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US Immigration from Venezuela

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Administrative Processing
12:15 pm today

Scott Rusticus

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We have received our case number from the NVC. When I called this morning to see if it had left the NVC for the embassy in Caracas, they said it was in administrative processing. What does that mean? Will I have to send additional documentation? Should I necessarily take that as a sign of delay? The NOA2 had an expiration date of the middle of February on it. Is that a problem. Do we need to have the whole process completed before then?n n Has anyone else had this with administrative processing??

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NVC Case number received!!
11:41 pm today

Scott Rusticus

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We are so excited! Friday we were given our NVC case number. Just wondering about how long it takes for the application packet to be sent from the NVC after it has been given a case number. In the embassy in Caracas there are only two days left in 3 days left in January and two days left in February to schedule an interview. Hoping it does not take too long.

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How Can I (USC) Attain Dual Ecuadorian Citizenship? [split topic]
10:58 am today


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I am a US citizen by birth (born in New York). My father was born in Ecuador and married my US citizen mom, thereby becoming a permanent resident. My birth was never registered with the Ecuadorian consulates or embassy. My father was basically estranged from me and we barely spoke over the years. The last time I ever spoke to him was in 2010 when he retired from his job and moved back to Ecuador (after living many years in Miami). I do not know whether he is still alive and am trying to find out if he is. My question though is, if he is deceased, may I still go through the process to attain dual citizenship on my own now as an adult? I am now in my 40s.

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Is the Birth certificate legalization (apostille) required?
3:26 am today


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Hi everyone! I'm Mirella from Venezuela and just read from an old document of the Caracas embassy that birth certificates of k1 beneficiaries should be legalized (Hague apostille). Since is an old document, I'd like to confirm this. It's very hard to get the Hague apostille in Venezuela, so I want to be sure that it is needed.

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Whats App CALL log
4:19 am today

Scott Rusticus

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Does anyone know how to print the Whats App call log? I do not mean the chat history. I have already done that. I want to print the history of the calls my fiancee and I have made. Is that necessary to have at the embassy interview? Does anyone know how to access it/print it/ The call history on my iphone 7+ only goes back one month and I am looking for call history for over a year! Thank you.

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