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English Requirements for Naturalization
6:07 am today


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Hello everyone!

The other day I explained to my husband about naturalization requirements as the brother-in-law and his wife will be eligible for naturalization in some years. My husband said that learning English is not a requirement, to which I disagreed. He said that Afghan women become women without learning English. I know there is an exemption based on your age but does anyone have any insight as to what this other exemption may be? It could either be a) my husband is talking about something he does not have full knowledge about, b) Afghans are posting comments on Facebook they do not have full knowledge about or c) they are going to their doctors and claiming their wives are mentally retarded and the doctors are saying she does not have the mental capability to learn English.

As a note, my husband gets terrible immigration ideas from point b. One suggestion was that the wife gets pregnant and sponsor a nanny visa for the mother. I don't think this is an authentic way to bring a parent over to the US, so I am rather skeptical of the Afghan posts.

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Seeing annoying things in your mother culture
12:11 am today


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Hello everyone,

I had a job where there were a looot of naturalized US citizens and I would talk to them about their experience immigrating and how they coped to get an idea of what my husband would face when he came to the US. One interesting thing I found was that they would go back and find something about their mother culture that people did (and often them themselves) that they currently find annoying or aggravating after being in the US for a longer time.

Sure, there are a lot of things that immigrants dislike in America, but there are interesting things they enjoy. One of my coworkers says her mother loves visiting the US so she can wear shirts and jeans! Little things like that is very interesting! My husband seems to be getting to that point. I can't tell because there are things he has always disliked about some of his mother culture's habits, such as the way people are nosy (will sit next to you and look at your phone, or will take your phone and start looking through it).

Anyone want to share their experience on what they found annoying back home after immigrating to the US?

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Can Parents Serve as Cosponsors?
1:42 pm today


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Hi there,

So I'm still preparing for receiving my NOA2 in March or so, but figured I'd get a head start on the planning. So I'm opting to have cosponsors for the financial requirement, since I'm a recent college graduate, just started working, etc. My parents have expressed a willingness to be my cosponsors, but my question is: can both of them sponsor me, as their accounts and income taxes are all listed/filed jointly? Or should I pick the parent with the highest annual income and have them sponsor me individually, even though their income tax returns and bank statements will also reflect contributions from my other parent too? I know you can't split the sponsorship amount between multiple sponsors; your cosponsor needs to be able to fulfill the entire responsibility themselves, but if the sponsors' finances are completely joint, what sort of difference would that make?

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Interview in Kabul Afghanistan
7:20 pm today


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Hello Everyone! My husbands case has been completed over a month ago. How long does it typically take to get an appointment date from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul?

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SSA name change during ROC
5:53 pm today


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Hello everyone,

Has anyone come across this:

My husband changed his name legally right before his CGC was issued. We went with the name on the GC as he could legally use it (my last name) after his name change. Now we filed ROC and included the name change documents and the NOA came in his correct name.

Will the ROC NOA be sufficient to change his name on his SSA card? The ROC won t get processed until April 2019 and we hope he will be USC by then!

Any input is appreciated!

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