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  1. Mines was in AP then it changed to Ready. Any idea what that means?
  2. Congrats. Did your visa status changed from AP to issued?
  3. Call NVC. Might be a case where they can actually give yiu the interview date and send you an email with info in regards to the interview as well..
  4. Shelly25

    Nvc documents

    Good day, For the passport biographic page I scanned mines. And for the Affidavit of support I'm not sure if there's another form but while going through the form with my husband the section 6, where you'd put your employment status has retired.
  5. I know how you feel my case got approved close to seven months. Don't lose hope yet hun. Just keep checking the website. A friend of mine got approved this week and his PD is Dec 18. You will get approved soon hun
  6. Shelly25

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    Is he located in St. Catherine?
  7. Shelly25

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    Ohhh. Well I went and requested my immunization record. And then I asked about the shots. The nurse asked me whats the purpose and I told her and she told me the shots I needed. I wasn't the only person getting vaccine that day Everyone there was getting vaccine because they're immigrating Lol.
  8. Shelly25

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    Just that some of the shots you'll have to pay for. Hepatitis B and Chicken pox shot. I paid $2500 JMD for the Hep B shot but they don't have the Chicken pox shot gonna go to another clinic to see if I can get that one
  9. Shelly25

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    Well they will ask what's the purpose and I believe it's best to be honest so they'll tell you which Vaccine u really need. I lost my immunization record and went to my local Clinic and I was able to get the copy of my record and I'm currently receiving the shots I need.
  10. Shelly25

    FYI- Medical Exam at Andrews Memorial Hospital

    Yes. We're preparing for the storm yes. All the best at your interview hun
  11. That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats. wishing u all the best
  12. Shelly25

    FYI- Medical Exam at Andrews Memorial Hospital

    Thanks Phoenix.💓., Really appreciate this post
  13. Good day everyone, We received our case number and invoice # August 30th. Was unable to make the payment because the site was giving us an error. We were able to pay the AOS fee this morning but it's not giving us the option to pay the IV fee. Can anyone help me to understand why we're not able to pay the IV fee please.
  14. NVC is working really fast!!!!!!!!!! Mines took 4 weeks and 6 days after they received my case to get a case number
  15. Got my case and invoice number from NVC after 5 weeks of waiting