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US Immigration from Venezuela

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Appying for my Mom's GC while she is in a tourist visa in the USA
9:03 pm April 15, 2021


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Hello to all,

I Have my mother here on vacation and want to apply for her GC, can someone please tell me what is the procedure? I read I don't ned to file !-130 but I'm sure if that's right and what else need to be file.

Thank you.

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Fiance wants to move to Mexico.
5:56 pm April 15, 2021



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My fiance is Venezuelan currently residing in Colombia. He wishes to move to Mexico. Currently we are in NOA1 status. Is there a way if he chooses to move to Mexico if we can change the interview location to Mexico?



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My dad is sick in Peru. My Venezuelan passport expired last year.
12:33 pm April 6, 2021


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Hello, my dad is very sick in Peru. I would like to visit him in Peru. My Venezuelan passport expired last year. I have read that the Venezuelan passport is recognized for up to 5 years from the expiration date. I am looking to apply for a visa from Peru. Has anyone here traveled with expired Venezuelan passport? and if I have a valid visa from Peru would that be enough evidence?

Also, to add more complication to this issue my greencard expired. I have an I-797 to extend the greencard for another 18 months while I wait for AOS processing. Is that enough evidence to get back into the U.S.?

I wouldn't ask these questions if it wasn't urgent. My dad is very sick and I would at least like to see him if possible.

Does anyone have any experience with this that can provide some insight?

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Picture format for ROC (I-751) Interview
9:25 pm April 4, 2021



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Hello All,

I will have my ROC I-751 interview this coming week. All our pictures are in electronic format. I was thinking on printing a selection on a pdf file and then print them. Is this OK?

Also, most of our pictures are on Instagram in a private account. Does anyone know if we can bring a tablet/phone a show to the interview officer?

Thanks for any advise you can give.

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5:54 pm March 20, 2021



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Hello everyone!

Just quick question. My mother finally has an interview date for her IR5 visa next month. I'm just wondering after she's approved, how many days does approximately take to get the passport back. She's coming from Venezuela so we're planning on how many extra days she should potentially stay. Any info would be appreciated! Thank you!

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