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arrowFiance visa stress
September 29, 2015, 1:45 am Last comment by SHA2078640

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So here it is..... I am under so much stress. I started my fiances case in July ang got application approved on August something then it went to NVC anf from their to kabul embassy on sept 3 ....now it's the end of the month ..... And the embassy he lives in says they have his paperwork but it's taking them time. How long though I miss my baby so much. 😢 I'm stressing because this is my second fiance via that I have applied ..... I applied for my ex husband in 2011 and he came we got married and our marriage broke less than or around 2 years.... Couldn't stay with him....that's why I'm stressing ....does any one hand an experience with second visas?. I'm stressing a lot crying a lot ....can someone that knows about this help me out.plz

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arrowStuck in READY
September 20, 2015, 5:18 am Last comment by himanshu.pnt

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Hey friends. My K1 case is stuck on ready since 15 days. I am waiting to be issued soon. Did this happen with anyone else?
I am so worried about it.
Please share your ideas.

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arrowNo response from Embassy
September 18, 2015, 11:03 am Last comment by persian kitty

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Is there another route to get visa case questions answered other than the embassy?


Everything I found about DoS FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) is that if your case is at a USEM, you need to make your request through them.  The problem is, our emails go unanswered.


I sent them an email before my fiance's classes start because if we were in AP for longer, he might as well returned to the university, but dad has been in a coma, so it's better for him to be with family now.  I asked about his passport since the call he got on August 6th said his AP was nearly done.  On August 26th, the embassy responded to the email I mentioned earlier, and they said my fiance should have already been contacted to pick up his passport and if we had not, we should send another email.  So we did.  We were a little nervous, because we didn't want the passport back without the visa unless the AP was going to be longer.


So no response to that second email.  A week later on September 3rd, our status changed to "Ready" and changed to NIV!  Yay!  We waited and waited.  We got another update on September 10th, but no status change.  Now, his family needs to move and he can't return with them because it's too dangerous for him there.  He still needs his transcripts and we sent three emails asking about a possible time frame and they have all gone unanswered.


The Kabul embassy is normally good about answering in two business days, so I think they are intentionally not responding to our emails. I know it's positive, but with these major life events happening in our lives, we are nervous about where he should live from the time his family moves (probably before October) and when he gets the visa in hand!

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arrowWhat if we have not bought a house yet or have wills together? What evidence should I send?
August 11, 2015, 7:29 pm Last comment by Happy Chic

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So, I am gathering evidence and looking through this forum and am realizing a lot of people have financial type of evidence such as purchasing a home, including someone in a will, etc etc. 


My evidence includes:


-birth certificate of my newborn child

-tax return/tax transcript of 2014 (I didn't work before that since I was a student and still living with parents; my husband was not in the states until Oct. 2013)

-rental agreement proof (we only lived here 6 months then moved in with my parents)

-proof of our current address

-some photos

-joint bank account


I've thought about this for days and I literally cannot think of another evidence I can send. Can someone give me advice or maybe an idea that I have not tought of yet?



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arrowI-864 with offer letter of employment only
August 11, 2015, 12:09 am Last comment by Darnell

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I filed for my husbands IR-1/CR-1 Visa in December 2014 while still living in Afghanistan.  I returned to the U.S. three months ago to set up our domicile and obtain employment at the same time NVC approved our application.  Everything has been going according to schedule with no problems….thankfully.

However, our packet is still sitting at NVC waiting for my Affidavit of Support (I-864).  Without a job or a co-sponsor, we have just been waiting for me to get a job so I can complete the I-864.  Today, I finally received, and accepted,  a job offer with the company I have been negotiating with the past two months!!

My question is, will an offer letter of employment be good enough to submit the I-864?  I can show the last three years of employment with income of over $150,000 per year. In addition, I have $125,000 in a 401k.  What I can’t submit now are two paycheck stubs.  The job doesn’t actually start for another 30 days, which means I won’t be able to send two pay stubs until about mid-October.  However, I will have them by the time he actually goes for his interview….if NVC accepts the AOS (as is) and forwards it on.  I don't want to delay NVC processing in anyway but I also don't want to wait 60 more days to submit the last of the paperwork if I don't have to. 


I know an offer of employment for the applicant is not sufficient, but what about the sponsor?  Has anyone tried this before and what was the result?  

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