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  1. Timing varies depending on your field office. I went through Philadelphia: Thursday July 11: I had my Naturalisation Interview Thursday July 11: A few hours later updated to show Oath Ceremony will be Scheduled Friday July 12: Oath Ceremony Notice was mailed Monday July 22: Oath Ceremony Wednesday July 24: Certificare of Naturalization was mailed You are nearly there - yaaay!!
  2. Congratulations @dilip! Its been super helpful having yourself and @David1987 share your experiences with the Philly office :-)
  3. I had my N-400 interview yesterday, and it ended up being a ROC combo...both were approved a few hours after my interview. N-400 Applied 7th December 2018 N400 Interview 11th July 2019. Ended up being a ROC combo interview ROC Approved 11th July 2019 (a few hours after interview) N-400 Approved 11th July (a few hours after interview) The ROC component was very brief - the IO asked us both about how we met and that was it. I will update the spreadsheet later!
  4. Thank you for giving insight into your experience - super cool that you had your ceremony on July 4th!
  5. What time is your ceremony @dilip and @David1987? I wonder if Philadelphia only runs them on a Monday and Friday...
  6. My experience today closely mirrored yours @David1987! My status now shows: New Card is Being Produced as well as Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled. I will update my timelines and provide more info on my experience later - it's off to dinner now for a small celebration. The big celebration is hopefully only a few weeks away!!! Enjoy your ceremony on Monday @dilip
  7. @dilip @David1987 congratulations to both of you!!!! Great news - you both must be feeling so excited :-) I still have a few days until mine > I hope the good fortune continues haha
  8. Thanks for asking the questions @David1987 and thanks for the answers @dilip
  9. Nice to see another Philly local! I felt I was getting close to the end of this process, but reading about the experience @dilip had, I am not so sure. Of course, there is always the chance that things will still move quickly, and the ROC will get approved in the background...it's just that the vacuum of silence, and knowing that the USCIS blackhole is very real, well...it doesn't give one much comfort or confidence.
  10. My biggest gripe throughout this process has been the inconsistency. I think USCIS office should apply the same approach nationally - as in, there should only be 1 approach. But since that is unlikely, at the very least each office should be consistent in how they process these applications. It's unfair, that depending on the IO you get, your experience can vary so greatly. I understand if there are issues pertaining to a particular case, then a different approach may be warranted etc. But, on face value, it is just so awful how outcomes seem to come down to the individual IO and what they feel like doing.
  11. Yay for passing the test but grrrrr for it not being a combo interview. Hopefully they move quickly and your file doesn't drop of the radar into the USCIS blackhole. I have my interview in July (Philadelphia) so presumably it will be the same for me. I will provide an update.
  12. Good luck next week....getting so close to the finish line!
  13. It's such a pain having to chase them...I hope they get back to you soon, like now... lol
  14. I am! Philadelphia Office - I received notification today of my N400 interview being scheduled (applied Dec 2018). I am a ROC Dec 2017 filer and haven't had an update since April 2018 - case received at local office.
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