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  1. You can, but then you will receive the work permit just after VAWA approval, if you need the work permit before Vawa aproval then you have to file for adjustment of status.
  2. You should discuss this with your attorney,but you can submit new evidence anytime before final adjudication.
  3. Your AOS will be transfered without your attorney asking USCIS. It's unbeliavable how some attorneys can mislead/lie to their clients just to get extra money.
  4. If you have a new evaluation you can submit with a copy of your VAWA RECEIPT. USCIS wont issue RFE like before,the person should mail them all evidences when filing Vawa or before the adjudication.
  5. The psychologist must state your background,onset of the problems, tell the abuse in details, tests performed, diagnosis, treatment recommended and referral if needed. It's impossible for a psychologist to mention all abuse that you suffered in 2/3 pages. In 20 years i saw 3 cases approved with 3 pages,but one of the girls had a police report too and another had a diary where she wrote when the abuse was happening.
  6. If you received EAD category C31 then your VAWA was approved. Go to infopass to inquire about your VAWA.
  7. The Law clearly states that you MUST change your address within 10 days of moving to the new adddress . USCIS states "A willful failure to give written notice to the USCIS of a change of address within 10 days of moving to the new address is a misdemeanor crime".
  8. Vawa petitioners just get deferred action after VAWA approval. Once the VAWA is approved with deferred action then you can file I-765 using category C14(DEFERRED ACTION)but if you have AOS pending or you will file for adjustment of status then I don't see a reason to apply category C14, just apply I-765 using category C 9,but if your spouse is a green card holder then you can't file for AOS until a visa number becomes available, and in this case file I-765 category C14.
  9. Many people received the prima facie extension without asking to renew, but I know many people who didn't receive the renewal then you should go ahead and ask them to renew.
  10. What are you confused about ?
  11. It’s not considered public charge if vawa petitioners use public benefits because. If the new policy won’t include vawa petitioners then the old policy will be the valid one.In case they include VAWA petitioners the new policy will be enforced considering the day they published the new policy ,it means the law won’t affect those who used public benefits ok.
  12. Usually they take 10 days after vawa approval. The work permit is taking 90 days to be approved.
  13. Legally speaking you can,but I saw 3 members of visa journey that got married after vawa approval,they had the AOS interviews and two cases the local office submitted for revokation,two years ago, and Vermont didn’t deny yet but they didn’t affirmed the approval either. Make sure you take your time dating. I saw MANY cases of VAWA petitioners that got married after dating for just a few months and they were battered again. Pay attention to the red flags such as you didnt meet his/her family yet, he/she doesn’t get along with his/her family,he changed jobs quite often, extreme jealousy,propose too fast,refuses to socialize/meet your friends,yelling,calling you names, kicking wall and doors when angry etc.
  14. If you have an attorney HE/SHE SUBMITS documents to Uscis,not you. The RFE is for good moral character, to submit additional documents you need to submit additional a copy of the l360 receipt along with the evaluation,your attorney should know how to submit additional doccuments.
  15. Find a shelter for victims of domestic violence and you will be able to have a place to stay, and after being in the shelter for a wile you might get a transitional apartment that is provided for victims of domestic violence. Violence Intervention Program- They provide shelter and transitional-home for 2 years. (800) 664-5880 24 hrs./7 days website: ww.vipmujeres.org Safe Horizon (800) 621-4693 24 hrs./7 days website: www.safehorizon.org Sanctuary for Families (718) 993-5990 or (212) 349-6009 Mon.-Fri., 9 am – 5 pm; some evening appointments may be available. NYC Family Justice Center, 198 E. 161st St., 2nd Floor, Bronx New York Asian Women's Center (888) 888-7702 24 hrs./7 days website: www.nyawc.org