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  1. Thanks all! That is terrible. Thankfully(?), we’re submitting to the VSC which averages, I suppose 10-11 months, not sure if that’s any consolation to us haha. We waiting in the dreaded TSC for many months for the K-1. At least we’re together during this, so it’s not all that bad.
  2. Hello all, So we’re almost ready to send off our full package. My spouse and I currently do not have joint personal checks with both our names on one. Just haven’t had the chance to purchase those yet. Does it matter if we write the $680.00 out in my name or my spouses name? Which is “better” to use (or does it even matter) the GC holder’s check or the USC’s check?
  3. Hello all, So on pages 7 & 8 they ask for the signatures of the petitioner and spouse... The "petitioner" is the GC holder, correct? And the "spouse" is the USC, correct? Just want to make certain we're signing correctly.
  4. Approval Time Lag

    So true! I'm just thankful that we're finished with the K-1 and AOS before this new administration came in!
  5. Hey all! So we're soon-to-be filers for the I-751. We've been noticing the lengthy time it's been taking for I-751 approvals. We were K-1 filers during the dreaded 2015 TSC season where it was taking an average of 250+ days just for a NOA2 (we are already prepared to know how it feels and wasn't expecting anything less). During that time period there were a lot of case transfers and reorganizations going on to help assist with the workload. I feel like something soon will be done - because 12 months is becoming just too long! I see individuals are filing for their citizenship prior to even obtaining their ROC approval - this is definitely disadvantageous to the federal government as it is showing a lack of resources and employment (especially with the limited federal hiring that is going on with this administration). There are many federal workers retiring (baby boomers) and aren't being replaced quick enough. I would assume the USCIS will take some sort of action soon to assist with the massive workload... perhaps open up the TSC for I-751's, transfer more cases to balance things out, open another service center, etc.? What are your thoughts on this? Keep the faith!
  6. Our package is officially ready to send off! Bring on the 18th!
  7. November 2017 I-751 Filers

    How long did it take you guys to receive your NOA1 letter in the mail?
  8. It seems like the NOA 1’s come pretty quickly! Do they come via postal mail that quickly?
  9. We’re filing on the 18th! I think we have two December 2017 threads going. MODS, please merge them. Thanks!!
  10. I think we have two (2) December 2017 threads... MODS, can you merge them? Thanks!
  11. Front of folder/binder

    That’s exactly what gave us the idea to do the two-hole punching. Written out clearly on the USCIS tips!
  12. I assume we’ll be forum buddies then through this process as we have the same exact date!
  13. Front of folder/binder

    Thanks so much everyone! The information was helpful. From what I gathered, for us, using the folder with the two-punched holes will hold everything in place and in order - making it easier for the reviewer to find things. Using a table of contents and tabbing the sections at the bottom.
  14. Front of folder/binder

    Thank you! And I assume they accepted your package?