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  1. Allison, I am sorry for seeing your message that late. Yes, I got my card around mid-March. So, it took like 2,5 months, I believe. And, yes, I got the same message saying what your status says. I think it is normal. Probably they don't have anything else to put there that fits our situation. I actually emailed them - there was an email either in status or in the letter, I don't remember- and eventually a lady from USCIS called me. It took a while to get this call from them but my status said the same thing after this lady from USCIS called me so I am assuming that your card is on its way - or you probably, and hopefully, have already gotten it!
  2. I could not find the approval for I-130 but memory does not fail, I don't remember any alien registration number until my visa was approved. I was always using the case number but it has been a while so I might not remember it at all. When I paid the immigration fee, I think I just looked at the stamp in my passport. I put the registration number, which is my SSN in the A number format. The card came with that number too so I have never thought there was something wrong with it. It seems to me that they made a mistake. The A number that needs to be in the card according to the letter is a number that I had never heard of until I got the notification. I mailed the card with a tracking number. Notification says the new card will be delivered in 3 weeks after they get my old card but we will see.
  3. Then it looks like they made a mistake because I remember myself thinking like "oh, so they use my ssn number as my A number too." I thought it was because I already had the SSN number so that's what they do to make things easier or something. I entered the US in October 2019 so the visa in the passport is not valid anymore. Alright, we will apply for pre-approval for a loan for now so probably I will be OK without the card. I will send it back as soon as possible to USCIS. It is unfortunate I need to send it in a time when USPS is having real trouble. We will see. Thank you so much!
  4. I do not remember what I Iisted as my USCIS number. So, USCIS number is 123-456-789 but it is my SSN number. I mean numbers are the same, but it is in a different format.
  5. Hello all, I came to the US in 2014 with F-1 to pursue my Ph.D. I was working as an assistant at the school, so I had an SSN. I got married to an American citizen, we left the US for 2 years, started the immigrant visa process. We came back to the US and I entered the US with my IR-1 in October 2019. When we were processing the application, I did not ask for a new SSN card or number since I already had one. In December 2019, I got my green card. My SSN number is same with my USCIS number on the front side of the card and my alien registration number on the behind of the card is same with my SSN number as well. Today I got a letter from USCIS, saying that this number on the behind of the card is wrong and it should be a different number. They want me to send the card back to them and they will issue a new corrected one. - Does this have anything to do with my SSN number? Should I let the social security know it? - I have been employed since I entered the US in Oct 2019. Do I need to update my job about it? - Has this happened to someone else? We are planning to apply for a mortgage loan nowadays and will I need my green card for any reason? Thank you so much!
  6. Hello all, We submitted all our documents to the Ceac's website. My wife, who is the US citizen and petitioner, has been working abroad in my country so she does not have W-2. However, we still have filed our taxes jointly because I had some income from the US - research fellowships so I did not need to be in the US but I used them to conduct research abroad. We actually submitted W-2 for my income but NVC is asking for my wife's W-2 that she does not have. We've been calling them but no chance to reach out someone yet. Is there anyone who has an idea about what to do? Should we just write a letter explaining the situation and upload it? Is my wife supposed to submit something official about her foreign income? She does not have W-2s but she has paystubs for her foreign income so that's what she can upload if it is necessary. Thank you so much
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