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  1. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just an update: will make appointment for infopass stamp this week, then we will book our travel( I will go with my wife for first 2 weeks and return ...for work, &she will staty with her family for 3 more weeks if her vacation request gets approved for 5 weeks). THanks to all the helpful &kind people in this thread @Linxx @Nayda @memoday @Unchained
  2. Thank you so much for the response @Unchained &congrats again! OK, we will make sure to get that infopass stamp soon.
  3. Thank you so much for your update @Unchained &congrats! My wife is now on 21st month too... Did your 18th mo extensin expire or did you get this approval befoer expiration of 18th mo>?
  4. Hello, good morning... Same for my wife... We filed 751 form on December 2017 two months before you @pacha &still nothing. @geowrian you mentioned up to 24 months so there's a chance it will be by this D ecember?
  5. Thank you @memoday... I think my wife is now on her 21st month? Because she filed on December 2017... Which means this December will be 24th month... So more than 20.5 months for sure... If we are correct by counting from the date we submitted our/her 751.
  6. Just reading through past entries and saw your entries @Unchained & @addy&julie my wife also had biometrics this June around same time as you... (althugh before that she was told in a letter "no need for biometrics")... Maybe when your cases see movement my wife will see movement too! I need to share this forum with her.
  7. Thank you so much... So maybe no need for us to spend for a lawyer nowe that we have our questions answered by very helpful &kind people here. I am so thankful I found this Website. (&by the way I wanted to share link with wife so she can ready all your stories... &I stopped myself because realizing now I just wrote about how I overheard her kitchen conversation with her sister haha how do I delete that).
  8. Thank you for all your help @Linxx really appreciate it i already texted my wife shes at work...to call and ask for infopass stamp appointment schedule. I guess it is safe to say my wife is not the nly one who is still pending after 18 month expiration? I really appreciate all the help @Nayda.
  9. Thank you so much @Linxx ok will ask her to call and make that appointment. I just googled infopass appointment to read about it. but interview is standard like we had the interview before so can we request for thejm to interview us before we plan on leaving?
  10. OK thank you so much @Nayda wow you guys are really kind &helpful. I am reading all your stories now &am seeing wow most of you are really anxious &stressed & makes me wonder ...has my wife been feeling this way the entire time& she is just not showing it because she doenst want people to worry about her... I admire her quiet strength in the face of all tyhis but wish she could be open to me more so I can help... But maybe if I showed her this forum Website she will feel better she is not alone and you are here standing with her
  11. Thank you @Linxx for the quick response im glad I found this resouce. infopass is what's it called? Does it have to be her to call or can I call on her behalf? Do I call local office nearest us or a 800 number? but with the stam can she stay outside the US more than 6 months? regarding interview, home visit, etc, will they send a letter saying "interview on this date" or "home visit on this date" so I can try to book her a quick return flight? Also is she "undocumented" now and should she tell her employer? Sorry I have so many questions. I want to do right. I want her to stay until she gets her approved notice, but it breaks my heart thinking it's like I'm keeping her from her mother. I am only the husband. Her mother is the person who gave her life.
  12. Hello there I am so happy I was Googling and found this page/forum! Good to know something like this exists in Internetland. I need your help &advice. I am asking around for a good immigraiton lawyer already but doesn't hurt to get feedback from you guys. I am the American citizen husband &my wife is the permanent resident. She/we submitted i751 on Dec 2017 like you guys here on this forum. Never really occured to me how long the wait has been for her (& for you guys) until recently. She was given 18 month-extension notice. We realized that expired last September 2... My question is: does that mean she is back to "undocumented status" now? She says she did not get a new extension letter. I was really hoping she would get her approved notice before her 18th month extension expires? Last thing she received was biometrics requests for early June...before that a "no need for biometrics" early in the year. Last Monday night I woke up in the midle of the night and she was not in bed. I heard sobbing sounds from the kitchen. It was her crying on the phone with her sister saying she wants to be home with her mother who is very sick and she wants to go home. I did not interrupt her because if I did she would stop and tell me everythings ok and she would change the subject. She already asked me last December if I would allow her to go home but I said just wait for your new green card to be safe. Now I feel I am holding her back from her family. She said to her sister that she just wanna go home and spend time with her mom and she doesnt care about the green card anymore. What should I do guys. She can go home and I can go with her for the first few weeks or days but will she be able to come back with the stamp you guys are talking about here? one of the letters she receives says "do not travel while your case is pending" or something...i think thats what I read there. Can I ask a lawyer to help us with a reentry permit if she wants to stay with her mom for a year? What if she is called for interview and she is not here?Will it be considered abandonment of case/petition?Also I read in another forum @Linxx said they had a visit at home from immigration...what if they visit and she is not there because she is overseas...will it be considered abandonment of case/petition or will I be given time to book her a ticket to come back?
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