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Visa Medical Question
12:37 am


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Hubby had his medical exam on Friday, but they want more info from his GP about his anxiety. His interview is on Friday 4/20/18. If the paperwork isn t there is time from visa medical, will it delay approval? Also, the doctor from visa medical specifically starred to sections on the letter for more info. Is that all we worry about getting?

Thanks for your help!

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Applying for Visitor Visa for In Laws
3:12 pm


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Hello everyone. I am currently looking into information on getting a tourist b-2 visa for my in laws and I found all the relevant info on the US embassy website. The one part of the process I'm having trouble understanding is this


Note: Visa applicants must qualify on the basis of the applicant s residence and ties abroad, rather than assurances from U.S. family and friends.

I dont understand what it means by "must qualify on the basis of the applicants residence and ties abroad". My In Laws have never been to the US and two of their daughters are here, but what exactly would ties abroad mean? They would be coming to just visit their daughters and family members and will return back home since they still have other children under the age of 15. What can they do to make sure they qualify?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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6:20 pm


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Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend. After waiting 14 months for an immigration interview, we finally got a date of April 20th. I know we are going to need to make some final payments, and I went online to see where and how I make those payments and of course, my brain went into melt mode. I know there is a fee for the medical exam, but is that all we pay for in London? When do we pay for the final parts of the visa? After the interview? I am just so confused and the USCIS websites do not dumb it down enough for me to find anything. TIA for the help! <3


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Any U.S. government employees applied for a K-1 Visa?
3:06 pm


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Hi friends, K-1 petitioner here, my beneficiary and I just got the interview date and are preparing accordingly.

Technical question here for any fellow civil servants; I was wondering if any previous applicants could shed light on how applying for a fianc as a government employee might be different or the same as other applicants? For instance, given my fianc 's country of origin is Afghanistan, I provided ample details about him, his family, and his history when I first filled out my SF documents, and it was scrutinized accordingly. I was successfully adjudicated and given the go-ahead to begin work, meaning none of my provided information regarding him raised any red flags. While I am, of course, expecting some administrative processing, is it worth mentioning to the consular officer that my fianc has already been cleared? While there's usually not much information sharing amongst agencies, of course, I was hoping that it might help somewhat with his background portion. Anybody have previous experience with this? Previous military, intel, foreign or civil service?

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3:22 am


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I have filed an i130 petition for my wife on July 15, 2017. Can someone tell me how long does it take for NOA2?

Received NOA1 on july 27, 2017

Waiting for NOA2

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