she is studying abroad here. We have an address here, but she still has her domicile in FL. If we write our current adress in "Part 4. Sponsors Mailing Adress", will this affect her U.S. domicile? Should we enter her mailing address as her U.S. address and her physical address as our Austrian address? If we don't enter a US address on "Sponsor's Mailind Address" or "Sponsor's Physical Address", will this be a problem for proof of domicile? On the I-130, we put her current Austrian address as her current mailing address, so I wonder if we write the U.S. adress as the mailing address, will that be a problem? If we don't write a U.S. mailing or physical adress for her as the pe My joint sponsor did not file taxes in 2018, the 3rd most recent tax year, as she was still in college. Is this a problem? - Do I just write $0 in the field? - Do I need to add an affidavit saying she didn't file taxes, as she was a student? Thank you so much for any help!
  6. Same thing happened to me. Receipt Notice said Nebraska, but upon chatting with a live agent through Ask Emma we found out that it is actually in Potomac. Felt frustrated about that, but I guess all we can do it wait. This is an extremely exhausting process, and when you're still waiting on the first step of things to happen, it feels like an eternity...
  7. Hi, yes, I filed online and have a receipt number. I tried again through ask Emma, and managed to get through to a tier 2 officer, who confirmed that my receipt number is valid. She also informed us that our case has been transferred from Nebraska to Potomac, which I was disappointed to hear, as processing times are much longer. If the processing times are accurate, it looks like my entire plan for 2021 was thrown off balance, but let's see...
  8. Hi everyone, Found out today that our case was transferred to the Potomac Service Center, where the processing times range from 13-16.5 for a USC filing for a spouse. We were previously at Nebraska Service Center, which would have meant that we could inquire about it being past due next month. Feeling a little defeated..
  9. Hi, My wife, USC, and I filed the I-130 on October 28 2020, and haven't heard anything back yet. Our receipt notice says we are at the Nebraska Service Center, but upon seeing a lot of cases on here get transferred, we decided to call and ask if our case was still in Nebraska, and when we could file about our case being outside normal processing times. Mainly, we just wanted to feel proactive after months of wait... When my wife finally got through to a Tier 1 officer, the officer could not find our case through our Receipt Number/IOE number. She then found us by my wife's last name and date of birth, and could see that we filed the I-130. The officer thought this was strange, and was going to put us through to a tier 2 officer. Because we are both living in Austria, my wife was calling via Google Hangouts, and does not have an American phone number that they could her call back on. Given that we can't really afford the call, we had to hang up. The officer told my wife that she could talk to a tier 2 agent via the USCIS website, however when we tried to ask Emma for a representative, we had no luck. Does anyone here have a similar experience? Any idea why our receipt number was not showing up? Thank you for any help!
  10. Does he have to file the W2s for the most recent tax year, or for the last 3?
  11. Did you just ask her if your case had been transferred?
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