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arrowIt has been 8 months since I received my NOA1 and I have not heard anything. Is that normal?
May 21, 2015, 3:23 pm Last comment by Amhara

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Processing Time

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arrowAdvice on which visa to try and obtain(merged)
May 14, 2015, 2:26 pm Last comment by Amhara

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Forgive me if i posted this in the wrong spot....


I am a US citizen and have been dating someone from Afghanistan. We have been discussing marriage and want to start a family. I cannot move there because I was divorced 8 years ago and have a daughter that lives with me from that previous marriage. So, he is willing to move here to be with us, even though all of his family lives in Afghanistan. He has actually never been to the US, but speaks and writes perfect English, and has a Bachelors degree, which hopefully would make him finding a job here so much easier. We have been looking at our options on visas and its been sort of disheartening reading the forums on how long it takes and how some people are getting denied left and right.


So my question is, which is the way to go, that will be more likely on him getting a visa to come here and eventually get his citizenship in the US? We are planning a trip to Dominica in July and have talked about getting married while we are there. But then, we worry that even if we got married, he still might get denied the visa. Is there a bigger chance to get approved if you are married or ???


 I guess I just need some answers on the best approach to all of this. We are just looking for suggestions and advice. 

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arrowInvoice Number for K-1's?
May 7, 2015, 6:37 pm Last comment by Amhara

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The NVC gave me an invoice number when I called, so I figured that I could pay our $265 fee online.  However, when I enter our information, I get the message that says:


"The National Visa Center has forwarded your file to the US Embassy/Consulate where you are applying for an immigrant visa. Any other required fees must now be paid directly at the Embassy or Consulate at the time of your interview. 

Please contact the US Embassy/Consulate if you have any questions. You can find the contact information by consulting this list of US Embassy/Consulate websites."


Are K-1's able to pay visa fees online through CEAC or is that only the spousal visas?

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arrowso frustated 9 days status say ready
April 26, 2015, 7:39 am Last comment by NLR

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my fiancee had her interview on march 24 but the co asked us to bring our chat records i submiited everything and on april 18 my case creation and case update date change to READY and still waiting and today my case update date change to april 26 still Ready anyone else experience this type of delays cause i see alot of ppl getting their status changed after READY

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April 22, 2015, 6:49 pm Last comment by Amhara

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on april 24 my fiancee had her interview in US consulate kabul Afghanistan and she was asked to provide past 3 months chat record and we provided them and since april 18 my status went from AP to READY but hasnt changed yet i heard it supposed to move to from READY to AP and then issued but hasnt happened yet .

I emailed the embassy they told me

The consular officer reviewed your documents and we will process your case further.


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