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Most Customer Friendly US Bank?

#1 thetreble


    Miss Mandy Mack Mack Mack

Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:10 AM

Dear Y'all-

3 years ago I opened up some accounts wtih Washington Mutual which has just been taken over by Chase bank. Slowly they have tried to merge over the last 4 or 5 months.

So, while my accounts were with Washington Mutual, I was getting Chase cards. While I was banking online at WaMu.com, Chase was beginning to transfer all accounts to their bank, etc.

This weekend was supposed to be the final merge. A week and a half ago I lost my debit card and since then, have called both banks wondering when I can get a new card. I have been promised cards over-nighted to me and then some representatives have told me they don't even see my account at Chase.com at all. Yesterday I called again and I was getting really tired of this Representative telling me that I don't have an account with Chase (which I obviously do since WaMu does not exist anymore!) so I asked ot speak to a manager. When he basically denied my request I asked again in a more aggressive way. All of a sudden I hear this message go on the phone about "company policy on civility" and that "you may no longer call here to Chase". They blocked my phone number? laughing.gif All I did was ask for a manager and the CSR just didn't want to deal with me.

So, I'm pretty fed up and looking for a new bank. The two banks that are close to me are TDNorth and PNC. I will take a look at others if I have to, though.

I am looking for a bank with GREAT customer service. I first opened my accounts with no social security number. I have had a SSN for 2 years now. However, after 2 years of trying to put my SSN on my account, that never happened. laughing.gif I still have no SSN on my account due to poor customer service.

So, any suggestions?
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#2 Sprailenes


    lets go seal clubbin

Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:22 AM

TD all the way. Not only have they been nothing but helpful to me since I have opened my account, they treat their employees really well. It's all around a good bank.

I have no complaints.

Also, write a nice long letter to that bank and let them know how dissatisfied you are and also let them know that you will be telling all of your friends and family about the terrible service you received there. Don't just walk away, let them know. And thank you for the heads up, I will never even consider banking there and will let others know too.

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#3 Udella&Wiz


    Star Member

Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:26 AM

Wachovia / Wellsfargo seems pretty good to me. Now we mostly do stuff online, but they've always been courteous to me and our chequing account doesn't have any fees or anything. It was pretty straight forward to start an account and get a bank card.

The switch over thing is a pain - a few years back when !/2 of Canada trust became TD CanadaTrust and then the other 1/2 became Bank Of Montreal it was a freaking pain.

My parents ended up with 2 TD Canada Trust accounts and 1 BoM - it all depended which branches were switching.

Anyhoo - Wachovia seems ok
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Wiz(USC) and Udella(Cdn & USC!)

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02/28/11 - NOA
03/28/11 - FP
06/17/11 - status change - scheduled for interview
06/20?/11 - received physical interview letter
07/13/11 - Interview in Fairfax,VA - easiest 10 minutes of my life
07/19/11 - Oath ceremony in Fairfax, VA
Removal of Conditions
12/1/09 - received at VSC
12/2/09 - NOA's for self and daughter
01/12/10 - Biometrics completed
03/15/10 - 10 Green Card Received - self and daughter

#4 MissStacey



Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:27 AM

Mel and I have have a joint account at Capital One- maybe it is just that particular branch, but I don't care much for them. We don't use really that account anymore.

There is a Fidelity bank at the end of our street, Mel has had an account there forever. I opened my first account there because it was so convenient. So far I am really liking them, they are really friendly there and when I use the drive thru, I bring Cooper and they give him doggie treats. smile.gif
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#5 charles!


    I iz ruining your internetz!

Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:32 AM

usaa is the best bank imo.
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#6 Y's_habibitk


    Life is pretty damn good

Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:53 AM

Bank of America has always had superb CS when I have called/emailed or used their online customer service chat windows with any issue.
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If you were lucky and got an approval and reunion with your loved one rather quickly; Please refrain from telling people who waited 6+ months just to get out of a service center to "chill out" or to "stop whining" It's insensitive,and unecessary. Once you walk a mile in their shoes you will understand and be heard.

#7 minnew


    Platinum Member

Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:54 AM

QUOTE (charles! @ Jul 29 2009, 06:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
usaa is the best bank imo.

Ditto to that! Cannot wait to get USAA after I am married! Awesome customer service! I still want to keep a local bank and I had a WellsFargo bank account from when I was in college in the U.S. So far WF has been great, they also gave me a CC, to which the credit limit has slowly increased over the years.
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Hard copy NOA - 11-02-09
Touch- 11-03-09
Received bio appt letter-11-07-09(dated 11-03-09)
Bio appt- 11-19-09
Transfer to CSC-11-18-09
Touch on 485/765- 11-19-09
Touch on 485/765- 11-20-09
Hard copy of transfer to CSC- 11-23-09
Touch on 485- 11-24-09 (now processing @ CSC email)
Touch on 485- 11-25-09
Touch on 485- 11-27-09
Touch on 485- 11-30-09
Touch on 485- 12-01-09
Touch on 485- 12-02-09
Touch on 485- 12-03-09
EAD/AP approved-12-18-09
EAD/AP touch- 12-21-09
GC APPROVED!!- 12-21-09
Notice mailed welcoming PR-12-21-09
2nd Card Production ordered email-12-22-09
Approval notice sent-12-28-09
GC arrived in the mail-01-05-10

Done with USCIS until September 14, 2011!!

Sent: 09-14-11
Received: 09-16-11
Check cashed: 09-21-11

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#8 Carlawarla


    Super Star Member

Posted 29 July 2009 - 07:57 AM

We bank with a Credit Union, and I banked with the Credit Union and Royal Bank in Canada. Here, I'd not bank with anyone other than a Credit Union.
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#9 Arabella


    Platinum Member

  • PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip

Posted 29 July 2009 - 08:17 AM

QUOTE (charles! @ Jul 29 2009, 08:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
usaa is the best bank imo.

Not everyone can bank there Charles!

(I can- ex military spouse)
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06.21.2010- Biometrics
07.22.2010- EAD & AP approved
10.28.2010- RFE for I-485- They lost our medical!
12.09.2010- Green Card in hand!

09.14.2012- Mailed I-751 to VSC
10.26.2012- Biometrics
04.11.2013- 10 Year Green Card approved! No interview :)

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#10 BermyCat


    Gold Member

  • PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip

Posted 29 July 2009 - 08:29 AM

QUOTE (charles! @ Jul 29 2009, 08:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
usaa is the best bank imo.

Agreed. They're the best auto/home insurer too. They even have a spot for you alien number when you create you account online.

We also have an account at Wachovia. They've been fairly good too.

~ Catherine

Edited by BermyCat, 29 July 2009 - 08:31 AM.

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#11 scandal


    Barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a Dodge drinking warm beer

Posted 29 July 2009 - 08:45 AM

I'm going through the Wamu/Chase conversion too.

I first became a Wamu customer about 10 years ago when we lived in California. I had started banking with Wells Fargo in the US, got fed up with their high fees and commissions on every damn service, and went to Wamu for the no-frills no-fuss no-fee checking accounts. They also rebated other bank's ATM fees, and heck - they even provided no-cost credit scoring!

Over the years I closed down the original Wamu account (joint with the Ex) and opened 2 new ones there (solo for me, joint with my fiancee). I also have a couple of Chase credit cards. Now with the merger of the two, the Chase website has automatically migrated my Wamu accounts so I can see everything on one page. So far I haven't experienced any glitches. My only regret is the loss of the free Wamu credit scoring (Chase has abandoned that). We'll see how good they are about grandfathering the other free services Wamu had, or if they'll slowly start introducing Chase fees for checking, not maintaining minimum balances, etc.

Sorry to hear your phone experience with them treble. I haven't needed to call that often, but on the occasions where I did call (both Wamu and Chase) I don't recall anything as nasty as you've described.

In Canada I bank with CIBC. Fees on everything. The concept of no-fee seems unheard of in Canadian banking. I recently have been in a prolonged tug of war with my local branch (Bloor & Runnymede in Toronto) regarding GIC that is maturing. They used to allow me to give phone instructions. Now they're insisting that I must come in person to the branch. Banks suck.

In Israel I bank with Hapoalim. I've tried three there - Leumi, Discount, Hapoalim. They all suck. Fees and commissions for every damn thing.

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#12 SapphireDreams


    Diamond Member

Posted 29 July 2009 - 08:57 AM

We bank with Chase. But we've always been Chase, never WaMu. My in-laws LOVEEEEEE Chase. I guess they get really great service because they have been banking at the same place for years and they have tons of money. They also don't do online/telephone banking - they don't trust that stuff and go into the bank for everything!

Anywho, we just had an issue with our debit cards - my husband never got his debit card on our joint account. He called and they fixed it pretty easily. Got the card a week later. I hate how they can't just give you a card in the store like in Canada... but I guess the VISA symbol is pretty convenient and worth the wait.

That's unfortunate that you had a bad experience. If I had to make a switch I'd probably go with TD Bank. We have a friend who works there in Corporate and he loves it. It's open on Sundays, which is pretty sweet.

I do have to say though that customer service is not always dependent on the company, but also by the person. When I worked in a call centre, you could get amazing reps who would bend over backwards to make sure the customer was helped above and beyond... whereas some reps were not into going above and beyond. Could've just been a bad egg.

Scandal - Everything with Chase is pretty much free, well at least everything I use so far. The only catch is that you have to either have 5 transactions or a direct deposit in your account. Which I find hilarious, because like you said in Canada they charge or everything! The more you use, the more they charge! Seems to be the opposite here! Everything is also free on a Premier Checking... I think you need a minimum for that, not sure...that's what our joint account is and it's been good.
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Removing Conditions
Sent package to VSC - 8/12/11
NOA1 - 8/16/11
Biometrics - 9/14/11

#13 reeses16


    Platinum Member

Posted 29 July 2009 - 09:09 AM

Treble, what a crazy story! I was a WaMu customer and my accounts have been converted to Chase. The quality of service and products are much lower now. Recommend trying Bank of America.Accounts opened on the East coast are fantastic (best bill pay I've used) and the people are friendly and helpful.

Depending on your needs you may want to try an online bank (www.highyieldcheckingdeals.com). I really like Redneck bank (OK) and Charter Bank (AZ) they both have excellent customer service.
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#14 J&K


    Gold Member

  • PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip

Posted 29 July 2009 - 09:35 AM

We bank mostly with Navy Federal but like USAA you have to be military, DOD contractor, or family member of someone who is a member.

The customer service I've had with them is excellent, plus they were the first place who gave me a 'real' CC without any real history (Emacipation had the same experience I believe).

They are really expanding their locations, and have be very stable throughout all of the banking kerfuffle, still lending. (In fact John and I were looking at getting some info from them about a possible mortgage soon) smile.gif
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06/22/07 - Approval Notice Sent for AOS
06/23/07 - Welcome to America Letter received!
06/27/07 - Green Card Received

Removing Conditions
06/03/09 - Sent I-751
06/04/09 - Received at VSC
06/05/09 - NOA1
07/01/09 - Biometrics - Alexandria, VA
07/02/09 - the Lonely Touch
10/29/09 - Approved!
11/04/09 - Card Production Ordered

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#15 Emancipation


    A wise man avoids both extremes

Posted 29 July 2009 - 10:13 AM

QUOTE (J&K @ Jul 29 2009, 10:35 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
We bank mostly with Navy Federal but like USAA you have to be military, DOD contractor, or family member of someone who is a member.

The customer service I've had with them is excellent, plus they were the first place who gave me a 'real' CC without any real history (Emacipation had the same experience I believe).

They are really expanding their locations, and have be very stable throughout all of the banking kerfuffle, still lending. (In fact John and I were looking at getting some info from them about a possible mortgage soon) smile.gif

Got to agree... Navy Fed all the way.. they did give me a thousand dollar credit card without any questions after a few months with an account with them. You do have to qualify to have an account with them sadly, but if you want to marry into my family you are welcome to.. laughing.gif
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2007-05-24: EAD Card Received
2007-06-01: Green Card Received!!
Removal of Conditions:
2009-02-27: Sent I-751
2009-03-07: NOA I-751
2009-03-31: Biometrics Appt. Hartford
2009-07-21: Touched (first time since biometrics) Perhaps address change?
2009-07-28: Approved at VSC
2009-08-25: Received card in the mail
2012-08-20: Submitted N-400
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