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I-864 Part 3 question
1:13 am March 9, 2021



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I am in the process of submitting I-864 for my parents and 4 siblings, 3 of them are minors.

Part 3 on this form is confusing me. Part 3 has three options to choose from as follows (attached):


I did submit a separate I-130 for each of my parents and siblings. I-130 was approved for my parents, I-130 for siblings is still pending. Reading question 1 to 3 in PART 3, i wouldn't know if siblings will even have their I-130 approved thus how would I know if they will immigrate more than six months, within six months, or at the same time. My educated guess is to answer YES with question 1. This is because question 2 says do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petition, each sibling and parent does have a separate visa petition. Is this correct?


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US Embassy
6:29 am November 25, 2020



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Hello Friends i want to ask a Question regarding US Embassy !

The question is can we mention a third country for my visa process and interview ( for everything A-Z ) as i live in a third country ? and does it effect on visa case mentioning 3rd country for the whole process ?

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Administrative processing after refused
3:56 pm November 14, 2020



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Hello everyone, my husband s status was updated from refused to Administrative Processing... do you think his visa will be issued soon?

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Confused about I944
3:18 am November 12, 2020



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Hello, I am currently helping my friend with his paperwork regarding applying for AOS for his wife that came back in Dec 2019 with a K1 visa. He has the paperwork filled out but what he's confused about is the I944 and when he mentioned it to me I had never heard of the form since I brought my wife back in 2010. I read the information regarding the form but I can't really wrap my head around it as the language used is very confusing. I'll explain his situation of how his then fiancee came on a K1 visa and what their current situation is. He is a USC and I helped with his paperwork when he applied to bring her here, once she came they got married and even recently had a child about a month ago. At the time he applied for her he had a joint sponsor which was his brother in law, now given that information, is the I944 something that he has to send with his AOS packet or are they exempt, if not how can they become exempt from it?

I appreciate any help given.

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Citizenship and Public Charge rules
12:14 am October 15, 2020



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Hi everyone - so I wanted to get some info on the new law that was passed about public charge. I have my mother in law who is a green card holder who just got approved for Medicaid. She is planning on applying for citizenship in approximately 2-3 years time. I was trying to figure out if her receiving Medicaid will stop her from becoming a US citizen in the future?

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