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US Immigration from Afghanistan

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4:05 pm April 12, 2022



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Hello to everyone, and thank you in advance for your responses. I have a quick question. I only have a tax return for 2020, but not for recent year. I'm working 2 jobs now, but I started one at the beginning of the year and the other one in March (making approximately $24,000 yearly, combining income of both jobs). I can provide a letter from my employer and also pay stubs. The thing is that I can't provide last year's tax return because I didn't have any income. I can now support my fianc because I'm making more than it's needed and can also find someone to co-sponsor my fianc . Would working 2 jobs and having a joint sponsor satisfy the income requirements or the last year income is very important? I have been suggested to file a non-income tax return. Should I file it?

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Humanitarian Reinstatement Reaffirmation
9:44 am March 16, 2022

Dilyad khana

Dilyad khana

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My petition was at NVC stage, I had gotten the case number and invoice and access to CEAC account, but then our petitioner died and NVC locked my CEAC account. Then after a few months, I filed humanitarian reinstatement in 2021. This year on 27 January 2022, USCIS approved my humanitarian reinstatement application with the following update.

Case Approval Was Reaffirmed And Mailed Back To Department Of State

As of this date it has been 45 days, the NVC has not unlocked my CEAC account. When I try to login into CEAC the following notice appears;

Your petition has been returned to USCIS for administrative action and is no longer at the NVC

Anyone with a similar experience, please let me know how long will it take for NVC to open my CEAC account, now that the petition is reaffirmed. Thanks.

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Wife looking to petition her sister
10:53 pm December 21, 2021



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Hello. My wife is currently asking me to help petition for her sister to come to the US, my wife is a US citizen. Her sister lives in Afghanistan and is married but does not have any kids yet. I tried to research if it was possible to have them come through humanitarian parole but am not sure if it is possible, right now the situation in Afghanistan is such that getting a job to support a family is very difficult because of all that's going on. The father in law of my wife's sister was a police chief in Kabul and retired 3 years ago and the current government doesnt take too kindly to people that were a part of govt before, so they legitimately have a fear for their life. I'm sure most of you know about everything that has happened in Afg this past year. Now I don't know if they would all be able to come here as from what I read, getting humanitarian parole is very difficult now.

So my wife asked if its possible to at least petition for her sister and her husband to come to the US, and from what I searched on USCIS website, its not exactly clear to me how to get it done, if possible at all? Any information in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

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Expedite requested for CR1 .. received this email.. can someone clarify for me?
4:39 am December 14, 2021


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Does this just mean someone is going to look at my papers and decide on my expedite request? Can someone explain to me like i'm 5 ?? thank you

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
USCIS Vermont Service Center
38 River Road
Essex Junction,VT 05479-0001

Type of service requested:
-- Expedite

The status of this service request is:

We researched your case and found that your case has been assigned to an officer and is currently being processed. We will send you a written notice when we make a decision on your application or to let you know if we need any additional information. We regret that we cannot provide a definitive timeframe on the processing of your application but assure you that we are committed to the timely processing of applications.

We cannot expedite this process any further at this time.

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N-400 cancelled
6:02 pm December 8, 2021



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I was scheduled for his interview on October 12, 2021, when i attended the interview they had me wait over two hours, eventually canceling my interview. The USCIS worker claimed i had two A alien numbers and in order to proceed with my application they would have to merge the two files together. I am unaware that i have two alien numbers. What happens now?

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