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  1. The best thing to do would be to wait till the day of the oath taking ceremony and take the N445 form along and explain to a USCIS officer about this traffic infraction and ask them whether they deem it to be checked as a Yes or a No in the box. This way you will know the answer right from the mouth of the authority itself and just follow what they say.
  2. I am very sorry to read about this terrible ordeal you have been going through. I would suggest to hire a good attorney to formalize your response to USCIS and to deal with the potential criminal behavior by your ex. Given what you have explained and the documentation you have - it looks like that you will be fine in the ROC divorce waiver process. But you want to be absolutely prepared for all eventualities so I think you need a good lawyer.
  3. Going by what they did in San Antonio. They will probably make you assemble in a line outside the main gate in the parking lot, in a socially distanced manner then make you arrange your n445 and gcs. They will then move people in small groups maintaining social distance inside the building, maybe 10 at a time. Oath will be conducted socially distanced in a hall and certs will be handed out right after you say "I do", one by one as you are led to the Exit door. No speeches or video messages were part of the ceremony. The process will take 4-5 minutes. The main delay would be going through the security scanners one by one (while maintaining social distancing). I was impressed by how efficiently the whole process was designed without any confusions or second-guessing by the staff at the USCIS. PS: Don't forget to have a mask on and have a pen in working order. I saw USCIS staff flatly refusing the guy in front of me who forgot to bring a pen to sign his form. Not having a pen could potentially make you lose your chance to do the oath on that day. The guy was lucky that he was able to borrow a pen from someone ahead of him.
  4. I think it is good for the sake of everybody's health and well-being. You can though bring your family along and let them wait in the car since the ceremonies are shortened. I had a ceremony at San Antonio that lasted five minutes total and folks were seen taking pictures and selfies afterwards with their families in the parking lot.
  5. the update was recommendation for approval post-interview. I had my interview in February.
  6. my best guess is that work that can be done on computers remotely is moving along. i had a status update on my n400 case while the offices were closed.
  7. I am confused about the mention of "Daily Oath Ceremony Format". I am not sure what that is.
  8. Yea, I agree with others. RFE is not a precondition before being called for interview. Your evidence looks good as well. You should be fine. Good luck!
  9. Hey, did they schedule your oath taking ceremony? I see that one San Antonio court ceremony in late March is now cancelled in the txwd calendar.
  10. I agree with N400NYC. The potential of corona-virus turning into an epidemic would have negative implications for the N400 processing timelines. I am mentally adjusting my expectations for the conclusion of my N400 process.
  11. on getting there early: (based on experience at San Antonio office) I think it doesn't matter. USCIS gives a size-able cohort with the same appointment time and then they are herded through security. The token given to you doesn't follow a linear pattern in the way people are called.
  12. I might be wrong but moving away to live permanently elsewhere could also have negative implications on your Permanent Resident status.
  13. I was interviewed on February 10th at San Antonio and I have the same situation as yours. I was recommended for approval. The telephone based helpline would be the only other way to inquire but they wouldn't know of what's going on behind the scenes. They did mention to me that it was no cause to worry. I feel I have to steel myself to face a long wait for this thing to process.
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