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US Immigration from Venezuela

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Passport returned
4:43 pm January 22, 2019

Scott Rusticus

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My fianc e and her son had their visas approved last Wednesday (January 16) in Caracas. When should they be able to pick up their passports? We are hoping for them to travel to me next Wednesday (the 30th).

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Help! Saw my fiance just once for 2 weeks last year. We can't travel again before the interview.
5:07 am January 22, 2019


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Hi again!!! My case was recently received by the embassy and I made my appointment . But suddenly I'm feeling concerned, I saw my fiance just once in 2018 (we both work) and for this year he was given 2 weeks of no consecutive holidays.

We were expecting to see each other before the interview, but his company only approved one week for the month of July and a second week on August.

Noa2 expires March 28. And interview is on March 1st. I'm feeling anxious and nervous about seeing each other just once.

What should I say if they ask me why we haven't seen each other so often? Of course, the truth, but should I give a short or long explanation.

Could this affect our approval?

We must travel to a third country in order to see each other.

@Greenbaum you've helped me before, do you think this could affect our visa approval?

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K1 interview: is a decision already made even before the interview?
9:03 pm January 18, 2019


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My case is going through AP since yesterday despite my interview date being March 1st. I read it means the embassy is checking the USCIS package. My question is:

Could the approval or denial of a k1 visa happen even before the interview? ?

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Tax transcripts from IRS
3:32 pm January 8, 2019

Scott Rusticus

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Are tax transcripts from the IRS acceptable at the interview if the original 1040 s are not available? I sent my fiancee the transcripts from the last three years that the IRS sent to me.

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2:23 am January 8, 2019


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I am planning to start the process of a tourist visa for my mom since it s been 2 years that I dont see her so, I want her to visit me while I wait to get my citizenship and then petition her. ( I am a permanent resident right now, a green card holder)So my question is that she s been married with my dad for 20 years but she never changed her status in her ID or passport so it would be that a problem when she goes to the interview for her tourist visa?

Thanks in advance.

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