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  1. it seems the biometrics appointment was the work of an automated system written by some programmers (most likely themselves in various stages of dealings with uscis) and has no bearing on whether CSC is looking to touch my application with human hands anytime soon. It seems CSC is actually working on March/April cases.
  2. From I751 divorce waiver filing point of view: the requirement is of a divorce that's been granted by the court. So unless that or the filing of divorce papers has happened, I think, I751 application would remain in status quo and there is no need to update it with anything.
  3. myeverify is not the right address. The address for new uscis case status website is : https://myaccount.uscis.gov/
  4. It might sound counter-intuitive but US Senators' offices have staff that try to help out in these type of matters by calling directly to USCIS.
  5. NBC just serves as an intermediate stop before the application is routed to the local field office to arrange for an interview. So I don't think NBC's own processing delays have any critical role to play. In fact it is a good thing to see your I751 moving via NBC which means it is on its way to the local field office where it should get there to be processed along with the N400.
  6. Still no harm in taking a chance at the service center if it is within a tolerable driving distance range. Going after lunch time would (in my opinion) increase the likelihood of Walk-in success since they tend to have their main appointed horde of the day set to arrive for 8:00am.
  7. Wouldn't it be better to resend everything back to them with a letter attached stating clearly that as petitioner (that is you), you never assented to withdraw the case and therefore you are requesting USCIS to cancel the Withdrawal in the first place and switch your case to Divorce Waiver? I751 is not a Joint Application. A spouse signature to show the marital status doesn't give the USC spouse any whatsoever equity into YOUR I751 case. I am at a loss to the lawyer you talked to who saw no problem with this line of argumentation.
  8. I feel your frustration with the process. It does look like that there is an element of uncertainty in your immediate future which unfortunately, in my opinion, have to be resolved one way or the other (related to your marriage) first before you can decide the course of action to take with your I751 application. You may also want to get an introductory consultation appointment with an attorney to figure out your options.
  9. He had no legal right to withdraw the application unless he faked a request to withdraw on your behalf (which might have involved forging your signature) I think you probably want to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. If your 90 day window to apply for i751 has passed then this could trigger the process of sending you an NTA by uscis.
  10. the new uscis website has Fingerprint Review Completed Message status with the date of July 9 now. I did a walk-in (successful) attempt on July 8 for the Code 5 biometrics in Austin. The egov website has no information on my case. Given that October'18 filers are also getting biometric appointments, I wonder if the appointments had any connection to the status of the processing of i751. I had thought that a biometric appointment this late should have been a sign of an imminent approval of i751.
  11. You can just walk-in and tell your situation to the person manning the front table there. You could perhaps take a doctor's note with you to show him/her that. I think it would be better to go to the service center after lunch because they got the scheduled appointments people in the morning and that might make the place a little chaotic.
  12. Just made a successful early walk-in attempt at biometrics. I decided to do it in the afternoon and also put on a nice sports coat (in a 95degree weather). I think I made a very good impression on a very grim-looking receptionist who inquired about the reason for my early walk-in. I mentioned that my workplace is in a different corner of the city so it would be inconvenient on the day of appointment. This was definitely not a very convincing reason but given the hall only had three people sitting for a place that had 40 chairs - he let me do the early walk-in. I thanked him profusely for this big favor that he granted upon my person.
  13. You should send them all that and a kitchen sink (jk). That's what I did. I mailed them two years worth of transaction statements from one of our joint credit cards. I also took screenshots from some of those statements showing examples of joint spending under each of our's names. Such as when we took trips and the CC was used to pay for coffee at the airports and shopping at trip locations. I pasted those screenshots in a word document and highlighted the purpose of the spending. I also sent them our joint checking bank account statements spanning the time of marriage. Although that contained only direct deposits and the payment for the joint cc.
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