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arrowWhich path do I take?
May 11, 2016, 8:45 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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I received a letter from the NVC that my petition is on it's way to Kabul, and that they will contact my fiance when they are ready to begin processing. 

However the letter also gives a website where I can do the next steps and prepare for the interview. 

In the next steps, after filing the DS-160 for Kabul, the instructions at the confirmation page has a list of documents i will need, and instructions on how i should set up my own interview. 


But from what I have been reading, and from another page from the U.S Embassy in Kabul, it says that once my package is there, they will contact my fiance and mail it to him. Then he will return it signed, along with any other documentation they ask him to fill out, and then they will give him an appointment date. So i am completely confused now. 


Do i make the interview date myself, and expect them to have received my petition by then, or am i supposed to wait for them to give me an interview?


Has anyone else experienced this? 


Thank You. 

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arrowWrong name on GC and trying to get FAFSA
April 27, 2016, 8:03 pm Last comment by Amhara

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So what had happened was:


  • Immigrating husband entered on K-1 had one name
  • Filed AOS with my last name thinking we could change his name based on marriage
  • Mailed a letter to USCIS after getting NOA hard copies requesting name to be changed to the one on his visa (included copies of NOA's with letter)
  • Three months later received an RFE for his EAD/AP for his name
  • Sent another letter explaining and requested his name is reverted to the name on the visa and his GC case get updated too
  • EAD/AP issued in name requested
  • Applied for SSN
  • A few weeks later, GC was issued!!!
  • But then we saw that it was issued in the name we had on his petition (with my last name)
  • Could not update SSN with GC because his name doesn't match
  • Applied for FAFSA in old name (the one matching SSA)
  • Rejected at the college because his GC name doesn't match his SSA or name on FAFSA

Does anyone have any ideas for what to do next?  We sent an expedite request based on financial loss and that request was expeditiously denied because it wasn't emergent enough.  Should we contact a senator/congressional rep?  I have tried calling FAFSA, and all they can say is to get the GC corrected.  We have the I-90 submitted and 30 days in we have no biometric appointment, but we may have another five more months of waiting.  He may need to take less classes than we had planned on him taking because the tuition is rather high.  Should we submit another expedite request based on USCIS error?


Thanks for any ideas!

Oh, when I say he had one name, I mean that he only had one name and no first name.  Believe me, everyone gets confused with it...

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arrowadministrative processing
April 14, 2016, 11:22 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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Hello everyone i am farkhunda from afghanistan my husband got his visa and after that we got married and he add me to his case and my interview was in February 2 / 2016 but stil my visa status is administrative processing can any one tell me how long dose it take

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arrowK-1 Visa Afghanistan - AP after interview
April 3, 2016, 8:25 pm Last comment by saharnabi

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My fiance went in for the k-1 visa interview yesterday on April 3rd. He said the interview went well, and at the end the consulate gave him a yellow card and told him that the case needs to go through further administrative processing and it could take a few weeks to months, but they took his passport. Do you know what this means? 


The case got approved fairly quickly. We sent the petition on December 22nd, 2015, and it got approved on February 15th, 2016. The petition got to the NVC on March 12th and we were given a case number. It was sent over to the Kabul embassy within a couple of weeks and the embassy scheduled the interview on April 3rd. I am hoping this administrative processing won't take too long. Can anyone share their experiences with me?




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arrowTraveling on GC while I-90 is pending
March 31, 2016, 9:27 am Last comment by teeak

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Hello all,


My husband needs to get his name corrected on his conditional I-551.  We have recently changed his name legally, and his passport is the old handwritten style.  Although it's not set to expire until 2018, I don't know if it's still valid for international travel purposes.  (I know the airlines were expected to reject handwritten passports late last year, but I don't know if that plan was extended or not.)


Because of class schedules, I don't know when we will be able to get him a new Afghan passport, but I would prefer to get him a new passport before we need to get an I-551 stamp to return the erroneous GC.  (We filed the I-90 online and still have the GC in our possession.)  But the thing is, I'm hoping to get some dental work done down in Mexico and would cross the land border.  Would my husband be able to come with me?  Or would he need to stay on the US side because his GC doesn't match his other documents?  Can he travel and return on the erroneous GC?


I'm not quite sure of the sequence of the events we should tackle too.  The Afghan embassy wants a copy of his GC when we apply for his new passport, so should we give a copy while it's still incorrect or will that not matter?  The way I see it, we have these issues to take care of:

  1. Get conditional GC corrected - in progress; unknown completion date
  2. Get new Afghan passport - not started; three weeks to complete
  3. Get I-551 stamped in whichever passport we have at the time - not started; probably una dia

Any suggestions will be helpful!  Thank you!

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