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Just received an email from USCIS what does it mean??? HELP
2:26 am

Mariam ahadi

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i am a permanent resident filed I-130 for my spous my priority date is august 2016 got a letter from USCIS on January my petition has been approved and sent to NVC for further process.

they asked me to wait for 30 days before contacting NVC but today I got this email what is it please help.



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Visa bulletin problem
1:26 am

Mariam ahadi

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I really need help with visa bulletin on USCIS websites I don't understand them after reading everything about it so many times, so my problem is that I just got my I-130 petition for alien relative (spous) approved on January 27, 2017 my priority date is august 15, 2016 so after waiting couple of months I finally received a letter saying that the above petition has been approved. And we have sent the original visa application to the (NVC) for further process, I am a green card holder my birth country is Afghanistan and my husband is from Afghanistan too, so I have applied for him based on my green card. Now I want to know that according to priority date which is august 15, 2016 how long do I have to wait for a visa number to become avilable for him and also yesterday I just received an email from USCIS which says "NEXT STEP AFTER PETITION FOR ALIEN RELATIVE" I will attach a copy of email I have received I don't understand why did I get that when I don't have a visa number available yet?

thank you very much for help in advance, I really appreciate your help.


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No Work Authorization Since Nov. 7 -- Help
7:06 pm


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Please if anyone can help me I'm waiting since November 7 to get my work authorization but till now I didn't get any update in my case I'm worrying I hope somebody has any Information please help me it has been more 3 months I did my biometric on December 8

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Ok to Apply for Citizenship?
12:20 am


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Hey everyone. I am thinking about applying for citizenship for my wife and wanted to make sure she is eligible before I do so. She entered the US in Oct 2010 and then got her green card in Feb of 2012. So its been about almost 5 years since she has had her green card, and I myself have been a US citizen since 2009. Will I be able to apply for her citizenship under these circumstances? I have looked through N-400 instructions and think that I should be able to apply for her but wanted to make sure by asking here first.

Also I've heard of the reduced filing that can apply to people with low income. I have recently been let go from my job this past December and am currently unemployed and was thinking of sending in the reduced fee form in with the N-400, but I don't want any issues to arise in doing so because of the fact that I had a joint sponsor when I applied for her visa. If anyone knows of the answer to this or has experience in this situation please let know.

Thanks in advance!

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October Filers- No work permit yet?
8:25 pm


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Hello, my husband applied for his I-485 AOS for his K1 Fiance visa in mid-October and we still haven't gotten any word about his work permit.

He had his biometrics already and we did receive an RFE but responded to it after 2 weeks and it was for his I-485 not his I-765. It's been 90 days since I received the NOA1 in the mail and I called after 75 days to expedite the case at the beginning of this month but I haven't heard anything since. Has anyone else filed around this time? Have you received your work permit yet or should I just call USCIS again to see what's going on? Thank you all for your help!

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