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Green Card and expired Passports/Visa's
12:17 am June 6, 2023


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I am not sure exactly which forum this goes under. But we are waiting for a Green Card Interview for Adjustment of status, its been 2 yrs. My wife's passport and tourist visa have expired from her home country (Venezuela). But she did receive an EAD card to work and travel as well as a SS#.

My question is if we got her Green Card lets say next week, without a valid (non-expired) passport she still can't leave the country, correct?

Any help is appreciated.

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Are the Consular Processing and AOS mutually exclusive? Kind of urgent, any help really appreciated
7:54 pm May 26, 2023



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Hey everyone. I have a quick but very urgent question.

I am a USC. I m looking to petition my parents (who would not be presently in the US).

I know that since they are not in the US I can file the I-130 (consular process). But let s say that after I have filed it, they enter with their tourist visa which they already have. Once they have entered, would I be able to then file the I-485 to adjust their status OR would they have to go back to the country they were in when I filed the I-130 and wait for the process to be finished there? (and basically never file the 485)?

In other words, are petitioning from abroad and the AOS process mutually exclusive? Like once you choose one way you can t do the other? Or can a person change their mind throughout the I-130 Consular Process route and Adjust Status with the I-485?

Simply put, do you have to pick which route to go with (either I-130 or I-130 + I-485) from the very beginning?

I would really love some insight on this question. Please let me know if I should rephrase it or if I didn t explain myself clearly.

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How to find a passport appointment?
8:45 pm May 15, 2023



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Anyone know what to do when all the clerk offices and USPS and libraries are booked months in advanced??

in houston tx and cannot find an appointment

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Certified copy of naturalization certificate
3:57 pm May 11, 2023



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At my oath ceremony, USCIS officers were telling us to make an appointment at our local uscis to get a certified copy of our naturilzafion certificate in case the passport folks lose the certificate.

I ve tried to call the 800 USCIS number but I haven t been able to make an appointment.

anyone have any tips on how to make an appointment to get a certified copy?? Or any other ways to obtain a certified copy of my certificate? Thanks!

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Questions about travel choices
2:23 am April 4, 2023



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Good evening, My wife filed for citizenship on Feb. 3, 2023 and had her biometrics on Feb. 24. We are teachers, so summer is our time to visit family. It is seeming that she might get an interview in May, but also in June or July. How long in advance do they let you know about this interview? Should we be careful about our travel plans, or can we visit family and postpone an interview if it comes up when we are out of the country? We are in the Denver area and it says the estimated decision time is 8 months on USCIS.

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