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  1. Welcome! Come "have a sit down" and share some of your favourite things you love about Turkey! All are welcome here. With love, Mari Speaking of.... Linguistics! Try wrapping your tongue around the Turkish Native Language. It's a blast! For my USC friends, who are just learning to speak Turkish like me, I am including these links. Audio Learners: For me, if I hear it and can sing it (out of tune even!), I can learn it faster. Kinda like a nursery rhyme! http://www.bestfm.com.tr/Best20.aspx Hear the canli yayin (live broadcast or listen to the archives) Visual Learners: For those who require the visual effects: Try this: http://www.byki.com/fls/FLS.html And for interactive practice there is: http://www.turkishcl...nounciation.php Turkish Food? What's your favourite?
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