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  1. What was the last film you saw? Was it any good? Post here! ----- The last film I saw was David Lynch's 'INLAND EMPIRE'. A wonderful accomplishment, shot entirely on digital video, with a quite excellent lead performance from Laura Dern. As far as one can objectively discern footholds in Lynchian narrative, it seems to further explore several tenets present in previous work - the demonic embodiment of sexual jealously, as seen in 'Lost Highway'; metafictitious elements sketched out from the pretext of a Hollywood production, cf. 'Mulholland Dr.'; a woman lost in a nightmarish labyrinthe of multiple consciousnesses and characters (again, 'Mulholland Dr.'). I must say - the more I see of his work, the more I am compelled to believe that Lynch is quite the master of oneiric surrealism. One of the greatest American filmmakers of his generation, no doubt.
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