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  1. You need the interview invitation for the medical. They have to verify that you actually are already scheduled for an interview. You get an email from the NVC or the embassy may contact you. I can't remember the details. Good Luck!! 😊
  2. Well, some people actually do go to college and work for the college haha
  3. Case gets sent to the embassy, then you get the interview appointment. Once you know when it is, schedule the medical at least a week or so before the interview. Some consulates/embassies let you schedule your interview yourself once they received everything from NVC.
  4. Honestly, if it is just a small mistake i would leave it as is and if they ask at the interview, just explain it. Basically, we fill out all forms to the best of our knowledge (like the address history when some people moved God knows how many times after the age of 16(!)...πŸ˜…
  5. I am not sure. The US consulate said they would contact me once it was ready for pick up. They called me to let me know i could pick it up.
  6. Hurray!!!! Thank God indeed! So happy for you!!! πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰
  7. Congrats!! Yes, i also got the medical documents when i picked up my visa 😊
  8. Puhh keine Ahnung. Hab seit dem Case Complete nicht mehr reingeschaut πŸ˜‚
  9. For us it took 1-2 weeks to get the Case complete (email that they accepted all your documentation = documentarily qualified) and then another month until we got the interview appointment email. Interview was about 3 weeks later 😊 Good luck!
  10. Hi everyone, i had my interview today and got approved!! The wait was long but well worth it as the actual interview went smoothly. Picking up my passport with the visa in a couple days. 😊 Good luck to all of you!!
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