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  1. My application is in Vermont Service Center. My application was received on 07/15, NOA date is 07/18.
  2. I got my biometrics appointment notice today, it is scheduled for August 19.
  3. Congrats! I'm so happy for you! Cases started to move which is a good sign.
  4. So sorry to hear that! What was the issue? Why USPS hasn't delivered it?
  5. So USPS never delivered your file? Did you confirm it with USPS?
  6. Be patient. I was reading a thread on VJ about similar situation. Someone has mailed a new packet since they were worried that USCIS hasn't received the first one. It was such a mess later. USCIS received their first package but couldn't bank the cheque since it has been cancelled, then later they received a second package. There was hell a lots of confusion and delays because of that. If USCIS won't cash your cheque by Friday this week, then call them up. Also, do you have a tracking number from UPS? If it has been delivered by UPS than you should be fine.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it. I've never received my case number via text or email, some people never do. I just waited and USCIS mailed me the NOA within two weeks. I'm sure you'll be fine. Try to check with UPS first. I wouldn't create a confusion by sending out a new packet.
  8. Actually something similar has happened to me as well. Some of the questions were unanswered. I think it is a glitch in the system because online application system is designed in a way that it wouldn't allow you to submit the application with some unanswered questions. I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. If the phone statements only on your husbands name, I wouldn't submit those. We don't have any joint credit/debit cards or bank accounts, but I'm not worried about it. Do you have any joint lease or mortgage documents? If yes, add them as well.
  10. If you'll have an interview, bring your photos for the interview. If you have submitted enough of other evidence, you should be fine.
  11. Trying to login into my USCIS account and it gives me an error. I'm wondering if its only me.
  12. Our package has been received yesterday in TX. Now waiting for NOA
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