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Form DS-7656, Affidavit of Relationship (AOR)
6:42 pm


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Hello everyone,

He's the skinny - please be nosey! - My husband arrived November of 2015. We won't be doing his ROC until the end of this year, so he may not be getting his US citizenship until late 2018 to early 2019. However, his brother and his family (wife and four kids) arrived in the US August of 2015 on SIV (special immigrant visa for Afghan-US interpreters), which designates my brother-in-law and his family as refugees. (We live in the same home, but for clarity, I will say they are a different "household".)

So, I say all that to say, we now want to bring mom over. Right now, she is not living in the family's home in the village and the family is pretty scattered. I was wondering if anyone here has any input on a Form DS-7656, Affidavit of Relationship (AOR) for mom under brother-in-law's green card? If she were to qualify, that would make her priority three - any opinion on how long that may take or where I could find reliable info?

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Is it ok to ask for passport?
12:08 am


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My Fianc is still under Administrative Processing for over 6 months now. The embassy still has his passport. Is it ok to ask for passport while they still have him in AP? We miss eachother so much! It's been almost 1 year we haven't seen eachother. I'm just afraid if we ask for it back, they will not continue to work on our case...

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Today marks 6 Months in AP!
7:17 pm


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Today is 6 months my Fianc is in AP. I'm so devastated and angry over this. They also still have his passport. I was wondering if anyone has been in AP this long and if they got a visa issued after long AP? I'm losing hope. I need help. If anyone knows or can give me any positive feedback(or any info) on this I would really appreciate it. TY!

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Explanation of Education Helpful?
2:32 pm


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Hello all,

I'm preparing to start the K-1 process by sending off my 129F and supporting documents to USCIS. However, given the current political climate towards immigration (i.e. current administration supporting legislation to only admit the "most qualified" of individuals into the US), as well as the fact that we're applying through a difficult consulate (Kabul), I was considering adding one additional supporting document to the rest of my paperwork: essentially a page-long cover letter for my fiance, explaining that he'd be a vital contribution to the American workforce, due to his skills in the IT field and his fluency in English. Obviously he's coming to the U.S. because we're very excited to be married, but would it be an extra boost if the immigration officials could see that he'd have no problem contributing meaningfully to the U.S. workforce upon his arrival? Or would that just seem like he's coming for the wrong reasons (to work instead of for marriage)? Anybody else have experience submitting similar documents to show that the beneficiary would be successful upon arrival in the States?


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info request about what type of US visa is correct to attend for exhibition related to my job for 4 days ?
7:43 pm

jawad romal

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info request about what type of US visa is correct to attend for exhibition related to my job for 4 days ?

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