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AOS interview experience 2016/Possible approval?

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So we had our AOS interview today in Oklahoma City! I thought I would share our experience and get some opinions on how you all think it went!

So here goes, sorry kind of hyper so if this isn't typed so well I apologise!

Basic facts about our relationship:

9 year age difference

Met online

US Citizen has been married more than once

Okay so, the lady that interviewed us was lovely.

She swore us in and told us to sit, she asked if we were okay and took our ID and said she has a lot of questions for us, she said they may seem strange but she has to check them off and told us not to worry.

She confirmed our names, parents' names and asked us to confirm each others date of births. She then asked us how we met, when, and also when we met in person, how many times did we meet before marrying.

Why did we decide to get married during this trip, where we got married, why that date and how many times did we visit that state before (she was checking to see that we said at least twice, marriage license and wedding)

She then asked my husband about his divorces and if he thought this was the one and he said definitely this time. She was happy enough with that and we had a laugh about some things, she said it isn't easy being married in the military and she really hopes this is it for him. Not in a rude way though.

She asked if we had any documents for her, husband got a new job so we gave her an updated I-864 and I-864A , we live with mother in law and her income meets the requirements alone. She didn't keep the forms but took mother in laws W2, tax documents and pay stubs, we gave her our tax return but she gave us it back. I'm assuming she only kept mother in laws documents as husband just started his job so it isn't completely reliable. We explained that we kept mother in law on it even though we meet the requirements due to him just starting and she said that's fine and thanked us for that. Mother in law was on it from the beginning anyway so only husband's job was new again I'm assuming this is why she kept the original I-864 etc.

She asked me when I met his family and it was during my first trip here in 2013, she was pleased with this as we had told her some stories just in general conversation so it must of let her know it added up I don't know but I was happy with that.

She asked if we had anything for her so we gave her 2 folders, one with joint financial things such as bank statements, Sams Club memberships, furniture bills, life insurance, VA dependent documents etc and another folder with proof of gifts, financial support from each other during relationship, cards, hotel bookings, flights etc. We also gave her 100+ photos, she looked through them all and chose her 'favourites' for our file. There was a photo of my husband, myself and my mother in law, she pointed to her and asked me who it was. At this point I relaxed a little as she was smiling looking through our evidence (cards and photos etc)

We talked a lot but she didn't really have to ask much as we were giving her plenty of info as it came up in conversation, I apologized for rambling as I do it when I get nervous and she said 'no this makes my job way easier so go on' I also apologized if some of the proof I submitted seemed pointless but I wanted to add anything that showed ongoing relationship and she said no it's fine don't worry.

I also explained that we don't have joint lease or bills as we live with MIL and just give her money each month and she said that makes sense and is fine.

She asked the questions to do with illegal activity etc and then we laughed as I said I can't lie and would be a horrible spy and she said even better because I deal with a lot of lies and she could tell I was sincere (which was great to hear as again it makes you relax)

We also laughed about the photos because she said she's received some explicit photos and we agreed any really couple would not want those images in public!!

We talked for a bit more, really laid back and she was so nice. She then gave me a letter that explained the 2 year green card and when and how to file for removal of conditions. She said it's just to check in as we may be living in my home country by then etc and basically it's to see if we want the 10 year green card. She told us it would make our lives easier to gather our evidence for the next interview in 2 years time as each life event happened. She advised to leave a note of the date to file for removal of conditions on every calendar, phone etc we have so that when the time comes alarm bells ring to file so we don't miss the time frame!

She said she just needs to double check mother in law's income meets everything but said it looks like it does but she didn't want to do math before 9am and laughed which we understood. So I asked her 'so is everything besides that okay like our proof and everything?' she said yes exactly that, she said if she needs anything else for the I-864 she will mail us but she doubts she will need anything more as it looks good. So I said so we should be okay? and she smiled and said yep and that was it! I almost hugged her but switched to a handshake, husband made a joke about it and she said not to worry she got a hug yesterday, we said thank you and said we were so happy and she was like good and was smiling, she walked us out and told us to enjoy the rest of our day.

So that was it, I feel it went really well! I hope this means we are definitely going to get approved! Hope this helps anyone who has their interview coming up.

I know people say this all the time, but honestly as long as you are honest and a legit couple you will be fine. The questions aren't hard, they are questions any true couple will know. Our interviewer was so nice, which may have helped us but still.

So now!

Does anyone have any opinions? How do you all think this went? Does it sound like a good sign??

I know she said she just needs to double check the I-864 but it wasn't an approval either and I don't want to get ahead of myself!

I apologize that this is so long!

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Sounds good, Congratulations !



I-129F Sent : 3-31-2014, NOA2: 4-6-2014

NVC Received : some dinkelsberry yehoo in the house of clingons send our petition to the wrong consulate.

Consulate Received : July 30,2014 Transfer to right embassy complete.

Interview Date : Oct 22, 2014

Interview Result : AP , requesting another PC (not expired) and certified divorce decree (was submitted)Stokes interview via phone for petitioner 4 hrs after interview.

Oct 23 email notification visa approved.
Visa Received : Nov. 3 , 2014 VISA IN HAND.

US Entry : Nov. 21, 2014

Marriage : Dec 27, 2014

AOS send : May 12, 2015, received May 14, 2015 USPS priority

Email &text : May 18, 2015, check cashed May 19,2015, return receipt May 21, 2015 stamped USCIS Lockbox, NOA1 (3x) May 22,2015

Biometrics : June 1, 2015 letter received for appointment June 8, 2015, successful walk-in June 1, 2015

RFE : June 12, 2015 for income not meeting guideline. Income does ( ! ) exceed guideline.

RFE response : June 26, 2015 returned with a boat load full of financial evidence.

UPDATE: July 5, 2015 updated on all 3 cases, RFE received June 30, 2015.

Service request : Aug 12, 2015, letter received that it will be processed within 90 days from receipt of RFE.

UPDATE: Aug 24, 2015, EAD card being produced/ordered. ( 102 days from AOS receipt day and 55 days from RFE response received.) Thank you Jesus !

Emails : Aug 24, 2015, EAD approved, EAD card ordered.

I-797 EAD/AP approval notice received : Aug 27, 2015

EAD/AP combo card mailed : Aug 27, 2015, EAD/AP combo card received: Aug 31, 2015

Renewal application send for EAD/AP : May 31,2016 (AOS pending over 1 year). Received June 2, 2016,Notice date June7, 2016, emails,texts, NOA1 hard copy

Service request for pending AOS April 21, 2016, case not assigned yet.
Service request for pending AOS June 14, 2016, tier 2 said performing background checks.
Expedite request for EAD/AP Aug 3, 2016, Aug10 notification >request was received, assigned, completed. RFE letter requesting evidence for expedite, docs faxed Aug18

*Service request for I-485 Aug 3, 2016, Aug11 notification> request was assigned. Service request Dec 2, 2016.
AOS Interview letter received Aug 12, 2016

AOS Interview September 21, 2016.

Second Biometrics appointment letters received for EAD and AOS on Aug 15, 2016 for Aug 17 ( 2 day notice).

Second Biometrics completed Aug 17, 2016

Third Biometrics appointment letter received Aug 19, 2016 for Sept. 1, 2016. WTH ?!

EAD/AP (renewal) approval Aug 22, 2016, NOA2 received Aug 25, 2016

Renewal EAD in production notification text and online, expedite successful 4 days after RFE request response was faxed, Aug25mailed,Aug29received.

Sept. 21 Interview, 2 hour interview, we were separated and asked about 50 questions each for an hour each. IO was firm but professional, some smiles.
Several service requests made, contacted Senator and Ombudsman. Background checks still pending.
July 21, 2017 HOME VISIT.  Went well. Topic thread in AOS forum.
Waiting to skip ROC and get 10 yr GC due to over 2 year while pending AOS
AOS APPROVED Oct. 4, 2017 * Green card in hand Oct 13, 2017 !!!!!

First K1 denied after 16 month of AP. Refiled. We are a couple since 2009. Not a sprint but a matter of endurance.


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~Moved from Fam.-based AOS to Fam.-based AOS Progress Forum~

Completed: K1/K2 (271 days) - AOS/EAD/AP (134 days) - ROC (279 days)

> Almost 2 years of our lives involved with the USCIS/DOS "shuffle" & worth every second of it ! <

"Si vis amari, ama" - Seneca


:idea: Read more, post less.... Google can be your friend ! :idea:

Prior apologies if I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

Keep your timeline current: http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/

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Seemed like an approval to me. Congrats in advance!

3/16/2016 AOS packet sent

3/19/2016 Packet delivered at Chicago Lockbox

3/29/2016 NOAs received via SMS

4/1/2016 NOAs received via mail

4/9/2016 Biometrics letter received

4/21/2016 Biometrics done

5/30/2016 Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview

6/10/2016 EAD was being produced

6/14/2016 EAD was mailed to me

6/16/2016 EAD was delivered

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I'm probably talking to myself right now but I'm so on edge I don't care at this point ? Since we had our interview on a Friday, the true wait begins now that it's a new working day! Wish I could track it online, they stopped updating ours online when it got transferred to OKC :( since my biometrics we only got updated via the mail!

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This was lovely to read! Thank you for all the detail, I'm sure it helps the rest of us there relax a bit about the interview!

AOS package mailed: July 13, 2016

AOS package received: July 14, 2016

e-NOAs received x4 & checks cashed: July 20, 2016

Receipts x4 trackable online: July 24, 2016

Paper NOAs received x3 (AP one missing): July 26, 2016

Biometrics letter received: July 28, 2016

Walk-in biometrics appointment: August 4, 2016

Biometrics appointment: August 12, 2016

Received missing paper NOA for AP (Post Office had returned to USCIS): August 16, 2016

EAD/AP approved & card is being produced: September 15, 2016

EAD/AP approval notices arrived: September 20, 2016

EAD/AP card mailed: September 21, 2016

EAD/AP card received: September 24, 2016

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Thanks for the nice review of your interview, It was very informative.

It just goes to show you, if you are genuine, honest, and have nothing to hide, then you will have no problems.

Congratulations on your future approval!

Our Timeline AOS Timeline

10/24/13 - Met online 04/30/16 - Sent AOS Forms I-864, I-485, I-765, I-131, G-325a, G-1145 with check

01/16/14 - Fell in love online 05/07/16 - Received text & email with case#

05/03/14 - Met for first time - He went to England 05/09/16 - Check cashed for $1,070.00

08/07/14 - She came to USA 1st time 05/13/16 - Received NOA1 for I-485, I-131, I-765

12/28/14 - She came to USA 2nd time 06/03/16 - Biometrics Appointment

02/10/15 - Officially engaged at the Grand Canyon 08/01/16 - Email & Text saying I-131 & I-765 Approved

04/27/15 - She came to USA 3rd time 08/06/16 - Received letters of approval for I-131 & !765

07/14/15 - She came to USA 4th time 08/12/16 - Received Combo card in US mail!

10/14/16 - Received RFE for proof of marriage

K1 VISA Timeline 10/15/16 - Sent in RFE paperwork

09/23/15 - Sent info to Rapid Visa 10/19/16 - Received text - AOS APPROVED!!!!

10/13/15 - Conformation from USCIS - NOA1 10/22/16 - Received hard copy of I-485 approval

11/06/15 - I-129F Approved! via USCIS Website! 10/22/16 - Received text - Your 2 year Greed card has mailed

11/13/15 - Received hard copy in mail - NOA2 10/25/16 - Received Green Card in the mail! - Yahoooo!

11/23/15 - Received by NVC (called on 24th)

11/24/15 - Called NVC and got LND#

11/30/15 - Case status at NVC: READY!

01/12/16 - Medical completed!

01/23/16 - Packet 4 received

01/27/16 - Interview - APPROVED!

02/05/16 - Visa In Hand

02/11/16 - POE - Ohio

04/02/16 - Wedding - Yahooo!

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I completely agree with you, in our experience it was better to lay all our cards on the table and let the lady know we were nervous. I apologized in advance for rambling as I do that when I'm nervous, my husband is the opposite and so she said not to worry at all and at least we even each other out. I can't speak for every case of course but being up front and respectful seems to be the best option. After all they've probably seen and heard it all so can read people very well anyway whether we like it or not lol!

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