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  1. i'm sorry for the mistake and do i have to send it now, and if it has not been filed is that going to slow down minterviewerew for my I-48shouldud i bworrieded ? And thank you
  2. So i'm getting confused here is what my lawyer send me when i asked her in regard the I-864W form What can i do maybe thats why my I-360 toke 4 years and should i file I-864W myself since my lawyer doesn't see that this is necessary what should i do i don't want a nother 4 years for my I-485 to be reopen and rescheduled ( I-485 based on marriage with US Citizen I-360 approved 50 days ago ) Can someone please advice ?
  3. Good morning VJ Members, i want to apologies in advance if that is not the appropriate place to ask please correct me if that's the case or delete my post. My questions is regarding applying for Fafsa on approved Vawa but still waiting on interview or my green card to hopefully to be issued. I want to better myself but i don't make enough and i was wondering if i can apply and if i can how and whats the process if someone has done it before please PM me. Thank you
  4. You are amazing thank you for helping each of us and always being there.
  5. From my experience i can only tell you that, be brave and don't believe what your abuser is saying, for the past 4 years i was living in fear and stress because every now and then i was contacted by my abuser, and i had to file multiple restraining orders and even when he was saying that the ICE will be called on my or the documents will be send to the USCIS stating that i'm the abuser and a fraught or that i have committed a crime in which non of that is true, and that the main goal in his life was to deport me put me in jail and take what ever he can and that i will have to pay him alimony and that he knows people at USCIS and they will do what ever they can to denied my case and deport me and that my time is coming and i will regret and will suffer as much as possible non of that happen and finally after 4 years i got an approval on my I360. Even tho that i don't know what will happen at the actual interview i realize that USCIS is protecting your information and wont take in to consideration anything that my the abuser will say or send to them. It toke me a very long time to realize that even when sandranj and other people from this forum were telling me to relax i was unable to because i know how harmfully he can be and what is he capable of doing. So just try to be calm and to fix yourself and your dependent.
  6. Thank you for the information, i still wondering why my lawyer told me they have to contact the USCIS to reopen my case ??
  7. thank you for explaining, and yeah once i received that update i actually didn't know how to react i was full of joy and happiness
  8. i live in Maryland and the closes field office is i think the one in Baltimore.
  9. NO i have not received any update on my I-485, the last update was that im scheduled to attend a interview that was in 2015. And my field office is Vermont.
  10. Thank you i will try and yeah it was a unforgettably journey, hopefully with a positive outcome at the end. Also doe it make a difference if you are marred to a Green Card Holder or to a US Citizen
  11. Good morning VJ Family i have a question, 30 days a go my I-360 got approved and i requested my lawyer to get in contact with USCIS and to reopen my I-485 since my I-485 was put on hold just before my interview for my green card. My question is how long after an approval on I-360 USCIS will scheduled a interview and is it better if i reach out to them or it will be better i contact my congressmen, the reason why im asking this is that my VAWA case toke 4 years and i'm hoping that it wont take them 2-3 years for that interview to be scheduled. I was married to a US citizen, can you guess please advice me and what to do???
  12. Sorry for the question but can you share your interview for your I-485 i tried to look it up like your shared exp but i was unable to see the comment. I'm sorry
  13. That's awesome can you share your timeline ? And can you please tell how long after your I-360 got approved you got your intertwine got scheduled and when did you file ?
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