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  1. Trust me I’m trying to make sense myself and I’m crying my eyes out as to how it happened. Like he came to America and don’t want to think that he was faking everything just to come to America but it’s coming to that point 😢😔😔 I’m so broken you have no idea. Like today he says we are done when I didn’t do anything 😔😔 and grabbed the hammer to smash things. I went through a lot for someone I actually loved that turned out to be someone who was fake to me
  2. Thank you I appreciate it! I would’ve replied sooner but the trauma and depression I’ve been going through wasn’t good ever since I left that situation. He did come with me but unfortunately I don’t think we will last
  3. Thank you for your thoughtful messages! ❤️❤️ Yes we are safe and we recently came back. It was a scary, long journey coming back to America especially when I’m the American citizen
  4. They didn’t request anything from him. They said there’s nothing wrong with the case
  5. I am panicking. My fiancé just had his interview done but they gave him a yellow form of 221G and went into AP. They didn’t take his passport either 😔😔 what does that mean!??
  6. We got our interview date finally and I’m here in Afghanistan with my fiancé and his family. Would it be okay and make a good case if I go with him to the interview? And would it be an issue if he says that I’m staying with him and his family here until my departure date back to America? Just need some advice since his interview is on august 11 and we are preparing everything.
  7. My case finally got sent to the embassy on the 26th and the embassy received it today. It says that it’s ready and before it says that an interview date was provided to me by NVC.I haven’t received any date at all. Where would I see the interview date?
  8. Thank you so much! Really it’s $500? What did they do? Was it because of all the vaccinations or they did other exams as well? Did they look at the affidavit of support also? What documents did they tell you to bring? How long did it take for you to schedule an appointment with the medical and interview? Sorry for asking too many questions. I want to prepare for my fiancé.
  9. Just received the news that my embassy closed down effective immediately June 13th 😔😔 and suspended all visa operations. I really hate this process and won’t get an interview until next year. I have no hope at all and I hate covid. Well looks like I have to book my ticket to see my fiancé. This is a depressing process for sure
  10. Also what documents did they ask your fiancé to bring to the interview? And what did they ask your fiancé? I really appreciate it
  11. How much was the medical? I’m still waiting on the interview and they told me they aren’t processing k1s as of right now
  12. On top of that I said okay this is frustrating at this point and what I should do now. And they said to send an expedited email and I said I did 2 times but I received an email that you guys refused to send my expedite to the embassy so how are you telling me to send another one. So I sent another one, one last time and let’s see what happens. Then they kept apologizing 🙄🙄. Like I really don’t understand. They state K1’s are prioritized but yet keeping all cases at the nvc and the vaccines are out so what are they waiting for!?! I just gave up and was like okay seems like another year wait so I rather just go visit to see him for a month
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