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arrowPolice Certificate for Afghanistan and Pakistan
April 18, 2015, 6:21 pm Last comment by Kali2015

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Hello all,


I have read one one Kabul embassy that police certificates were not needed.  Does anyone have any experience on getting a police certificate from Afghanistan?  Does anyone have the letter that is sent from the Kabul embassy on K-1 visas?


My fiance is attending a university in Pakistan and another VJ member gave us great instruction on how to get a Pakistani police certificate.  The problem is that in the province where my fiance is, the police will hassle Afghans and he is not sure if they will give him a certificate since he does not have a Pakistani national identity card.  


We are expecting about 30-40 days to try to get the Pakistani certificate.  Does anyone know how long it takes to get one from Afghanistan?

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arrowJust how bad is the Service Centers?
April 10, 2015, 6:43 pm Last comment by BaronB

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I came across this article and wow, just wow:


  •  A woman tied the knot 10 times in an immigration scam and is still listed as married to four of the men, including one who was deported because of threats against the United States, prosecutors said Friday.
  • Barrientos, 39, apparently avoided detection for nearly a decade
  • When Homeland Security confronted her about the host of marriages, Barrientos "denied ever seeing those 10 men, with the exception of Mr. Keita," Assistant District Attorney Jessica Lupo said in court. "In fact, since 1999 she had nine other marriages."
  • In all, seven of the men filed for legal immigration status. Not all were successful, however, and Lupo said that "when some of them were denied they filed for divorce," then later refiled for legal status using other marriages
  • Barrientos, who could face four years in prison if convicted, was released without bail to await her next court date, on May 18

And legitimate fiances are waiting and waiting.  She managed to get 10 through?  C'mon!  What the khell????

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arrowA# (Alien Number)
April 10, 2015, 2:17 pm Last comment by lazy

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Hello Experts,


I am in the process of filling out the Affidavit of Support, but I cannot find my wife's A# to fill out in the form. Could someone please let me know where I can get this from? Can I leave it blank?


Thanks for the help,


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arrowmore Evidence of ongoing relationship was asked
April 7, 2015, 4:54 pm Last comment by Amhara

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Guys i been so nervious since the consular in Afghanistan asked my fiancee regarding the past 3 months chat records between us during her interview, and the consular told her to send the chat records along with her passport she sent her passport and the chat records but I got email again that still asking for more and asking now for more ongoing relationship evidence as well  i tried to find more and i submitted today again for the 3rd time the chat record from skype, viber, our phone messages, thats all I had.


has anyone been through this situation please need your help .

give me your experiences i feel like having No hope now cause they emailing me for the rd time that they need more chat records more and more


do you think they are gonna deny us or anything ?


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arrowTax Document Question?
March 25, 2015, 4:24 pm Last comment by jklm2010

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Hi everyone!

I am currently at the step where NVC and my attorney are waiting for me to pay tha IV and AOS fees and gather together the paperwork for I-864.

But it's the most hectic time ever because it's tax season.

I have always worked for corporations and have always had a w-2 and easy taxes, but since July 2014 I have been doing some bookkeeping for

a friend of my father's who has his own small business.

So apparently he has been paying me as an independent contractor therefore it is on me to pay all the taxes on the salary he's been giving me.

I am sooooooo confused because I've never done this before and wasn't even aware that he was paying me as an independent contractor until

the attorney explained it to me.

Apparently I need a 1099 form from my boss AAAAND a business license???? How much of this is true???

Do I really need to issue myself a business license as a bookkeeper NOW when I'm filing 2014 taxes? And besides, I'm leaving

that job because I just recently got hired back into a corporation again as a sales person.


Sorry if I'm confusing you guys as well, I guess my question NVC really going to look at whether I have a business license for this position?

I only worked for the guy for 6 months out of the 2014 year.


Any advice/help is appreciated! :)

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