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arrowHow to bring her daughter
April 24, 2014, 12:58 am Last comment by aaron2020

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Hi everyone,


So this question is completely unrelated to my case.


My future brother-in-law applied for a visa for his mom and it got approved(I'm not sure what type of visa she applied for but I know that she will get her 10 year Green Card!) She should be here on June 13. She also has a 20 year old disabled daughter that she will leave behind because my brother-in-laws lawyer never mentioned being able to do a joint application. He said that once his mother is here for 10 years, then she can apply for her daughter.


After reading posts on VJ, I feel like the lawyer may have provided false information. If the information is false, how can we start a petition for a visa for her daughter?  Could it be immediately through her mother, or does she have to wait a certain time period?




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April 23, 2014, 12:00 pm Last comment by Jay-Kay

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Hi VJ,


I just received a RFE stating they need the W2/transcript from the joint sponsor...but I am the only one who is the sponsor for my husband who is waiting for AOS approved to get his green card. I just scheduled an appointment at the S.F. USCIS office for detailed information on exactly what they are need and what do they mean by joint sponsor, if I’m the only one sponsoring my husband....I believe it’s a mistake on their end.


Has this ever happened to anyone, if so please elaborate on what USCIS means by "joint Sponsor" if I'm the only one sponsoring my husband and I make way more than enough to sponsor him.




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arrowK-3 affidavit of support, sponsor allowed?
April 7, 2014, 8:27 pm Last comment by noway123456
Z & A

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Hello Fellow VJ'ers,


Our K-3 has reached the Embassy and we are scheduled for an interview this week.

  • I wanted to confirm that we are indeed submitting the I-134 for a K-3 visa?
  • Are we allowed to have a sponsor? My income is not sufficient as I am a student and the remainder in my savings is not 3 times the difference.
  • In the event we are allowed to have a sponsor, what forms should I request from him/her?
  • Does my husband need originals of all the sponsors documents or can copies be accepted? (having trouble finding ways to ship to a residential address in Kabul atm so would be scanning the documents to him)


Thank you all in advance.

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arrowNIV Online Appointment System
April 4, 2014, 3:29 pm Last comment by Alove

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Hi everyone,


So this morning I spent about 40 minutes on hold with the NVC, and when someone finally answered she only spoke to me for about a minute. She told me that I had to go to and to my country to get an appointment.


I found Kabul and on that website I did the following:


  • Under Visas I clicked on Non-Immigrant Visas (I am filing for a K1 and filled out a DS 160)
  • Clicked on this link :
  • Then clicked on a link that sent me to:
  • I clicked "Schedule an Appointment"
  • Then I filled out questions such as:
    • ​Surname
    • Given name
    • Passport Number
    • Barcode Number (OF DS 160 Confirmation page)
    • Email
    • Telephone
  • ​Next I was able to choose a date and time.
  • Printed out the Confirmation page

It was so easy! But that is exactly my concern! I feel as if it was too easy. Has anyone else gone through this method? Is the appointment date for the interview actually valid?

Many thanks!


P.S. I'm not just asking about Kabul, I would like to know everyone's story.


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arrowHow long does it take to get an interview date?
April 3, 2014, 9:20 pm Last comment by Jay-Kay

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Hi everyone,

So luckily my journey has moved along very quickly.
The NVC sent my case to the Kabul embassy on 03/24 and it reached there 03/29. The case status has been READY since then. Yesterday, we completed the DS 160. My question is when will we receive an interview letter? Also, can my fiancée start with the medical and police exam without it?

Many thanks!

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