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  1. I feel bad to say that makes me feel better. But by that I just mean I'm glad I'm not alone in this. Hadn't thought to file the extension for an EAD or that I could, really. Just never expected the interview to take longer than the expiration date of the EAD.
  2. Something definitely must be wrong with our case. The status of our AOS is still "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken" and we filed in February of 2020. It's crazy, really. My wife's worker authorization which was approved will expire in November. We didn't mean to not check the status, ever. In fact, I would still check the status once a week and it just said the fingerprint status. And we figured like most things that there were delays being caused by COVID and other craziness. And now that my wife has a job, she's worried her right to work will expire before we've even had our interview. I submitted a formal inquiry and it said I can expect a reply by October 19th. LOL Thanks USCIS.
  3. Pardon me, folks. We just moved from Ogden, UT to Helena, MT and we have a biometrics appointment for 11/13. I was going to send in the form to reschedule this appointment. But I also submitted a change of address today for our new Helena address. Is there a chance they will reschedule our appointment to the nearest USCIS in Helena?
  4. Sorry, I feel quite silly. This notice IS our biometrics appointment only. Ha! I never read these notices carefully enough.
  5. My wife and I finally got our interview notice in the mail. Strange, our tracking numbers have not changed in status at all. They've been stuck on My Case Was Received since March. Also, we haven't had our biometrics yet. Is this something they can just do at the time of the appointment. The craziest thing, however, is that the interview is October 23rd while my wife's due date for our baby is October 21st. We're hoping the baby comes very soon because we are hesitant to try to reschedule our interview at this point. I saw on the interview notice a box you can check to reschedule it, but if I did that, I'd have to trust the mail to safely deliver our request. And what if they didn't get the request by the time of our interview. So far we think our baby will be born before our due date, but I'm mostly writing right now to inquire about the biometrics. Perhaps I should call the local office where our interview is, but will they just fingerprint here at the time of the interview?
  6. Yeah thanks for the encouraging words. I really think under normal circumstances my wife would've been working a part time job by now. And yeah it does help to hear from others who are going through the same thing. You can't help but wonder some days if it's just something you did horribly wrong.
  7. I appreciate that and you have my sympathy as well. I've considered reaching out to a Congressman. Perhaps starting with my House district representative. We're really hoping September is our month.
  8. I'm pretty bummed. My NOA date was March 24th and there's no status for our EAD or advanced parole beyond our case being received. We did have an RFE for our AOS which they received on 5/27, and that status for the AOS is unchanged beyond them having received our response. I try not to panic and base my loose estimates on other people's timelines, but even taking into account other people's RFE's and when they got their NOA1, I'm very concerned that not a single other thing has changed on our case. No biometrics appointments or anything. Should I just sit back and continue to wait? I've called USCIS in the past and I personally can't stand their automated lines and all the ever-changing prompts and extensions.
  9. Man....our case to this day still just says "My Case Was Received". Nothing about biometrics, no updates at all. Am I checking the best website for the case number? I can never remember if this one is the old site or new site. https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do
  10. Interesting. I wonder why we also didn't get NOA1s until March. Mine came really late I thought, and I wondered if it was cause the AOS became an RFE. You'll have to let me know if you hear something and I'll do the same for you.
  11. I had an RFE for our AOS, to which we quickly responded. The status on our AOS is that the RFE was received, but will it necessarily affect the processing of the EAD and AP? The status on the EAD and AP just still say it was received. We filed on February 20, and our NOA1 is March 24th. So I keep checking on the basis that other late Feb filers are getting their documents. But I wondered if because our AOS had an RFE, that the other cards might come later than normal.
  12. Not a peep for us since we got our NOA except that we did have an RFE following that. We submitted what was requested of us, and now we continue to wait. It's certainly frustrating but we're hoping July is our month that things really get moving.
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