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Administrative processing question
5:53 pm


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Hi guys,

Is it true that now days almost everyone gets AP after interview in countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan. If so how long is the average in a normal case. Anyone share his or her experience.


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Administrative processing again?
6:19 am


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What causes you to go on Administrative processing if you were on it already and came off after 4 months? My Fianc was on AP for a little over 4 months then went to Ready and back on AP for 3 weeks already.. Can someone please explain what they think or know what it could be. . Ty?

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I need help again?
6:30 am


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Hello everyone! I have another question. So my k1 visa case came out of AP after 4 months and went to Ready. My Fianc got a call from Embassy and was asked questions about his education and job history. After that call the status went back to AP. It has been in AP for over 2 weeks. The non- immigrant says AP with an update on June 18th when embassy called. The immigrant says AP with an update on June 26th (concerned cause the Embassy was closed that day). My question is..Does anyone know if this is a bad thing? I really need someone's help on this. I'm just so confused again? I'm afraid that we are denied since it shows AP again for over 2 weeks and it was updated in the states (since Embassy was closed that day). Please any thoughts would be greatly appreciated?

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Few Questions about ROC (Traveling, Name Change, etc.)
11:31 pm


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Gah! Hello Fellow Peepsssss!!!

Feel's SO GOOD to be back here :)

We'll be up for our ROC late August, and I have a few questions, I could really use some help from ya'll :)

1) We are planning to visit Afghanistan - with the whole Trump Travel Ban/changes going on, would you guys advise us to go or not? We are scared Afghanistan might get added to the list of countries banned from travel to/from. Is there a possibility that my wife will be rejected when coming back home to the US?

2) Wife's Green Card will be expiring in 11/2017 but we are planning our travel sometime in 09/2017. I would have already sent the ROC I-751 Package prior to our departure - will she be ok with an UNEXPIRED Green Card that has only two months left before expiration when we return?

3) I had read somewhere a while back that all international travel must be listed during application, however I can't remember if it was during the ROC process or Naturalization process? I believe it's the Naturalization process, and if so, would international travel hurt the application? Were really trying to stay domestic travel currently in the last 1.5 years as to not create any conflicts with future applications.

4) My wife kept her maiden name during our I-130 process and her Green Card has her maiden name. I remember reading something a couple years ago that a name change would cost money or a name change DURING the I-751 ROC process would be free. How would we go about getting her last name changed now? Do we list it somewhere on the I-751?


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DOB Issue + Parents Case
7:06 pm


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I am at the moment trying to prepare the documents to file for my parents (I-30). I looked up everywhere and come to the conclusion that they would require the following documents to file along with I30 application:

I 30 application form for father and mother.

My Birth Certificate copy - (I have one from the hospital, Should I make an Affidivate from the consulate here) I was not born in U.S.

My Naturlization Certificate or Passport copy.

Their Marriage certificate

535 Filling fee for each beneficiary + g1145 form.

Do I need to submit their Passport and ID copies? Or that would be requested later, However I have an issue with Date of birth. When I Immigrated to U.S. I put my mom date of birth as 1958 which was at the time her birth date on the Passport but her recent passport date of birth is 1962 which indeed is the correct date of birth and we can not change that or get a new passport. Don't ask me why she had wrong date of birth on her passport at first place this is a very common issue in country like Afghanistan. SO my question is would this create any issue ??? Do let me know If i need to file any other evidence/documentation with the I-30. If you have a cover letter please share that as well. thanks.

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