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  1. Thank you! My case is in Florida and has been transferred to NBC in March.
  2. My case status has been changed yesterday to "case has been approved" and "card is being produced". Wow! I'm so happy!
  3. I've got a new estimated completion date, which is June 10. This is very encouraging news. I hope USCIS will reopen by then.
  4. Yes, you'll have to apply for ROC once the window opens unless you get naturalized before that. Here: "1. Spouses who Reach Petition Filing Period Prior to Naturalization In most cases, the 90-day period for filing the petition to remove conditions will have passed prior to an applicant becoming eligible to apply for naturalization. However, in some cases involving applicants whose citizen spouse is employed abroad and in cases in which a late filing of the petition to remove conditions is permitted, the 90-day filing period will start after filing for naturalization. Under these circumstances, the applicant must file the petition to remove conditions and the petition must be adjudicated prior to or concurrently with the naturalization application."
  5. They said the USCIS offices will be closed to public until at least May 3rd. At least you're half way there. You'll get your citizenship soon. I, on the other hand, don't even know what to expect now. Everything will be so backlogged. I've been waiting for my interview to get scheduled, but now Idk...
  6. I'd say as soon as you get an order from your employer in hands, you can file for N400 under 319B. You don't have to wait until you actually relocate. It will speed up things a bit. As for the Oath ceremony, there are several offices that do the Oath ceremony the same day you naturalize (NJ, DC, and other offices). When you apply online, you can choose the office you wish to naturalize at. I'm thinking if you apply any time soon, you'll make it before the I-751 window opens in December.
  7. You're correct. If you take the Oath before 90 days window opens for I-751, then you don't need to file I-751. If the window opens and N400 is pending, then you must file I-751. The processing time will be as per your filing office timelines. Here: "A CPR spouse of a U.S. citizen employed abroad may naturalize without filing a petition to remove conditions if: The CPR spouse has been a CPR for less than one year and nine months; and The CPR spouse does not reach the 90-day filing period for the petition to remove conditions prior to the final adjudication of his or her naturalization application or the time of the Oath of Allegiance. [11] "
  8. You have more than enough evidence. As for the US bank statements that are in Spanish, can you get them in English from the bank? If not, I think your wife can translate them and certify that she's fluent in English and Spanish and the above translation is true and accurate. Although, I'm not sure how one would translate bank statements.
  9. Message stating that "we're taking longer than expected to process your case?" I had this message for more than a month now. I open my account every day just to see that there's nothing new... I have I-751 pending, other than that nothing else, no name change. There are many VJ members getting their N400 approved with I-751 pending so I don't think it is an issue.
  10. I hear you. It could be just Orlando office. I also filed in Orlando. Makes me wonder looking at August, September, or even October applicants being naturalized. I filed on June 1 and my estimated completion time was February 2020. Now the estimated completion time has disappeared from my account. I don't even know what to expect anymore. I patiently waited until February 2020 but what's now? How much longer would it take? Another year? Two? I don't know....
  11. I filed in July 2019, completed my biometrics in August 2019 and heard nothing since. How do I know what's my service center?
  12. So the "estimated completion time" for my case has disappeared from the UCIS online system. I don't have an estimated timeline anymore. The only thing I have is "we're taking longer than expected to process your case." So I don't know at this point how much longer I have to wait, maybe another three months or six months or a year or what. So frustrating....
  13. She is eligible for expedited naturalization under 319 (b). If she's a permanent resident, she can apply for naturalization right away, she doesn't have to wait 3 years. I've applied under 319 (b), so feel free to ask any questions. There were similar topics on VJ as well
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