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  1. No, You only need a visa to enter not for the layover, unless it's something new. Last time I was in Germany was in 2016
  2. If you're not able to re-open the case. Just file a new 751 with the new address ASAP before they issue NTA against you. That's what I would do
  3. it takes sometime before it's available under documents. Usually you can view it without a problem from your phone. Probably after the weekend will be available
  4. Hopefully he gets a response very soon that make him relax and calm him down and get done with this frustrating long journey
  5. Both are really the same. Online is easier and let you get the NOA's online before the mail so you won't have to worry about losing the mail and lets you save the time of mailing your file.
  6. It can be one of many things. It can be that you got cleared before him in the FBI check. It can be that your case with one officer and his with another with more cases. It can be that he's getting an interview right after the weekend. Nothing to worry about and nothing for him to do really but wait. You both still within the processing time.
  7. Did you try an early walk-in for your biometrics ? My ASC was York, PA and they accepted me as early walk-in with no problems. That made my estimated time go down from 16 to 13 months. Just thought to mention it for you
  8. You can try and do an early walk-in with the appointment letter. A lot of people do that successfully
  9. Call the 1-800 number and get an info pass. I have 5 stamps in my passport
  10. Nothing to worry about. Sleep well and prepare for your interview. You have 0 days spent outside the US. Let me know how did it go please. Thanks
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