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snap benefits for non-sponsor spouse
2:21 pm April 20, 2022


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hello ive had to start over work-wise since the covid crisis and im finding with my current job i qualify for snap benefits. i am the non-sponsor spouse and the snap application asks for my wife's information despite applying only for myself since i had to include that i was married. Will this negatively affect the AOS? As i understand the new rule considers snap benefits as a public charge but only after 12 months, but I dont want to take a big risk on the AOS.

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Request for advise: under what category should I apply for citizenship?
2:35 pm April 18, 2022



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Hello all. I got my Green Card through marriage to an American Citizen. We are still happily married. My original plan was to apply for citizenship at my third year of permanent residency. However, due to the COVID pandemic the process of removing conditions was delayed for about a year, and then some personal circumstances have further delayed me from applying for citizenship. I am now ready to continue with the process but I just realized that because I recently completed my fifth year as permanent resident I am now also eligible to apply under the 5-year as a permanent resident category. It seems to me that applying under this last category is a lot easier than under the category of married to a US national since I would not have to provide proof of a bona fide relationship which implies collecting and submitting a lot of documentation. Do you think that applying under the five-year category would raise any red flags at all and potentially make the application process more difficult? Should I stick to applying under marriage to a US citizen? Thanks for any insights you can provide!

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11:51 pm March 18, 2022



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Hello everyone, I am seriously thinking about doing a written Mandamus, I have a misdemeanor and I sent my NOLLE PROSSEQUI as additional evidence, also I have already had 2 interviews.

I made my e-request and today I received the letter where they need to do an 'extended review'. It has already been more than 120 days, to be exact 163 days since the second interview. I also sent a request to my congressman, but they told me that I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get a response, In conclusion, I would like to know what the timeframes are for the Judge to decide on my case.

Thank you all for the support

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I-485 been waiting for an interview for almost 2 years
2:00 am February 16, 2022



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Hello! I was wondering if anyone else was in the same situation than me.

I sent my adjustment of status to the Chicago Office on April of 2020, (im filling from Orlando, FL). Had my biometrics appointment Excatly a year ago (feb 2021) and received my social and work permit on april 2021.

Since then I haven't heard anything else and technically the average wait time for this process is 13- to 20 months. (Its already been 22 months). Still no date for an interview...

I was wondering if theres anybody else in a similiar situation?

Thank you in advance

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Spouse is in the US but her daughter is in home country
7:00 pm February 10, 2022


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So, I got married, yes again. And my wife is present in the US, I am preparing to file I13- and I485 but I have no clue what todo with her 8 yr old daughter. Do I file a I130 or does my wife file it after receiving her Permanent Residence? How would it work?


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