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Help Needed for scheduling for interview with wrong DS160
8:29 pm October 10, 2019


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We received P4 today and tried to schedule an interview with GUZ.

1) we followed the instructions in P4 and registered an account at https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/appointmentconfirmation

2) filled up all the needed information but nowhere it asked for DS160 number

3) we paid the fee and scheduled the interview.

4) PROBLEM: the confirmation page has an old DS160 number,which we can not change. We have cancelled and rescheduled the interview multiple times. Yet, we can not change DS160 information.

Any advice?

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Packet 4 timeline
5:06 pm September 30, 2019


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Dear all,

My packet 3 was delivered to GUZ on 09/27. What will be a reasonable timeframe to expect the Packet 4 email?

Many thanks

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Packet 3 Questions
9:56 pm September 22, 2019


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Our petition left NVC on 9/12 for GUZ. We have not received an email from GUZ confirming receipt of our petition case, and we have not received the packet 3. Should we worry?

Any advice on when we can expect packet 3?


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Aug-Sept 2019 NOA2-NVA
8:59 pm August 22, 2019


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I got my NOA2. Getting ready for the next steps.

One question: Is form G325a needed to be filed?

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Baltimore MD 2019 N-400 Filers
6:25 pm June 23, 2019


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Hey Folks,

I haven't yet seen a thread specific to 2019 Baltimore field office filers. If it exists, moderators please delete this one and point me to the pre-existing. :)

Just filed today for my wife's citizenship. We filed online, based on marriage for over 3 years. She just received her 10-year Green Card this past week. We were about to file anyway, when we suddenly got notifications of her case approval and card production. Glad we waited a bit beyond her N400 eligibility; we weren't looking forward to potential additional delays with a dual filing, but we were willing.

With the info flowing about potential case dispersion going on, to improve application processing, I'm particularly interested in sharing statuses with others filing through the Baltimore FO this year.

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