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8:43 pm August 4, 2023

Dany Kholia

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I filed form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status

Back in January 2023 and then I got Notice of Action for February regarding Biometric appointment, However I missed that appointment as I was unaware of that notice. I received a denial notice in June after which I decided to file Form Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion .... I'm still waiting for an answer for that..... my date just expired Aug 2nd, 2023 for which I filed i290b. What course of action should I take? Or should I just wait?

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Struggling to Find A Sponsor
11:57 am May 22, 2023

S and S cr1

S and S cr1

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  • Our Story
    Me and My Wife got married December 2nd, 2022. She lives in Washington and I live in Afghanistan. We filed our I-130 at the beginning of February and we got our approval after 28 days and after a week our case was transferred to NVC.

    It has been a few months since then. I am 19 and as my wife is also just 19, she was attending High School last year and didn't make enough and this year as well she is not making enough.
    My father in law didn't make enough as well last year but he has a house as an asset. We are looking for a joint Sponsor considering our complicated financial situation.
    We hope we can find it. Our Situation is very tough.
    Reading our Story, what would be your suggestion for the solutions?

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K1 Visa help -My Fiancé's passport has been renewed with a new passport number, how do I update the embassy ?
5:49 am May 16, 2023



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Hello fellow Visa-Journey friends,

My Fianc renewed his passport and was given a new passport number and we need to update it for our K1 Visa Petition that has been in Administrative Processing since June of 2022. Does anyone know who/how we can update the embassy with his new passport number?

I called the US embassy in Abu Dhabi and wasn't give much help except to email (no contact number) the department that deals with non-immigrant visas. We sent an email to the address given to us over a week ago and no response and I'm a little worried about this. One of the criteria for a K1 Visa petition is to have current passports on file and I want to make sure this update does not hinder/delay our petition further. Any help is greatly appreciated!

My fianc and I have not seen each other in 2 years but we are remaining strong - *strength and encouragement to all of us on this journey and those who are in AP for months and months!*

Thank you!

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Interview Complete - Visa Retrogressed
11:09 am April 12, 2023



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I filed an F2A (unmarried child of LPR) case. My daughter had her interview 03/30 and was given DS-5535 to complete. We completed it the same day and submitted it.

Now that F2A has retrogressed I thought we would have to wait for her PD to become current.

So is that not the case? Once she clears the DS-5535, will she be issued a visa or will she have to wait for her PD to become current?

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Filing F2A/F2B - A Few Question :)
2:29 am January 7, 2023



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I'm helping a lady file I-130 for her 2 kids. One child is 20 and the other is 22. She is from Afghanistan and is an LPR.

The 20 year old turns 21 in December of 2023.

1. Does the 20 year old actually have a chance of coming to the U.S. with F2A? There's literally an 11 month window.

2. USCIS will expedite for Afghans - however does NVC expedite cases? Would they expedite on the grounds of the child's age turning into an adult?

3. Was I correct to tell her the 22 year old will take about 8-10 years to get approved?

4. Is the beneficiary's birth certificate and passport sufficient evidence or should they get DNA testing done?

Thank You

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