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  1. For the fingerprints, you should have a “Security & Fingerprinting office” on your base. You will have to contact them to either make an appointment or find out the walk-in hours. Just google the name of your base and then security and fingerprinting for example, if u are in Grafenwohr, type in Grafenwohr security and fingerprinting on google and you will see a website with a number to call.
  2. If u are currently overseas then send it with the original packet. I waited until they sent me the biometrics letter and I was delayed by a month. If u want everything completed quickly then send it in with the original. I will send you my cover letter later for reference if I can find it. I used paperclips to keep everything organized.
  3. I am happy to say that my process is finally over. Timeline: 319b Priority Date: May 20, 2019 Biometrics received: June 18, 2019 (I did not include them because I had a pending i-751 & thought that fingerprints would work for both). Interview Scheduled: September 11, 2019 Interview: September 23, 2019 Oath Ceremony: September 26, 2019 The interview was pretty straight forward, I did a combo interview so he first went over my application for the ROC (i-751) then he asked me questions about my marriage and he stamped an approval. Next I took an oath to swear to tell the truth and he confirmed my n-400 application and he only asked to see the orders with my name on it out of the entire folder I brought (not even my plane tickets). He then conducted the test which he asked: 1. If the president can no longer serve, who becomes President? 2. If both the president and the Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes President? 3. When was the constitution written? 4. Name one American Indian tribe in the United States. 5. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted? 6. Who did the United States fight in World War II? Then he went over the yes/no questions and went to his supervisor to see if they could approve both and get me into a same day naturalization ceremony. Unfortunately, they couldn't but the fit me in the same week! Either way, I am happy it is all over, I applied for my passport right after and got it expedited. Good luck to everyone still in the process. If you are military affiliated please do not hesitate to use militaryinfo@uscis.dhs.gov. I emailed them because I felt it was taking long and I was already in the States visiting family. Within one week they sent me an email to choose a date and time. My family had a chance to video my ceremony and send it to my husband. It was a happy day. I am still very excited.
  4. Thanks! So, I am basically traveling back with everything plus the American passport. That’s what I was wondering. I just wanted to make sure I’m prepared. I’m sooo nervous about everything.
  5. Hey so I got an interview notice and it says I need my husbands birth or naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship. I sent in a copy of it with my n-400 application. Do I still need to bring the original? I have the original and copies of everything in my folder. I’m trying to offload some paperwork lol. See what is necessary and what’s not. second question: traveling back to Germany, will I need a sofa stamp or just my orders and passport?
  6. I was just about to mention this. Here is the link to the spreadsheet to make updates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13lW0DQOpRG6sQkE2ZYbTJ1x5Auk7f-wPIVg-CsuP-BU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. When I was doing mine, I read this in the “where to file” section of n-400. So I paper filed. Also, I think it’s smarter to paper file since u have to send in fingerprint cards (done on military base) with your application.
  8. Thank you 😊. What is your local office? Did you get a letter for the I-751 after that update?
  9. Hi did your N-400 ever change to interview scheduled? I’m asking because my I-751 says, “case was received at my local office” but no update on the N-400.
  10. Thanks. Trust me I have an entire binder too lol. I’m just trying to travel lighter lol. I sent in a lot with my n-400 application even a copy of my sofa card. Based on your timeline I’m looking at an interview around October and I put the field office where my family lives so it would be easy for me to just go from there to the interview. If they just need the return information then I should be good. I wouldn’t buy the return ticket until I get the interview notice so I at least have a ball park of when I should come back to Germany
  11. So, I have a question. Would it be okay if I went to the states to stay with my family and then come back to Germany once I get my citizenship? Since I have the online account I would be able to get and print the interview notice. I am just a little depressed not working and since we don’t have kids I have nothing to do. On that note: so I know what to take with me. What documents do I bring to the interview?
  12. I was reading a few earlier posts. Did you file under 319b too?
  13. That's good. I was told you need to update your status with the social security office as a citizen so if u apply for any benefits such as school, you will already be verified and not have to send in copies of your passport and naturalization certificate. Itinerary showing you will return to Germany?
  14. Congrats!! I am really happy for you. Did they ask you for that sworn statement?
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