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  1. Hello everyone. Just had our interview and it got approved. This is our Denver, CO AOS interview experience. Our interview was at 9:30. We got there at 9:15. After going through security. The lady at the check-in desk took a photo of me and my fingerprints and told us to wait for the officer to call us in. We were called in at about 9:40. the officer was very friendly and kind. After making us raise our hands and say we'll tell the truth, he went over the basic questions about birth dates, our adress, country of origin, time of entrance and marriage etc. Then he also asked the same things to my husband. After this part he went over all of the security questions on the I-485 form about crime and stuff. The he asked the following questions about our marriage: -How did we meet? -Why did we move to Colorado? -Are we the only ones living in the adress we gave? -What did we do after the wedding? -What are our commont interests? -What TV shows are we watching together? -How long have we been together before getting married? -Have we met each other's parents and what are their names? -What are our future plans? -Have we traveled since I got to the states? He asked for any other evidence we'd like to give him regarding our marriage. We gave him photos, shared account, bills, apartment lease, insurance documents, card we got from our friends and family. All had both of our names on them. That was pretty much it. After that he told us that everything seemed great and he won't need antyhing else from us and he'll just go over things one more time and we'll know soon. He also talked about how to remove conditions after two years. We asked him if I was legally allowed to work after getting conditional green card. He said it is totally up to my employer and to make sure I should wait for the EAD card and I should be getting the EAD card any day now since I applied at the same time for the both of them. That sort of confused me, so I'd appreciate if any of you guys can enlighten me about weather I can legally work or not. The whole thing took about 20 minutes. We were out by 10:00 and as we got in the car to go home, I got a notification saying " New card being produced". So it was pretty fast I just want to thank everyone who helped me along the way. I learnt a lot from this website. Wishing everyone so much luck.
  2. no they don't. you have to wait for the notice in the mail.
  3. It was 5 calendar days. I think yours will arrive this friday. Latest saturday
  4. Mine took exactly a month to change to "ready to schedule". From my own observations of other poeple's timelines, it usually takes 25-30 days for it to change to "ready to schedule" after the biometrics. And two days after that mine changed to " interview was scheduled". I got the interview notice in the mail 5 days later which was last monday.
  5. I filed in early October and 4 days ago got the notfication "interview was scheduled". Now waiting for the notice in the mail. I don't know how it all works since you guys filed before me and my interview is already scheduled.
  6. Just got a notification that our interview was scheduled!! Just two days after it changed to ready to be scheduled. Waiting for the notice in the mail now. Our local office is Denver, CO.
  7. I got the notification yesterday saying "Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview". It's a month after the biometrics.
  8. There is a bunch of stats and estimations based on the VJ members' timelines on this website which are pretty accurate generally. I can get a rough idea of the total process from those. But there was no estimation regarding the status change after biometrics and that is what I asked in case people would share their experience. Ok Angela84. See above. I had my fair share of dealing with USCIS as you might see from my timeline lol So saying "be patient" is just stating the obvious. Anyway, I don't want to keep the thread busy unnecessarily. Good luck to all of us ❤️
  9. I'm of course aware of that. I was just asking for an estimate time.
  10. Thank you for this ground breaking and unheard of advice lol
  11. How long after the biometrics there would be a change in the case status on USCIS website? I had my biometrics on 11/1. Still shows "fingerprint fee was recived".
  12. mailed on October 2nd. It was delivered in chicago on the 4th. and got the texts on the 8th
  13. Recieved the case numbers for I-485 and I-765 via text today When I check the case status on USCIS' website, for I-765 it says "cas was recieved" but for I-485 it says " fingerprint fee was recieved". Is this how it's supposed to be?
  14. Called NVC yesterday. Our NOA2 is May 28th and it's been 3 weeks now. After waiting for 30 minutes on the line, they said they haven't recieved our petition yet and they would probably recieve it sometime in the next 3 weeks. Just wanted to share this in case people with similar NOA2 dates were wondering. Will probably call again in 2 weeks.
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