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  1. That is so true. I had a lawyer for the K1 part of this process, but going forward I'm going to do it with just my fiance and me, and the help of this great community. I remember so many times asking my lawyer and Visajourney the same question on the same day, and within the same day Visajourney got back to me with great information while my lawyer would get back to me several days later with a choppy response.
  2. Thank you for this highly entertaining post. Others have sufficiently answered your question, but I'll say anyway, that yeah, you have to disclose that you were married in the visa process. I actually had to provide proof of dissolution of marriage so you'll wanna make sure you have all your divorce paperwork.
  3. Wow, congrats! You two must've barely missed each other at the consulate.
  4. For my supporting affidavit documentation, I had pay stubs going back a year, and behind each stub, a bank statement with the payroll deposit highlighted. Then I also had a letter of employment, W2 and my most recent 1040. I've seen claims of having a bank official confirming when your account was opened, but I've yet to hear at someone's interview that such a thing was asked for.
  5. She did it! Visa approved! Thank you all so much for your help and support over these many months. We are so happy and relieved.
  6. Well I showed her replies to this thread and she seems reassured. She can't really help but worry. She's had 2 interviews last year, both for a tourist visa, and was denied each time. It was a pretty traumatic experience for her so she has this big fear going in of a cold consulate worker telling her no after talking for just a few minutes. I believe our case is really good though and I've told her that because we're genuinely in love that the consulate will see it too. Moderators, feel free to close this thread, thanks!
  7. Great! If I can get like...2 or 3 more people to tell me that then I'm happy to close the thread. LOL
  8. My fiance is currently in a panic over this. I told her I'd ask you kind folks about it. I've attached pictures here. This is what she'll give to the consulate in Ankara, Turkey tomorrow. The hole seems pretty small to me. She went back to the medical office and they also said she wouldn't need a new one. But what do you guys think? She literally wouldn't be able to get a new one anyway. Her interview is in the morning and that doctor's office would now be closed.
  9. She ended up having to get MMR and TDAP. That's what others told me she'd have to get. I guess the disclaimer would be that in your own country there may be something else required, but those two I listed seem fairly standard indeed.
  10. And there is a difference between an immigrant visa and nonimmigrant visa, correct? Do any of these new rules apply to those seeking a nonimmigrant (K1) visa?
  11. Oh thank you so much for the positive comments and encouragement. By the way, my fiance is always looking for other Turkish people to talk to who have had their visa interviews. So if you'd be willing to chat with her on whatsapp, send me a message and we can exchange numbers. She's really taking the interview so serious and could use some advice and help to relax.
  12. I know how it sounds as people are dying right now that my biggest concern is how Turkey's invasion into Syria could affect my fiance's visa. Nevertheless, I hate the timing of Erdogan's invasion. My fiance's interview in Ankara is next week and we're stressed enough as it is. I know in many cases that one foreign policy doesn't necessarily have to do with another. And I've seen other policy decisions both Turkish and U.S. administrations that I thought would affect my fiance's visa journey, but didn't end up doing so. I just thought I'd open a discussion about it anyway. Maybe some of you have lived or have fiances live in areas affected by wars and you were concerned how it would affect you personally. And I really don't mean to get into a whole discussion about the whole geo-political situations. I have my own opinions about all of that stuff and even what's happening in Syria now, but the purpose of this thread was to discuss how people have been or could be affected by change in foreign policies in the middle of their visa applications. It seems unlikely that even with Turkey suddenly invading Syria, that our entire relationship with the country would change to dramatically as to affect visa applications. Our relationship with Turkey, however, has been increasingly strained and you never know when a change of events is the last straw on the camel's back. I don't think this invasion is quite that, and Erdogan might even pull back his forces after a few days of skirmishes. Hopefully cooler heads can prevail in this conflict, and personally I'm just getting so anxious get to my fiance to the US safe and sound.
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