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  1. Yes you should.unless you are close to receive any letter. I remember that a lawyer advice me not to do that before receive the initial receipts because it can make you waist time. But you should change it
  2. this is not a problem, perhaps the main issue for her could be to cross the immigration counter. Its important to keep those documents with her as well as your wedding certificate in this moment
  3. that is why i said he should validated the information in his state and After 9/11 most of the states require documents of legal presence to do the ssn and all licenses you want to apply
  4. In most of the states, Canadian licenses are totally transferred, so you only need to go to the nearest office and do all the paperwork, they will keep your Canadian license so if you needed to use it in Canada you can go back to the office and switch it again. You will need your Social Security card to do all this. your License will be also your state ID. When you become a resident you have 30 days to change your license. You should validate this information in your state
  5. well, it should be an small number taking in consideration the whole universe but only based on VJs post, and typing in the search "cr1 instead ir1" you realize that it has happened to a lot of couples.
  6. according to several post here at VJ, you can go to your nearest USCIS office and they can correct it in case of any mistake. But you are right you should receive IR1 instead of CR1
  7. You will receive a lot of letters soon. i tooks me like 3 days to receive the letter although i received an email sooner
  8. If she tooks your passport chances are that you got an approval but because of the interruptions she did not want to do anything in front of the others ( it was weird, i think if this things would happened in the place where i went, probably she would call the police officer to stop the problem) I think you can celebrate
  9. you should use the one you have stamped in your GC for example CR1 CR6
  10. Yes if you are filing the petition it is fine all you only need to make copies from your original documents. are you in this step? or are you talking about the interview?
  11. inloveVEN

    Immigration officer denied CR1

    the point here is that you will receive a letter with the proper explanation and then you will have a few next steps to follow to there are a lot of resources that you can reach but first you need to understand the explanation
  12. inloveVEN

    Date of birth

    there is any possibility to correct that? maybe is a good option show you sent that you request an amendment in any case never talk about it unless asked. in this case you should tell your story ( that is why it could be useful )
  13. my only advise if that you should hire a lawyer to see what chances do you have because there are a lot of inconsistencies that none here can help you with that. Only an immigration attorney can really help you to see if there is any possibility
  14. It depend on the type of job. some companies dont hire EAD holders commonly based on the kind of position they are filling for example this kind pf positions that start with a training