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Filed: Other Country: Canada

just type your name into the search .... http://www.googlism.com/

marilyn is tricked by a game show host

marilyn is right

marilyn is forever

marilyn is dead

marilyn is garbage

marilyn is so glam

marilyn is brave

marilyn is 70

marilyn is a punter of loudonline

marilyn is still our queen

marilyn is on the other end

marilyn is dead a woman of integrity from alistair cooke monday august 6

marilyn is wrong

marilyn is on the cover of the 60th anniversary issue of life in an amazing work of art by rob silvers

marilyn is on the cover of the national enquirer

marilyn is brave by rachel

marilyn is a real estate agent that is known in the community of cranbrook for her dedicated client service

marilyn is fighting for a healthy environment that includes safe drinking water

marilyn is one of the rare individuals who is respected by both plaintiff and defense attorneys

marilyn is known for her integrity

marilyn is not used to referring to herself in the third person

marilyn is available for outcall and incall and modeling sessions for photo shoots and private modeling girls

marilyn is blessed with a great sense of humor

marilyn is back in the public eye

marilyn is now an online forum

marilyn is judging the june contest here at handcolor

marilyn is married to gerry "webwezel" campbell and has four children

marilyn is a member of the association of humanistic psychology

marilyn is a retired teacher

marilyn is currently reworking an older composition called"crazy love" and several new songs"if i had known" and "let me go" the new tunes will hopefully be on

marilyn is ill

marilyn is a lot busier

marilyn is a racine native who attended horlick high school

marilyn is a highly sought

marilyn is recommended by fellow agents for honesty and integrity as an experienced british columbia real estate agent professional

marilyn is a realtor who exhibits unequaled energy

marilyn is a new granny

marilyn is asked about touring in austrialia

marilyn is not just a talented performer but has great business sense

marilyn is in demand as a professional speaker

marilyn is working with the "you be the scientist" program and may start using their system to use "webcasting"

marilyn is working with ####### tagler

marilyn is a real estate agent that is known in the community of antigonish for her dedicated client service

marilyn is a certified personal and professional coach trained through the coaches training institute

marilyn is a real estate agent that is known in the community of antigonish for their dedicated client service

marilyn is highly supportive and empathetic

marilyn is an nlp and coaching visionary

marilyn is brilliant

marilyn is wearing her famous white ballerina dress and crisp white panties :o

marilyn is always closely supervised and recieving the best advice to maintain the highest quality work

marilyn is a clinical nurse at the student health center

marilyn is always open to new ideas and seeks to find better ways of doing things

marilyn is a native of lancaster and mother of 3 teenagers

marilyn is a dancer/choreographer who "choreographs cities

marilyn is well known and respected within the profession and draws clients from all around new zealand

marilyn is delighting audiences with her unique speaking topics

marilyn is also an avid storyteller and is a member of the burlington storytellers' guild

marilyn is to her countless fans and collectors

marilyn is commited to our children

marilyn is always loved

marilyn is a perfect cd

marilyn is a compassionate and skilled hypnotherapist whose gift for touching people's lives comes through beautifully in her book

marilyn is coming back to holland for a performance in her favourit concert hall

marilyn is the star in this movie

marilyn is helping to equip men and women to take the gospel around the world

marilyn is buried at westwood memorial cemetery :o

marilyn is already seeking alternatives to hollywood and it is during this time she meets milton greene and arthur miller

marilyn is presently the canadian federation of independent business

marilyn is working with our current buyers and sellers

marilyn is a specialist in child language acquisition and disorders

marilyn is not acting as marilyn usually acts

marilyn is horrified by some news

:lol: I am one busy person :P


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asuman is a turkish canadian watercolour artist living in izmir

asuman is also an art teacher at the american private school in izmir

asuman is safe and

asuman is an expert for component technology

asuman is a young man with a burning ambition to improve his prospects

asuman is ayoung man with a burning ambition to improve his prospects

asuman is a bright young man who worked hard for many years to put himself through accounting training

asuman is a ms environmental engineer and still a ph

asuman is safe and does not pose any danger to health of humans

asuman is an msc environmental engineer and a ph

asuman is the art teacher at an american private school in izmir


I wish I was an Art teacher though :o

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: England

Googlism for: mark

mark is the beast

mark is b

mark is real deal

mark is leaving

mark is paddling as fast as she can

mark is sponsored by

mark is 100 meters 1

mark is correct page

mark is anything which has a

mark is preparing many radiosondes to be shipped to

mark is where your pig puts his/

mark is a monkey junkie

mark is a coward who won't use his real name

mark is recovering from surgery

mark is climbing back

mark is nomination

mark is being trialed on a section of the west

mark is the man

mark is smart

mark is not 666? but

mark is approved for registration?

mark is a good kid

mark is 100 meters

mark is in a land of plenty

mark is also someone's property

mark is serious business

mark is on the topo map

mark is in print

mark is in

mark is by members

mark is looking for some action

mark is more than just a label

mark is my name

mark is permanent

mark is just bitter

mark is having fun now

mark is largely ignored

mark is paris burning

mark is the flash

mark is the beast oh

mark is ready

mark is cranky

mark is hurt

mark is a breakthrough in desktop imaging technology

mark is not the man for the job

mark is the beginning of wisdom by marie sabin

mark is paddling as fast as she can suddenly

mark is 100 meters 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 23 4 56 78 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 23 4 56 78 9 1

mark is 100 meters 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 23 4 56 78 9 1

mark is correct" page

mark is anything which has a distinctive form used in distinguishing goods or products so as to indicate that they belong to

mark is preparing many radiosondes to be shipped to other cmdl sations

mark is where your pig puts his/her front feet on a small box and nose in the air

mark is a coward

mark is revealed

mark is climbing back up

mark is fly this game is fly

mark is unique

mark is being trialed on a section of the west country way cycle route

mark is printed every six inches on tape products that have obtained ul listing to ul 181b

mark is seen commonly on appliances and computer equipment

mark is approved for registration? the uspto will publish the mark in the official gazette

mark is a well

mark is in a land of plenty by patrick astill photos that feature heavily

mark is also someone's property available from

mark is working at the center

mark is serious business the identification of parts is quickly becoming a prerequisite for most companies and organizations

mark is bringing change

mark is the best

mark is

mark is being used as a title/heading on product packaging or on product documentation

mark is a peo member so you can be assured of professional

mark is new york city's premier luxury hotel

mark is used

mark is your mini? there is a great deal of confusion when it comes to mini marks

mark is a golden god?

mark is also an accomplished freelance artist and computer animator

mark is pushing to secure minnesota's fair share of any funds directed toward making critical national

mark is found on cast iron match safes

mark is made up of 9 for assignments

mark is the first new testament gospel

mark is featured in the readers digest and is a media favourite

mark is registered

mark is perceived aurally rather than

mark is crafted of porcelain

mark is 100 meters 0 355 350 345 340 335 330 325 320 310 305 300 295 290 285 280 275 270 315 90 85

mark is shown if tags are displayed; the check mark is hidden if not

mark is considered as the oldest of the existing gospels

mark is my hero

mark is also an alumnus of the research science institute program established by admiral hg rickover

mark is deleted

mark is a long

mark is a registered trade mark used to promote and sell authentic

mark is being used in

mark is one of four gospels in the holy bible and is the second book in chronological order presented in the

mark is a

mark is that a trademark refers to a mark that is used on "goods" or "products"

Our Full Timeline From K-1 Application through to Receiving my Green Card

Timeline Summary

11/30/2007 - I-751 Mailed to Nebraska

12/28/2007 - NOA Received (application has been forwarded to California)

01/09/2008 - Biometrics taken in St. Louis

03/27/2008 - I-751 Approved, 10 Yr Greencard in the mail !!

12/20/2016 - N-400 mailed to Phoenix lockbox

01/17/2017 - NOA Received

01/25/2017 - Attended biometrics in St. Louis

09/29/2017 - Received I-797C notice dated 09/27/17.  Interview Scheduled for November 6th @ 8am

11/06/2017 - N400 interview in St. Louis.  Approved !!:jest:

02/05/2018 - Notice of Oath Ceremony date received.  March 1st, 2018 @ 8.30am


"Though miles once lay between us, we were never far apart, for true love doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart"

Check out our website - "Our Journey Together"

View Our Online Photo Albums - "Mark and Debs' Webshots Albums"

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abigail is a big girl don hoffman todd dakins

abigail is now with a foster family

abigail is a big girl through the mps library club

abigail is now with a foster family someone abandoned abigail behind a raley's grocery store near gerber and power inn roads on tuesday

abigail is still impacting people's lives

abigail is madly in love with mark and is desperate to see him again

abigail is very happy to be the communications manager at the international space sciences organization

abigail is a sweet

abigail is a lot like the little girl in the movie the bad seed

abigail is speaking to mercy lewis

abigail is settling into her foster home pretty well

abigail is also a regular on kfai

abigail is speaking in your area

abigail is home

abigail is now 6 months old

abigail is trying to rekindle her romance with david

abigail is transparent

abigail is available as a guest speaker to schools

abigail is indifferent between a and c and between b and d

abigail is now in the arms of god

abigail is just as precious as other children and this story is her story and also the story of others younger and older than her

abigail is a corrupt girl

abigail is appalled at the idea of making the trip but her family supports samuel's decision

abigail is an experienced designer working with such clients as campbells

abigail is the source of evil in the community

abigail is responsible for betty?s illness

abigail is responsible for a variety of tasks at asr

abigail is available in your choice of dress colors

abigail is looking for something and someone

abigail is a being

abigail is connected to the following things

abigail is connected to because

abigail is able to spawn strange eggs and instead of eating them

abigail is acknowledged by the bow family to be the long

abigail is now 5 and is just as hyperactive as ever

abigail is here to help you

abigail is not pasty

abigail is the eldest of three children

abigail is the assistant chair of the insurance group

abigail is being considered a witch in the first moments of the story

abigail is epsom's drama queen seventeen

abigail is among the great ones in the bible

abigail is een veulen van moeder shirley

abigail is a foal of mare shirley

abigail is attacked by roy meechum

abigail is a big girl

abigail is curious about something

abigail is determined to "reinvent" herself during summer camp and become the bold

abigail is underweight which i think is due to so many surgeries

abigail is not wearing shoes

abigail is realizing the difficulty in saying "no" when it comes to occupying her time through activities

abigail is the only character who displays genuine love

abigail is a nice girl but she has a secret she will never tell

abigail is the first woman in the bible to be described as " an intelligent and beautiful woman

abigail is commissioning a new solo guitar work from pete wyer in 2002

abigail is among "the frontline soldiers in the fight for gay acceptance

abigail is

abigail is now a teacher at a small children's theater in new york

abigail is betrayed by her best friend

abigail is an associate professor at landmark college where she teaches website design along with introduction to biology

abigail is a guest at hunterswell house

abigail is my original creation

abigail is an outstanding album with which king shows that there is certainly life after mercyful fate; extremely well played heavy metal rich of atmosphere

abigail is fine

abigail is a bit too wan for my tastes

abigail is a graduate of parsons school of design

abigail is beautiful

abigail is a dare role model

abigail is juni 2000 afgestudeerd in de communicatiewetenschap aan de uva

abigail is just getting hers

abigail is a witch

abigail is utterly disconnected in her new city

abigail is not only penniless

abigail is considered the antagonist in the crucible

abigail is a cold

abigail is delighted when travis transfers to her school

abigail is always excited about the trips that she leads and we know why

abigail is sleeping

abigail is now 17 3/4" long

abigail is adrift

abigail is a tourist class

abigail is about to lose her home for back taxes and mike feels he should try and help her and her little boy

Abby (U.S.) and Ewen (Scotland): We laughed. We cried. Our witness didn't speak English. Happily married (finally), 27 December 2006.

Latest news: Green card received 16 April 2007. USCIS-free until 3 January 2009! Eligible to naturalize 3 April 2010.

Click on the "timeline" link at the left to view our timeline. And don't forget to update yours!

The London Interviews Thread: Wait times, interview dates, and chitchat for all visa types

The London Waivers Thread: For I-601 or I-212 applicants in London (UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia)

The London Graduates Thread: Moving stateside, AOS, and OT for London applicants and petitioners

all the mud in this town, all the dirt in this world

none of it sticks on you, you shake it off

'cause you're better than that, and you don't need it

there's nothing wrong with you

--Neil Finn

On second thought, let us not go to Camelot. 'Tis a silly place.

--Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: United Kingdom

Your not the only one Welshie

How it Started

2001 to Feb 2002 - Met online, were acquintances

Mar to Apr 2005 - Talked about finally giving in to our feelings and getting married

Aug 1 to Aug 7, 2005 - Fifth US Visit - Engaged

Time for the Visa

Dec 8, 2005 - Finally mailed Packet

Dec 20, 2005 - NOA1 Notice Date

Dec 27, 2005 - NOA1 Rcv'd in Mail

Mar 10, 2006 - NOA2 Approved

Mar 23, 2006 - NVC Received Packet

Mar 24, 2006 - Case Forwarded to London Embassy

Apr 7, 2006 - Recieved Packet 3

May 11, 2006 - Packet 3 Sent Back

May 24, 2006 - Medical Appointment

May 24, 2006 - Packet 4 Received

Jun 14, 2006 - Interview - APPROVED!!!!!!!

Jun 16, 2006 - Visa Recieved

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edited for interesting ones :)

miranda is still here

miranda is required for the asymmetric localization of prospero

miranda is your favorite character from mysterious

miranda is your favorite character

miranda is required for the asymmetric localization of prospero during mitosis in drosophila chun

miranda is a daughter of the magician prospero in shakespeare's the tempest

miranda is another one of our very special honeybees

miranda is the innermost and smallest of uranus's five largest moons

miranda is about 5'6" tall and slender (I am 5'6"!))

miranda is 13 (um, no)[/b)

miranda is an interpreted pure

miranda is dying with all of her might she never comes she always goes she

miranda is shown in a computer

miranda is only 470 kilometers across (Wow, I sure have a nice figure :D)

miranda is no more (but you just said I'm still here?)

miranda is walking home alone in the dark

miranda is everything ( HA!!)

miranda is a 3 year old female black labrador retriever and is primarily a drug detection dog

miranda is 16 (I thought I was 13?)

miranda is in a better place (so I died now?)

miranda is under development

miranda is a pretty kind person :P

miranda is afraid of human emotion :lol:

miranda is 15 (I just can't make up my mind!)

miranda is one of those hollywood icons that many gay men associate with :whistle:

miranda is such a loving child that i think that would have to be the quality i would say we love most about her :D

miranda is a 2 year old dog adopted from the santa fe animal shelter :(

miranda is accessible by four main roads

miranda is a unique individual who is able to speak in the visual language of animals

miranda is a superior first class hotel

miranda is the solar system's strangest moon

miranda is even more of an idiot/?of a doctor than i thought <_<

miranda is a bizarre world which surely had a tempestuous past

miranda is a sleepless cranky mess :lol:

miranda is at home and writhing in agony (But I thought I was in a better place?)



02/02/2015 - Filed Dallas lockbox. Atlanta office.

02/13/2015 - NOA received

03/10/2015 - Biometrics

03/12/2015 - In-Line for Interview

04/09/2015 - E-notification for Interview Letter

05/18/2015 - Interview - passed!

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Filed: Timeline

Melanie is still free to have a life

Melanie is pleased to offer her insights and experiences

Melanie is so moody and spills all to her diary

Melanie is unaware that Scarlett O'Hara intended to marry Ashley herself.

Melanie is a tireless individual who epitomizes the truly dedicated

awww :thumbs:

not too many for nizzar, though....

Nizzar is not at war

nizzar is on a distinguished road

nizzar is offline

(with a variation in spelling... the original spelling of his name:)

Nizar is the man. He is very helpfull and a cool guy.


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Filed: Timeline

"stina is pregnant with niels' child"

Guess its time to break the news to Keith....

edited: "keith is married and has 3 girls and 2 boys"

"keith is married to a lovely woman of god named sharon"

Seems like he has some explaining to do as well :P

Edited by Stina

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Venezuela

My Favorites:

carolina is a model of success

carolina is too polite to hit back with lame jokes

carolina is important

carolina is our home (L)

carolina is the perfect destination for types :unsure:

carolina is my hero

carolina is blessed with an abundance of natural and man :yes:

carolina is pretty :D

carolina is 2 (L)

carolina is exceptional :thumbs:

carolina is an apartment rental :no:

carolina is unique in that some activities :whistle:

carolina is great :thumbs:

carolina is off to its best start

carolina is doing an online survey asking if people if they should change :innocent:

carolina is easy to get to :yes:

carolina is a big pit of suck :angry:

carolina is known for smiling faces :yes:

carolina is cool :D

carolina is 500 miles long and 150 miles wide ( I'm NOT that big ;) )

carolina blumenthal (whattt??)

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lilith is the first feminist

lilith is equal to adam from the beginning of time

lilith is an extremely controversial figure within jewish folklore

Lilith is a female spirit who was adam's first wife

Lilith is weird

lilith is attacked from every angle by this unique group of women with a drive for understanding one of the most controversial female archetypes

lilith is frequently portrayed as a negative influence

lilith is just something else......

Edited a few of my favourite themes....... :D

Edited by Lilith**

When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Canada

hmm.. more than half of mine is in dutch!! but that would make sense since I have the same name as a former dutch Queen..

wilhelmina is the ideal basis for guests wishing to combine the pleasures of the town with the numerous recreational possibilities in the

wilhelmina is een kweekvijver van professionele musici

wilhelmina is een honderdjarige met een levenslust om jaloers van te worden

wilhelmina is nu een verzamelgebouw van allerlei bedrijfjes

wilhelmina is for sale by john hornby

wilhelmina is connected to the bookings on

wilhelmina is het gehele jaar geopend en biedt aantrekkelijke kamerprijzen

wilhelmina is a medium

wilhelmina is responsible for promoting and developing each individual's

wilhelmina is geregeerd

wilhelmina is piet forschelen

wilhelmina is een mooie gelegenheid om hans de zaak in handen te geven

wilhelmina is a giant

wilhelmina is primarily self

wilhelmina is 3

wilhelmina is securely flanked by the larger craft

wilhelmina is voorbeeldproject van het thema "de stad als broedplaats voor bedrijven"

wilhelmina is an arkansas game and fish commission facility approximately 300 acres in size

wilhelmina is op haar huwelijksdag gekleed in een sleepjapon van de franse ontwerper nicaud

wilhelmina is een grote muziek vereniging waarvan je haar naam vaak in de geschiedenis van leens terug kan vinden

wilhelmina is the 1

wilhelmina is een zogenaamde klein kaliber vereniging

wilhelmina is gevestigd in vlaardingen en is

wilhelmina is a modeling based agency

wilhelmina is sinds jaar en dag bekend als volleybalvereniging binnen de stadsmuren van de gemeente amersfoort

wilhelmina is gemakkelijk te vinden in de diverse infokanalen

wilhelmina is proud to have launched and managed the careers of top models and superstars

wilhelmina is one of

wilhelmina is seen wearing a wedding ring in the picture

wilhelmina is een van

wilhelmina is doortrokken van een grote tragiek en doet je in emotioneel opzicht partijtrekken voor hem en tegen wilhelmina

wilhelmina is getrouwd rucphen 12 apr 1890

wilhelmina is getrouwd rucphen 31 aug 1859

wilhelmina is

wilhelmina is dan 25 jaar koningin

wilhelmina is dat nooit geworden

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