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US Immigration from Afghanistan

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Documents needed for I-134 Affidavit of Support
1:08 pm December 31, 2016


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Hey there,

Those who already prepared an affidavit of support and it's Documents which is required in the form I-134.

We want to be prepared for the interview step in advance just to safe the time.

What do we need to prepare ? Can any one list below?

The Petitioner lives in NJ and how much should be his annual income for household of 2 ( beneficiary & Petitioner).

100% of federal Poverty is how much annually by cash ??? I am so confused ??:(

Any replies will be appreciated!

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Seeking information On the Medical Examination and Interview phase!
9:50 am December 26, 2016


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Hey guys, this is Rona !

I'm a very curious girl hahaha just wanna know not everything but at least something before the next step comes.

I'm the beneficiary, my question is for those who already passed from the interview step, if there are some people from Afghanistan that would be awesome for I'm applying from Afghanistan. ? ??

1- After we recieved the NVC Letter, should we wait for the email from the embassy in the beneficiary's country, or I go straight and get an appointment for my interview!?

2- Do I need to get an appointment for my medical examination or I just go and do my medical examination with out any appointment ?

3- what I need to take with me to the medical examination day to show the proofs for the doctor (examiner)?

4- When do I need to pay for the medical examination and how much $?

5- Should I pay the visa payment before the interview day in a bank or on the interview day in the embassy ?

6- How much is the visa payment in Afghanistan ?

7- How much should I pay for the interview to the consulate officer (interviewer)?

8- Should I get an appointment for my interview first or an appointment for the medical exam, and then for the interview?

9- Should I include the address of the Embassy (USE beneficiary's Country) on top of the letter of intent to marry during the interview phase, Or the USCIS address which we printed it when we sent our petition?

10- Do Afghan people need a police clearance or not? I heard some of people said that Afghan, Pakistanian, and Indian don't need any police clearance . Please confirm it so I make sure myself . ????

Waiting on your replies guys, let's help each other for the best future steps ! ????

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What's the difference between Form I-864 and I-134?
12:56 pm December 24, 2016


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Hello there,

This is Rona (Beneficiary), my fianc lives in NJ and we already sent our I-129F form to USCIS service center by USPS in December 19-2016, but didn't receive our NOA1 yet.

My question is about the difference between form I-864 and I-134, we applied for a K-1 Visa, so if my fianc needs to send me affidavit of support for my interview day, does he have to send me the Form I-134 with the required documents or I-864 or both of these forms? I'm so confused???

2- What's a W2?

3- my fianc used to work with DHL but he left the job In September 2016, does he still need to provide a employee letter from his ex boss?

4- Right Now, he is working as a Lyft and Uber driver (Self employee) , what he needs to provide for proofing his annual income and for his job?

I will appreciate your replies and help ... ??

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ISSUED-Kabul Embassy
10:54 pm December 4, 2016



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My fiance's visa status on ceac.state.gov website has changed to ISSUED since November 22nd and I am still waiting for some sort of contact from Kabul Embassy.

I have emailed numerous times, and calling them has been no help because they just ask me to email. I heard that they dont ALWAYS send you an email to notify you passport is ready for pick up, and i also heard that they now send passports with visas to DHL in Kabul.

I am confused as to what to do. Its been over 12 days now and no clue how long its going to take or when or where to get the passport. Anyone have any suggestions or been through the same thing at kabul that can help??

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RFE for I-864
2:19 am November 16, 2016



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I received an RFE for my joint sponsor's I-864 for my husband's I-485. I think my only mistake was that I only sent 3 months of pay stubs and not the required 6 months because I sent all of his tax returns for the past three years as well as other evidence (I'm currently a student so I provided that evidence as well as all the other necessary documents for the joint sponsor)

But, I was wondering, for the year 2013 my joint sponsor's income did not even come remotely close to the 125% guideline. Is that important? Because he started his current job in 2014 and so his income for the years 2014 and 2015 were well over the 125% guideline but if his income was so low in 2013 could that have possibly been a reason as to why I got an RFE? His 2015 income covers his whole household, including my husband, so is that ok if 2013 was low or should I get a new sponsor? Thank you!

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