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  1. unfortunately that's true. It's one of the USCIS's BS just to give you more hard times. Good luck. I wish you all the best
  2. If the 751 was transferred to NBC, pretty much you WILL have a combo interview
  3. By law you can't naturalize without the 751 approval. If you get a notification about the 751 being transferred to another office so my guess is that you will have a combo interview. If you didn't one of 2 things will happen. Either you'll proceed with the N400 and decision won't be made based on the pending ROC or the other thing that I saw they do sometimes and happened to me personally is that they will cancel the interview for N400 last minute and send you a letter stating that due to unforeseen circumstances they had to cancel the interview. I wish you all the best and good luck
  4. The requirements for the 3 year rule is being LPR for 3 years and being married to USC for 3 years not just being married for 3 years. There's residency requirement for the state that you're filling in. I honestly don't know about the school situation how would they consider it
  5. As a citizen, there's no limit of staying outside the US Vs. GC holder you can't stay outside the US for more than 6 months unless you have a re-entry permit. US citizens have guaranteed admission at the borders. That's one advantage.
  6. File I-90 and make it as USPS lost the mail. That suppose will waive the fee
  7. I really don't think anyone can answer that question. eSpecially nowadays normal cases taking more than usual time so think about when they have doubts. I wish you the best luck. I would call them and ask bout my case and if they give the BS answers I would call the congressman to try to push it
  8. I agree with you. Since the N400 is the last stop with USCIS they have to review the whole history of the applicant. But it's frustrating some times when you think about how many times you need to prove yourself to them. Specially when the 751 which is not easy was approved with an INTERVIEW not just sending the card and again they ask about proving the bonafide marriage when you apply for the N400
  9. Wow. That's so weird. If they have doubts about the marriage why would they approve the 751 and if they approved the 751 why would they still ask about the marriage. Under the 3 year rule, I understand. but why would they ask you to prove the marriage when you apply under the 5 year rule ?
  10. I agree with Cryssiekins. I would wait to see what is going to happen in the relationship. If you get divorced or even stayed separated without a divorce. you won't be eligible and it will be a waste of money, time and energy. You will be eligible again in 2 years. Now I would put all my time and energy to get the 751 approved.
  11. I'm in the same exact situation with different details. I had my 751 pending for 4 years which I applied for N400 before it got approved under the 3 year rule. Got my 751 approved in January 2019 ( No actual card was sent) then had my N400 interview in march 2019 which was denied because of the divorce. So I applied for I90 in march 2019 as well as N400 under the 5 year rule in march as well. both cases are pending till now
  12. Don't even bother with the walk-ins specially in the Philly office. They want you to call in and verify that you really need the stamp and your status will expire within 30 days not more then they will schedule you over the phone. No more online appointments
  13. That's exactly what happened to me. I applied under the 3 year rule and when my interview came I was divorced but I was eligible under the 5 year rule. He denied me and recommended me to apply again under the 5 year rule. Check my timeline under the signature part
  14. it's not gonna cause any issues. It happens all the time. During my 751 I changed the address and after 2 years they were still sending me notices to the old address, luckily my friend was still living there. but it didn't cause any issues with them. Don't worry, good thing you called and got the new address on record
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