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  1. Congratulations!! I printed it with my fiance's e-signature. My interview is tomorrow, I hope it'll be fine. I got a little worried now.
  2. I hope it all went well. Did you have any problems with the scanned copies of the original documents?
  3. I received the K1 instructions file more than a month ago. I've been trying to schedule interview since then but "No Appointment Available". I called the embassy few times, but the only thing they say is you need to check the website whenever you can, dates open randomly. Any idea when the appointments become available?
  4. If you have your case number, you just need to wait for the embassy to contact you when they receive your case.
  5. It is correct. Even though K visas are nonimmigrant visas, they are being processed together with immigrant visas. So when you check the cases status at CEAC and later schedule appointment from the embassy you should choose immigrant visa category.
  6. I just received the welcome letter and case number!! They said its sent to the embassy.
  7. Hello everyone, I received the NOA2 on October 13th and I've been sending public inquiries to NVC for a while. Their responses were same everytime, until now. Does this mean they created my case and will send the welcome letter in 2 business days?
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