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  1. Detroit office here. Interview on 1/6/2019; then quality review; approved on 2/19/2020; oath noticed received in early March for mid April oath. so my quality review took about month and half.
  2. May filer here. I ran into a very unusual case here. My interview was scheduled yesterday on Oct 30th. It’s a 4 hr drive one way from where I live to the Detroit office. So we decided to take an extra day off and drive there the night before so we won’t be late for the interview. I arrived there 30 mins prior and checked in for my appointment. I went thro the first step which they captured my photo and fingerprints. Waiting over 1 hr to be called. However, I was told by the IO supervisor there that they couldn’t conduct my interview because my background check was still pending. During my wait time, she had submitted two inquiries on their end. Knowing we drove a long way, she let me wait for another 30 mins and hope she would hear back from the inquiries but no luck. She had to send me home and told me to just wait. Most likely they would just reschedule me for another interview whenever my background check was completed. It was very exhausting for driving over 8 hrs in total let along the additional financial costs to attend this appointment. I looked up on USCIS website, it’s clearly stated under their policy manual for N400 that one’s background check must be conducted and completed before they schedule an interview. Well, that’s not the case for me at least. I have submitted an inquiry to ombudsman office for the negligence and maladministration occurred by USCIS. I don’t know how long that would take nor when and what to expect next. I’m planning to also contact my immigration attorney who helped our AOS and ROC applications in the past years tomorrow and see if there is anything she can help us legal wise. Sighhhhh
  3. Does anyone have any insight of how often they hold a judicial oath ceremony on the west side of Michigan? Anyone here who requested a name change can share their timeline of how long they had waited for a judicial ceremony on the west side? Or state wide in general? How long is the delay for judicial ceremony due to name change compared to administrative ceremony? Thanks!
  4. Would like to start a new thread just for Potomac Center. Quite a few April and May, 2018 CSC filers were transferred to Potomac a few weeks ago. It seems like CSC has skipped these filers that were transferred cause some late May filers were getting approved. So far, I have only seen an April filers who was transferred on Feb 19th, 2019 just got approved. If anyone else who was transferred to Potomac Center could share your timeline, it would be much appreciated. Thanks! Mine: filed on May 6th, 2018 @CSC transferred to Potomac Center on Mar 7th.
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