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1.  Baltimore MD 2019 N-400 Filers

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Baltimore MD 2019 N-400 Filers
6:25 pm June 23, 2019


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Hey Folks,

I haven't yet seen a thread specific to 2019 Baltimore field office filers. If it exists, moderators please delete this one and point me to the pre-existing. :)

Just filed today for my wife's citizenship. We filed online, based on marriage for over 3 years. She just received her 10-year Green Card this past week. We were about to file anyway, when we suddenly got notifications of her case approval and card production. Glad we waited a bit beyond her N400 eligibility; we weren't looking forward to potential additional delays with a dual filing, but we were willing.

With the info flowing about potential case dispersion going on, to improve application processing, I'm particularly interested in sharing statuses with others filing through the Baltimore FO this year.

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Experience trying for TSA Pre with Extension Letter
6:55 pm October 10, 2018


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No question here, just wanted to share our experience in case others were wondering about this. We just tried to get my wife submitted for TSA Pre (just Pre, not Global Entry) but had no success. The online application wasn't a problem, however, when we went in for the interview and fingerprinting they were unable to complete her submission. She has an expired green card and 18-month extension letter; the issue was they needed to scan her card (which has an expired date) and had no way of also scanning and attaching the letter to show that the card's validity had been extended. They told us to come back when she gets her new card (we imagine that won't be for another year or so). If the place had a listed number to call, I could have learned of that before we went in. Fortunately, it wasn't far from our home and I'd already taken the day off from work for another appointment, so not too much of a waste of time in the trying. Still, it's frustrating and we wonder what other challenges or problems will come with the card-letter combo. We never got around to getting the DHS notation removed from her social security card (totally slipped our minds, since she rarely needs it) and were going to try for that next; now, we're wondering if she should just wait until she gets her card for that, too.

If anyone else has had success, please let us know what you did to make it happen.

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Nbi clearance ph
7:08 pm July 19, 2018



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Hi, I live in Bermuda and I am a Filipino citizen, i am waiting on my interview schedule, meanwhile, i know that i need nbi clearance for it, ive been reading some posts and mostly said that it should be green?? However i have a blue one and its a multi purpose clearance which nbi started back in oct 2017. Do you think my copy will be rejected?

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Using Instagram for Picture Evidence
1:15 pm April 23, 2018



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This is more of advice or what I did, not a question.

I went to my Instagram account on my PC and printed several pictures with my spouse that I will use at my interview. I did this because it has the dates and locations, if you added it. This spanned several years and multiple countries (including him visiting me and vice versa). I think I printed off about 6-8 pictures.

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Divorce question
2:31 am April 9, 2018



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Hello. I know that people can submit the I-751 with a divorce waiver. when we filed my spouse and I weren t divorced and had some issues but weren t divorced and had no intention to divorce. Basically without putting embarrassing details. Via infidelity on their part not mine (I m the non US citizen) I want a divorce. I can t take dealing with this anymore and I ve done everything I can to save the marriage. He refused to sign my divorce papers twice but he finally agrees we just don t work well as a couple.

So my question is: what do I do? we have already long ago submitted our paperwork NoA was Nov 2 2016 and recently we go the case was sent to local office back in Feb 26th

going to speak to a lawyer this week but I was wondering if anyone else who filed has had this happen that after filing you want a divorce? How did it work?

Also if anyone filed a divorce waiver WITH their I-751 how did that go? I m sure the lawyer can guide me cuz I m totally lost what to do. you don t exactly plan for these kinds of things to occur :-(

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