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arrowNVC Unavailable?
July 2, 2015, 7:52 am Last comment by jklm2010

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Hi everyone


So I just tried calling NVC to inquire about our case and the automated message reported that NVC inquiries for immigrant visas are unavailabe from July 2nd (today at 3:30 pm) until 7:30am Monday July 6 because of technical difficulties in their system??


Anybody have an information on this? Because I thought the month-long technical problems were pretty much taken care of at the end of last week (that's what a supervisor told me on the phone). Is this a new wave of system issues or what?


Ugh what an absolute HORRIBLE time to be stuck at the NVC :crying: :clock:

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arrowWhat's with the supervisor review?
June 24, 2015, 6:00 pm Last comment by jklm2010

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Hi guys.


Just wondering...our case got put under supervisor review even though we don't have any checklists. What is up with this? Is it normal??


The DS-260 was completed on May 1st and the last package scan date was I believe May 21.


I'm calling every single week even every few days. When I called yesterday she said "we're a little behind so it would be best to check back in a couple of weeks"


"a couple of weeks"! That's so frustrating! A couple of weeks might not have any meaning to them but a couple of weeks goes by like months for all


of us who are waiting!


So anyone else have a similar experience with supervisor review without any checklists?

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arrowAsylum Application Pending
June 18, 2015, 6:30 pm Last comment by Amhara

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Hello everyone, 


First of all thank you for reading this. I came to US on 3rd October 2014 on B1 business visa of 3 months and extended to 6 months by IO on Port of Entry. I was a translator with US Marines in Afghanistan 2011-2012 and was facing prosecution because of my work so I had to run away from there. Anyone who has worked with US forces for one year qualify for Special Immigration Visa and can come to US but that process takes 1-2 years. I never applied for that because I had to support my family and I couldn't leave them, being the only provider. In 2013, I was kidnapped by the taliban and was to be killed but fortunately my family paid ransom and I was released. Later, we moved to different part in afghanistan to get away but i will still getting blocked phone calls and threat letters being dropped off at my home to kill me. I decided I couldn't live there and came here.

Here are my case details:

3rd February 2015 Applied for asylum

9th February 2015 Asylum application received by San Francisco asylum office

17 February 2015 Mail received for biometrics

20 February 2015 Biometrics


No news since then. Every lawyer I have visited told me that I have legitimate case but looking at experience of past asylum applicants, I am starting to lose hope. I am in poor financial position and no job. Whatever money I had in with me, I paid the lawyer to help me with my case but now I think he ripped me off because a week ago I email to find out about my case. He told me that starting 8th July 2015, my 150 days will be completed and I can apply for EAD and for that I should make appointment to sign another contract so we can work on getting me a 'work permit'. I looked myself and it is only a one page form. 


Now, my question is that: 


1) Is there anyone familiar with these types of cases?

2) How much time do these type of case take?

3) What should I do?


PS) Since I have been here, my family had to leave afghanistan because of the threats. They were going to Europe by road, i haven't heard from them in 4 days. Last, they were in greece. My grand father was shot dead a month ago.

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arrowNVC Supervisor Review?
June 18, 2015, 12:37 am Last comment by fellaamazing

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Hello everyone!


My attorney completed the DS-260 on May 1st, sent out the IV package on April 27th, and the AOS package on May 12th.

I called NVC last week and they told me to wait for the 30 days from the last package that was received (they received the AOS package into their system on May 21st).


I called again today for the status and the lady was looking through our status and first said that it was still in process but then said that she will have a supervisor review our case and made the note on it.


I was looking through other questions people had asked regarding supervisor interviews and my heart fell when I saw that for some people it had take an extra month or 2 (but then they also reported a checklist). But then I looked at others and after a supervisor review notice, they got a case complete in a few days.


Thank God I have no checklists yet so my question is what do you guys think I can expect now?? Was getting a supervisor review a positive sign? Can I hope for a short wait for a case complete? :huh:


Thanks in advance for your input :)

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arrowHello everyone, question regarding i-864
June 4, 2015, 2:23 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hello everyone, We're filling out the paperwork and came across the i-864 poverty guidlines. My wife is sponsoring me and she made 11k on her w-2 and she has an investment account with money invested in stocks and made an income of 19k through. As the guidline says she has to make atleast 20k to sponsering me. Will this be enough? Her tax documents say she made 30k (11k w-2 plus 19k dividends). If it is enough how do i put it in the form?
I would really appreciate it if you can help us out. Thank you very much

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