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  1. applied i485 for parent on September 31st. EAD approved mid-April (usps lost the card) Status: Actively Reviewing Application Local Office: Chicago My guess is that parent cases are being given low priority than the spousal ones.
  2. they probably will update with a usps tracking number in next 24 hours. the printer that prints greencard is located in Corbin Kentucky so it might take a week once usps lays its hands on the prized envelope.
  3. Yea, if you report your EAD is lost then they tell you use i765 and file again.
  4. uscis wants me to refile I765 and their form makes it difficult to figure out whether I need to pay a fee or no. So I am staying put and hoping to get the real GC soon.
  5. no interview call yet. usps lost the EAD card. i485filed: September 31, 2021 ead approved: April 2022 Field office: Chicago
  6. EAD question: I see online that "Card was delivered" was updated on my parent's account but the envelope only contained I797 with no card inside it. It has been two weeks since I got that letter but still no trace of ead card itself. Did anyone face this type of situation?
  7. It says EAD stand_alone on the letter. Apparently, they now send a second document or something for AP separately. Will there be a status changed to something else when they mail the EAD card? Do they provide tracking information?
  8. EAD approved on April7th i485 pd: 09/31/2021 not sure if the EAD card will have an AP endorsement on it. We also applied for the Social Security and not sure if the SS would be mailed now that EAD is approved. my RFE received date also switched from February 2 to April7th. It was an rfe under i130
  9. I have the green checkmark since the day they received RFE on February 3rd. This RFE is listed under I130 and not I485. I have seen no movement. Maybe because it is an RFE under i485 that's why it's not seeing any movement?
  10. You can try to collect some of these things: 1) Get a will and power of attorney made 2) Open joint bank account and/or credit card 3) phone bills with logs showing you calling/texting each other 4) screenshots of text messages from various dates covering the entire marriage 5) boarding pass or itinerary print outs taken together in the past 6) any xmas/wedding invites or cards sent to you and your spouse 7) photos with clear dates on them covering the entire time-period. group photos with others are much more important 😎 any gift receipts from presents between you and your spouse
  11. 1: I think it is certainly possible for them to issue another RFE. My guess is that the officer that reviewed the I130 is done with issuing RFEs since he/she would have included any and all other deficiencies that needed "evidence" from me. However, I am not sure if the same person is also looking at the rest of the forms connected with the I485 application. My guess is that there is a different person looking at I485 related material because the RFE for I130 transpired while we were waiting for the second Biometrics appointment (which is related to I765 and I485). So if this was a serial process these two things would not have occurred at the same time. 2: Ten years back, I remember RFE's would yield a decision for certain applications within three weeks of submission. I am not sure what the situation looks like these days. gamma50g: thanks.
  12. I am petitioning for my mom. The RFIE was for my birth certificate under I130. I had only submitted the English translation initially.
  13. got an RFIE for the original birth certificate of the petitioner since I only included the translation. I will mail it tomorrow. filed: Sept 30th first Biometrics: December 1st second Biometrics: January 31st RFE available online: February 1st
  14. Yea - my understanding is that the fingerprints were taken properly at the ASC center but they sometimes are rejected by the FBI or some other agency in the chain.
  15. EB2 based apps are never interviewed by default. Marriage duration and other particulars won't be subject of any scrutiny since it is not marriage based AOS.
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